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  1. Ashlar

    RIP Darkmatter

    Shit. Just... shit. We were supposed to catch up when I was in Perth last month, but didn't get around to it. Now we never will... :'( Gonna miss you, man. -A-
  2. Ashlar

    OCZ Vertex 3 vs Vertex 4

    Am also interested in how y'all go with those SSDs... I'm (over)due for an upgrade. -A-
  3. Ashlar

    What of Atomic?

    Sorry to hear it, guys. Was fun while it lasted! But that's the way of the world, adapt or die. Glad to see it will live on in some form, mergers are just a part of doing business. Wish the staff all the best, and hope its not too traumatic an experience. Best of luck in the future. -A-
  4. Ashlar

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    Good chance I can get this place free, if you want to do it in St Kilda. http://www.thefelixbar.com.au/ Only problem is not a large range on tap. -A-
  5. Ashlar

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    Hey guys, Sorry, haven't actually logged in for like... mooonths. Tick sent me a message (although i'm only a couple months late in responding, lol), and i'm more than happy to help. I know the owners of several venues, so it'd be my pleasure to help us find a place to have our nerd convention -- so long as you're happy to travel a couple of KM (literally) from CBD to St Kilda. Would be fantastic to have the gig down here. Cheers -A-
  6. Ashlar

    [MELB] Beer-a-thon

    Umm... Friday is the 11th. Saturday is the 12th. Either way, I can't make it. And I can verify that if its Saturday, there are 2 other events on (AtomicCon being one) that Atomicans will be at. Sorry yellowroses, but I doubt you'll get many people there this weekend... -A-
  7. Ashlar

    Iphone 4S

    Meh. I'm just looking forward to IOS5 for my iPhone 4. And I already have a phone with 8MP camera and dual core processor. -A-
  8. Ashlar

    [MEL]October Events Calendar

    Probably down for the zombie shuffle, know heaps of people that are doing it. Might try to get to some of Creepfest, I have several friends playing. But I have an event in the city at House of Rock that night, so depends how the timing of that plans out. You still got my number Khir? We'll do beer at some stage. I live <10 mins walk from the Espy. :) -A-
  9. Ashlar

    [Melb] Beer & Tapas

    So how'd the 23rd of August go? ;P TBH, I haven't logged on for weeks.... Keen to to catch up for some brews with you chaps whenever you set a time, assuming I don't have something else on. -A-
  10. Ashlar

    Irony at its worst

    This gave me a case of the lols. -A-
  11. Ashlar

    Who'd like a Heroes of Might Magic VI Beta key?

    D'oh.. I need to check forums more regularly, haha. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/ad...-form-recovery/Real frustration saver! -A-
  12. Ashlar


    On topic: censored sucks. But that point is true, that if you want naked, you oughta know where to get it. I wonder if others have complained... And yeah, if it really gets your goat then actually make a complaint to the TV station. Saggy! Oh noooe. :(She used to be quite pert, IIRC. (Met her in person when i was a lad. John Wood too!) -A-
  13. Ashlar

    Atomic m33t XI - Legs Eleven!

    God damn shitty island! I will not be doing a repeat of last year's Friday night, blue cocktails + kebab = sick Ashlar fail. Ergo, I will most certainly be there at 10, and for many hours henceforth. Will be good to see ya, mate! :D -A-
  14. Take heed of this warning. IIRC, you face up to 15 years gaol if it looks too much like a real weapon and you get busted with it, regardless of the fact that it isn't actually a firearm. -A-
  15. Ashlar


    So, I has an account... with 1 friend on it. >_> Sometime, when I have some time, I'll actually have a look at what it does! -A-