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    Solving the following problem

    Or a Skype call with screen sharing?
  2. edmund.tse

    Do you put your Windows sticker on your case?

    Intel/AMD stickers that are designed to look cool don't make it onto my case. Why would I put an ugly, tamper resistant sticker on it?
  3. edmund.tse

    Programming - The beginning

    If you want to mainly interact with WMI, then try PowerShell. It makes life easy while digging through the OS, and it even supports doing WMI on remote computers "PowerShell Remoting" out of the box.
  4. I think if Intel actually advertises their W3680 as multi unlocked, the demand for the 980X/990X would drop significantly. I just love seeing the 12 threads in task manager :)
  5. I've chosen three processors below for comparison: Intel Core i7 980X Gulftown Intel Xeon W3680 Westmere-EP Intel Core i7 980 Gulftown All three have the same stock speeds (3.33GHz Turbo 3.6GHz), and 12MB cache. In fact, they don't have many differences at all, spec-wise. I'm seeing on StaticICE some W3680's priced at around the same as the 980, which makes it a better buy because it has a faster QPI bus. So here's what it comes down to: is the Westmere-EP processor multiplier unlocked? Because if it is, I would definitely get the W3680 over the 980X... Also, if someone can give a better indication of the market prices of each of the three processors that'd be nice too.
  6. edmund.tse

    Who picked up a HP touchpad @ firesale pricing?

    Don't you worry; there'll be people working extra hard to make that happen. Some people bought that device just because it probably would run Android.
  7. Have you considered the Xeon W3680 instead of the X5680? The only difference is that it has 1 QPI link and only supports up to 24GB memory. For that, the chip is several hundred dollars cheaper. (Not too significant in comparison to your overall price.)
  8. Given the cost of electricity in Australia, I don't think it's worth doing it here - it'll cost you much more than if you mined in the US.
  9. edmund.tse

    Is anyone attending the PMA Conference in Sydney?

    I just came back from the expo today. I saw tons of people bringing their big DSLR gear as well as consumer point and shoots. I didn't see security being anal about checking for labelling though, so it might be OK to bring your gear. Another heads up is that both HP and FujiFilm is offering free Photo Book prints, so make sure you bring some of your best shotss on a USB drive.
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    What I'm more impressed about is the way they've delivered the experience via Flash. Because it's not a simple static image, it's important to make sure that people less acquainted with technology to have the full experience. They've got it right with this demonstration. The question is, will we see a proprietary file format in the future that will require proprietary software to view, or can this be ratified into an open standard for all.
  11. edmund.tse

    Is anyone attending the PMA Conference in Sydney?

    2SHY if you're going to bring your camera, just remember to permanently label your equipment. See http://www.pmaaustralia.com.au/a/46.html#camera for more info. I won't be bringing my gear, to save the hassle.
  12. edmund.tse

    Quality vs. Dodgy UV filters

    Does anyone know how they go about cleaning the filters?
  13. edmund.tse

    HTC to unlock bootloaders on phones now

    Finally. I hope the phones will eventually end up like PCs - Windows, Linux or whatever you choose.
  14. edmund.tse

    freaky RF interference

    Try adjusting the length of the cabling; it might help in reducing some of the noise.
  15. If you need the device to act like a USB drive, then iPod won't even be an option for you. My iPod touch shows up as a camera device that's not writable.
  16. edmund.tse

    Recommendations for quite fans.

    If you're looking to get Nexus Real Silent, I recently bought some from PCCG, but didn't use them all. Maybe even save on shipping costs if you live in Sydney. I got the ones with the blue LEDs.
  17. edmund.tse

    Sandy Bridge Laptops

    It's difficult to tell whether the SATA3 6Gbps or the SATA2 3Gbps ports are used on a laptop, unless you have physical access to one and are allowed in install and run a diagnostic utility. Think of it like, it's up to you how you connect your hard drives on your desktop machine, isn't it?
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    Basic Programming problem (apparantly)

    Because print x and print newline can only be used once, it seems like a problem that focuses on the construction of a nested loop: for ($i = 0; $i -lt 5; $i++) { for ($j = 0; $j -lt 4; $j++) { Write-Host -NoNewline "x"; } Write-Host; } Should give you the intended output.
  19. edmund.tse

    Highest overclock for an E8500 on Air

    I'm currently running my E8400 at 3.84GHz (425x9) stable, and only using "Auto" voltage setting. The highest I've ever got was 4.39GHz (485x9), which I believe was somewhat stable although I think it was too hot to use for an extended period of time. So try going with a 25% overclock - that should be relatively easy with Core 2 Duos and you won't really need much more voltage to get it.
  20. edmund.tse

    something ELSE new to me...

    Have you tried enabling the custom function for in-camera noise reduction for long exposure shots? I think this feature remove such hot pixels.
  21. See if your motherboard has a setting to tell it to use voltage based fan speed control rather than PWM control though, otherwise the fan would run at full speed all the time.
  22. edmund.tse

    remote desktop and the console session

    Try logging in remotely using mstsc /console, and then log in on that computer locally. See if that kicks the remote session. Also, fire up Task Manager and switch to the Users tab to see all active sessions.
  23. edmund.tse

    remote desktop and the console session

    When your remote session kicks the local session, that's a console session. Terminal sessions shouldn't actually kick anyone out. If you reached your limit, it'll simply refuse to let you in.
  24. edmund.tse

    Need help with build

    +1 for things changing very fast. One idea is to have specs for your new system now to use as a baseline, and then re-visit it in 2 months with a new build to see what has changed. Some prices may fall, others may rise over that time. New products may emerge as well.
  25. edmund.tse

    So I'm using Linux...

    I find that the best experience from Ubuntu comes from mainly 2 areas: 1. Package manger 2. Linux terminal That's why while I really like linux, I'm still using Windows as my day-to-day OS.