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  1. intelinside

    New i3/H55 Build

    Possibly Xigmatek? Or Awyun (however you spell it)?
  2. I am about to start my uni course and it will be mostly in web design and editing. I am so sick of using a netbook for my computer ever since a freak accident at my place. So what would you recommend? Will the PC need a beefer CPU, more RAM or??? I have tried to google this topic but nothing is really helpful. I have also purchased the latest issue of atomic but there isn't a PC dedicated for web design and my budget of $1500 (monitor, mouse, k/b as well, OS is also needed). I was thinking of going for a i3 540, 8GB RAM, 60GB SSD. As for the GPU I have no idea really. Isn't Adobe CS software more CPU and RAM intensive than GPU?
  3. intelinside

    Best OC'ing board under $220

    Hahahahah okay :)
  4. What is the best OC'ing board for an i5? I have heard the UD4 is great is there anything else? I will be WC'ing so I want the most reliable for my overclocks :)
  5. intelinside

    Coverting a iso to img.

    Thank you, I shall try it.
  6. Hi all, I am starting to experiment in the world of Linux. For my for first step I would like to install the Ubuntu netbook remix on, of course, my netbook. I was going to use Win32diskimager to put the image on a flash drive but the file it needs is a .img and I have an .iso. I have googled "convert iso to img" and there seems to be no easy way. I probably went past it knowing my luck. Anyway, I was wondering if you know a win32disk imager alternative that uses iso or you know of a tool that converts iso to img?
  7. If you decide that you still want the desktop option, I would go for the new AMD Athlon II X2's they are very good bang for your buck. Here is what I would do: AMD Athlon II X2 240 $69 Asus M4A785-M $92 Kingston DDR2 2048MB(2x1G)PC6400 800Mhz $65 Total $226 from umart.
  8. intelinside

    Can you be a fanboi if you haven't experienced both sides?

    I got individuality from the sales figures. AMD seem to be out numbered atm. Therefore, I believe that AMD users are individuals. Blue is not my colour... I mean Intel is not my scene or processing component...
  9. intelinside

    Can you be a fanboi if you haven't experienced both sides?

    true, but how do you know what one is more "complete" for you without trying both? I think the idea of a fanboi is someone that knows what there product is and is aware of there faults. Sure you can see the faults on paper but I think a true fanboi should have some past or experience with the competition so they can have 'dirt' when it comes to debates.
  10. I just finished setting up my first personal blog and I come up with this... Please tell me what you think, it would be nice to know what other people belief is... Even though my user name is intelinside I still support AMD. AMD +1
  11. intelinside

    biulding gaming for relo

    swap out the IDE for a SATA DVD drive, for the case you could go for the Antec three hundred or something else along those lines. Depending on the level of gaming both of those cards you mentioned should be fine... As for the power supply you can not go wrong with a 600W corsair or Antec brand.
  12. intelinside

    Build cost for an i7 machine.

    Yeah same, they take nice photo's tho...
  13. I would replace the 4870 with the 4770. Only because he stated that he will use the PC "for a bit of games." The 4770 is a wonderful package combining power with a great price.
  14. DELL! Why? Custom Built FTW. I am at school atm so I will post my reccomendations ASAP.
  15. intelinside

    Storage upgrade

    get a Antec 430 or 500W earthwatts psu or... as always a corsair psu.