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  1. Negotiator

    Do you love your job?

    I work in the Construction Industry as an Estimator Like the people I work with but hate my job
  2. Negotiator

    Name my BF3 soldier

    How about "PantsFlanker"
  3. Negotiator

    Gran Turismo 5 APPRECIATION and screenshot thread!

    Ok Mr Ezkaton, next time I get on and you are on or join when Im on I will come for a visit/banter/race with you. Been to long.
  4. Negotiator

    Gran Turismo 5 APPRECIATION and screenshot thread!

    Well its been a looooooong time since I have bothered to post on here. Im still loving GT5 The Aventador is a wonderful drive as are a few of the cars that were dlc's. Had a laugh the other day racing on the new 30km oval track with the Vettel cars and 12 of us on track. I so hope they bring us more of the good old tracks from GT4 as Im missing them including the massive complex string I think it was called. Spa is a real treat to drive and hard in the wet. Will have to race with you again Ezkaton, and the rest of you.
  5. Negotiator

    What do you mean they don't make them anymore?

    Schweps Cola - as its the cola they use in Jim Beam cans so if you bought a couple of bottles and some Jimmy I could mix my own.
  6. Negotiator

    Gran Turismo 5 APPRECIATION and screenshot thread!

    Ya I still play online. Still waiting for this race you wanted to put on Reb1rth (Ezkaton) with the 500PP i think it was. Been doing alot of the online seasonals to go and purchase all the race cars and my favorite road cars. Never bothered with the X1 special stage thing but now I have one thanks to S Vettal winning the F1 championship.
  7. Negotiator

    looking at buying a TV

    To the OP I was in need of a new TV for Sport, DVD, Bluray, PS3 and PC. I was originally looking at 42 inch Pana Plasma in the G or S series. I went an d saw a friend who showed me the 50 inch V series and what a difference in picture quality. Picture quality is everything to me so skimping on this is no good to me as I wouldn't want to live with a crappy TV. I have the http://www.cnet.com.au/panasonic-viera-th-...a-339299890.htm which I find is brilliant, they talk about it not being black enough but it is, its just the picture shudder I hate the most which this TV doesn't do. Bluray is spectacular on this TV and so is the PC. DVD played on a Bluray player with HDMI is also fantastic. When looking at TVs go to as many different places to see what they are playing and compare picture quality (mainly the shudder of the image when panning across a scenery shot). If its jumping it will shit you as I cant stand it. Hope this helps.
  8. Negotiator

    wait! he's painting with his......

    I had an email that had a girl doing the same thing The sound she made spraying was fucking funny. Bubbling Mud
  9. Negotiator


    umad? Not yet
  10. Negotiator


    Fuck that bitch I'm watching V8 Supercars all weekend. Phillip Island Enduro is happening which is the warm up for Bathurst 1000. Play some GT5 also as I have a 50 lap race on Saturday night. I may even go to the hookers lol
  11. Negotiator

    Gran Turismo 5 APPRECIATION and screenshot thread!

    Finally got me self a G27 wheel after me old Force feedback died in the arse What a great wheel besides not being able to program buttons. WTF ghey
  12. Negotiator

    samsung galaxy s2

    Love this thread, I never realised that people get crazy about phones. I still have the Samsung flip phone from about 5 years ago. I hate it as people can call me but I only use it for txting and making the odd call. I thought I might upgrade to the new Samsung but I don't know if I will. Mind you porn on the go would be nice :)
  13. Negotiator

    Anyone wanting Samsung Galaxy TAB 10.1?

    Rectangular! Flat! Round edges! Colourful square icons! Fuck, that's totally stuff that you can patent. Apple is so fucking lame, as far as I remember the cpu in the Icrap is from Samsung. So the Icrap is a Samsung product. Who fucking cares, people who buy the Samsung one want something that isn't made by a company that tells you what you can do with your product and bullies other companies. Apple = Ripped off! I for one will never buy Apple, unlike my sister who has everything crapple and keeps telling me its the best tech ever.
  14. Negotiator

    How do you get rid of bogans?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I know what your talking about as I live in Carrum Downs (the anus of the world) There is sooo many bogans every night there is some type of commotion outside. I have a house just the road that is so well known that the street is filled with burnouts and dead cars out the front. I can go up to any of the police in Frankston and say "you know the white house in Carrum Downs" and they all say yes. I even talked to the Fire Brigade once when parked out the front of that house when they had a massive bon fire in the backyard and one of the guys said that if that house ever caught on fire they would take their time getting there to make sure it burned to the ground. I laughed and said I would do the same.