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    Project Dark Fracture

    That looks sick! Would be worth painting the red bit's on the card white imho.
  2. And use the coupon code for an extra 15% off! Just bought a 27 inch, with the steam game sale this will bankrupt me.
  3. Tythais

    Upgrade Time

    getting 2*1TB Samsung F3's to raid, a 26" Samsung and the q9550
  4. Tythais

    Upgrade Time

    Is there much point upgrading to i5 when i can grab a q9550 for $290, and hit 4ghz easy?
  5. With the holidays coming up I'm looking to upgrade, especially with some of the games (dragon age especially) coming out. Got about 1k to throw around. Currently running sig rig w/ a 22" LG monitor. Was thinking of getting the samsung reviewed in the latest atomic (2693HM?) & a q9650, then wait for HD5870 prices to get into the 400-500 mark. Or i could get a q9550 & a 2nd hand gtx260, play with the SLI hack. What should I look at throwing in?
  6. for an i7 you really should get a 360mm radiator, feser and thermochill are the best for low speed fans, and provide better cooling. Check out the HAF932 for a case that can fit a tripple rad with little to no mods.
  7. Tythais

    Recommend me new headphones

    also looking for some good headphones, no mike, budget 300ish
  8. Tythais

    Looking for new 24" montior

    and if you're student make sure you get the dell education discount, i'm going to get dell 24" U2410 after exams
  9. Tythais

    Overclocking - do you?

    I bought a decent computer for games, got a noctua NH-U12P to keep it cool. Now spend just as much time trying to get an extra 20mhz stable on my 24/7 overclock. Great fun! and helps with the fps. The 4.3ghz e8500 doesn't run much hotter than it did on stock, looking to build a bong cooler to play with next.
  10. Tythais

    TFC 240 rad and TFC 360 rad

    If you're planning on cooling just a CPU the 240 should be enough, but if you want to add graphics cards in the future i'd go with the 360. The advantage of 7/16" tubing is you don't need clamps, Masterkleer 7/16" tubing is half the price of tygon and will be almost as good, swift-tech do some for cheap too. Any 7/16" tubing should do the job, unless you have the money to burn, then go tygon.
  11. Tythais

    E8500 on NHU12p

    Hey, I have a NHU12P push-pull with my E8500 @ 4ghz, 1.232Vcore, ambient is 28C, Idle 32C and Max load (after 2 hrs of prime95) is 50C, usually around 47C. Are these temps OK? Thanks