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  1. emccat

    ok this is strange

    ohh ok well since the 9800GTX is basically the same 8800GTS 512 , i wont worry about it that much anymore . and i oc'ed the cpu further to 2.8ghz and got 9.8K points. so yeah i think its cpu related and will get a new one when i have more money.
  2. emccat

    ok this is strange

    no i didn't overclock my cpu it was at stock speeds. and shouldn't GPU-Z say PCI-E 2.0 16X @ 8X if it was running at pci-e 2.0 8x?. and i just overclocked my cpu minorishly (%6) and i got another 300 points (9.6k points with the cpu @ 2.75ghz and the video card also oc'ed). and ill get my old 8800GTS 320 back next week so ill see if it is a video card related problem.
  3. emccat

    ok this is strange

    i just updated the motherboard bios and that hasn't fixed it it still says its running at 8X
  4. emccat

    ok this is strange

    yeah i checked my bios it doesn't have any options for that in it, and yeah ill try updating it somewhere this week. oh and sorry my motherboard is a Gigabyte MA-GA790X-DS4
  5. i downloaded GPU-Z a couple of days ago and i noticed that my 8800GTS 512 was running at PCI-E 16X @ 8X. i also did some 3dmark 06 tests and i only got like 9k points at stock and 9.3K overclocked to 775/1936/1024 (core/shaders/mem). is this normal?? (also the 3dmark 06 test were the default free version settings at 1280X1024). also my current system is AMD X2 5000+ @stock 2.6ghz, 4gb 800mhz corrsair XMS2 ram, MA-GA790X-DS4,EVGA 8800GTS 512 and a goodish 480w power supply (ive checked power requirements it should be fine). so yeah any help or advice would be appreciated . link thingy http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/3p852/
  6. emccat

    GTX 295 benchies

    drible mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tasty ness of the plastic cover from the GTX295 .a picture of course i cant afford the GTX295 WAAAAAAAAA:(
  7. emccat

    PARhalia v's Voodoo5

    WOW you could play like age of empires 2 on high-ish!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG SO AWESOMEY. and C&C tiberium sun on MAX AWESOME. lol i remember my old PII pc with the voodoo 5500 and 128MB ram!!!!!.
  8. emccat

    Can i make this laptop game worthy?

    sure that'll play games but station XG's are expensive , and the laptop will not be future proof.
  9. emccat

    $5.00 to pickup an item worth $23.50?!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH......... thats ridiculous
  10. i feel your pain (well to a lesser extent my video card only cost $60 or $70) my 7950GX2 had a stroke and im afraid GPU1 did not make it. im sad now it still played games fine. aaa well it happens.
  11. emccat

    Left 4 Dead

    lol i wasted basically all of my time getting all the achievements in the last 4 or so weeks . (i hate the achievement no special damage at all or something took me like 10 hours to get)
  12. emccat

    So I just bougt a GTX 285

    mmmmmmm yummy GTX 285 tastes like green..............................
  13. emccat

    P4 Overheating

    mmm... well i dropped my very first computer (a free PII lol) and i still worked except the case was all bent and stuff. o and i used to have a 3.0Ghz P4 which also over heated i just replaced fan/hsf (because the fan is basically attached to the HSF) with the defult and used a higher quality thermal paste that worked for me.
  14. emccat

    Racked up a $6000 bill?

    lol this reminds me of 2 or 3 years ago when a friend had satellite internet with a 100MB limit and it was 38c/mb . LOL don't play unreal2K4 online with it they got a bill for something ridiculous (they didn't have to pay it for some reason
  15. emccat

    Funny things you find