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    PS3 + Harmony 515 remote

    Yeah it's a funky little remote but it has issues with the LG menu on my TV. Thanks for the link though, didn't know logitech made one.
  2. spaced

    PS3 + Harmony 515 remote

    Hi All, Hope this is the right section. Basically I want to enable the Harmony 515 remote to control my ps3 slim. Has anyone done this, and where would I buy the ir adaptor from? And which one would be recommended. Hopefully want one that supports the ps button (to turn it on). Thanks, Spaced
  3. spaced

    UFC Undisputed 2010

    I found in 2009 this is where I suffered, once I hit the ground I was screwed no matter my stats. Althought now I've got the half circle right thumb stick down pat. UFC 2010 definitely shows that they're going the right way.
  4. spaced

    UFC Undisputed 2010

    Without the bluray I probably wouldn't have a console. Well unless GT5 was released anyway, then it would be a givein. Had a crack of the demo, once you up the difficulty it becomes very hard very quick (I'm a shit ps3 player). But the flow of fighting is way better. Pity the inbuilt tutorial is crap (from what I've heard), it's probably something they should address to bring this game to the masses.
  5. I was with you right up until that part. But we wanted work choices. I swear that's the message that got stuck in my head.
  6. spaced

    Anyone into Martial Arts?

    Well I spoke to my old Karate teacher about what he recommends for getting fit. He said the best combo was BJJ and Crossfit. Considering he's been training for decades I'd say that would be the way to go. Maybe look at a mma gym, a good way to try a lot of different styles.
  7. spaced

    UFC Undisputed 2010

    I've been waiting for a month to see Todd Duffee bring it on. Can't wait to see him fight again, his last match was awesome.
  8. spaced

    UFC Undisputed 2010

    Graphics look the same. Always had issues with the controls, but honestly I'm crap on PS these days.
  9. spaced

    UFC Undisputed 2010

    I bought 09 a while ago, I'll wait to see a few reviews before deciding on purchasing it. However if it is $50 later this year it will probably be a no brainer.
  10. spaced

    Rock Band Green Day

    Dookie was their best album hands down. I like a lot of stuff they've released since then, except the latest album.
  11. spaced

    Portal is free

    Portal is free for a limited time. I'd say this is to do with the launch of the mac client. So get cracking http://store.steampowered.com/freeportal/ Site is very busy so it may take a few goes to get on.
  12. spaced

    Vehicular Scum

    Tonight on ACA, Evil young drivers and the damage they cause. Watch this report before you leave the house!
  13. Good for file server Windows XP is good for a file server, you say? Sure thing. I'd say that Window 7 would be, especially with shadow copies being built in. Currently not being able to boot a 3TB drive isn't a big issue. If you need 3TB's you're probably not running just one drive anyway.
  14. spaced

    What was your best GPU?

    Well my cards were MX440 SE FX5200 HD4850 (htpc build) 9800GTX GTX275 The Mx440 went alright, just enough so that stuff would run. Nothing flash though. FX5200 was a piece of crap, but I had no money so meh. The 9800GTX was good until I went from a 19" CRT to a 24" LCD. The resolutions I was pushing was too high. Hence why I had to get the GTX275. I think the 9800GTX was a good card. Had I not upgraded the screen (or gone for a 22" screen) it would still be doing the job. Also it was quiet as well, for the performance I got out of it.
  15. spaced

    Preparing your desktop....reboot.

    It sounds like the reboot virus from years back "Windows is shutting down your computer in 30 seconds". Could be set to 1 second running on startup.
  16. spaced

    Price of laptop thread?

    argotha - mod decisions are disputed and discussed when the decisions seem to be in contrast to the FAQ or the running of the forums. There is no such thing as a perfect set of rules and these forums are no exception. Of course if mods spent their time answering every question and in a clear cut case, it wastes time and is generally not necessary. Robzy pretty much answered the question - perhaps I should have quoted him before the "yup" but generally felt that using the "yup" which referenced Robzy's "yup" you would have seen what I was doing there. PC belongs in trademart and the reason it wasn't moved there was due to the user in question not having enough posts to post there to begin with. It is not the place of Tech Talk to post these things as it starts to cross contaminate sections of the forums and makes it messy. Despite most people already realising why the thread was locked and for the purposes of the exercise of giving you some understanding of the reasons mods do what they do, the reason I chose to lock it as opposed to deleting it was to make a point of it should anyone have seen it and then wondered where it went. Even the OP addresses the fact they he knew that PC questions are in trademart. I guess it worked considering this thread exists. I could have deleted it but, well, I could have stood on my head and sang the national anthem too (actually that's a lie, I don't posses the necessary skills for that one). Deleting it would have also been a correct action but I chose the one I chose. Most likely if it keeps happening, threads of a similar nature will be removed. PM trading is one concern and in this case it was taken into consideration. Perhaps when I got more settled into this role and get crankier I'll just nuke the fucker in the future. I generally hold most people of this forum in some regard and as such I believe turning a post like this (which is the first time I have seen one) into an example by locking it made sense to me. Then again, I could be just bat shit crazy. I could start a poll to see if my actions were the MOST correct one too but I guess people's time and enjoyment of the forums would be better spent posting as opposed to worrying about the MOST correct action. As most people have backed up here, PC threads are not for Tech Talk and my actions have hopefully been explained - even if I risk a punch in the nuts at a meet by someone enraged by my actions. tl;dr lol
  17. spaced

    Portal is free

    Seriously, the only people that still make the one button joke are the mentally ill, and the wilfully ignorant. And the only people who don't find it funny are Mac owners, and people without a sense of humor. lol
  18. spaced

    Portal is free

    Mac OS X from the very first version in 2001 has shipped with support for multi-button mice. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mouse_%28comp...lti_button_mice To poke fun at Macs and/or their users with single button mice "jokes" in this day and age smacks of (wilful?) ignorance. Is it perhaps a case of people who know only PCs/Windows and through some fear of learning/change/things that are different, having trouble accepting the fact that others can and do choose to not follow the masses/share their views? OMG dude, pull down your turtle neck so you can see the point. It's for the lulz's sheesh.
  19. spaced

    Hot damn, do want

    "....it's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A......."
  20. spaced

    Portal is free

    How long have you had it? Seriously, for the small amount it cost, that's a pretty scabby thing to say Steam can be real pain in the A some time. You really need to pick your times for buying because of the snap sales they have. Hence why I'm looking forward to christmas sales.
  21. spaced


    As far as I know it works by stopping the reward part in your brain when you have smoke. No reward, no reason to smoke. For me I only had one bad day, the 2nd day after quiting. That was really fucked, but after that it got easier every day. I still get cravings from time to time but you live with it.
  22. spaced

    Portal is free

    I guess that makes me a special snowflake, since I can't complete the advanced maps :p
  23. spaced

    Portal is free

    I'd say this is so that they dont piss off the members who have already paid good money for it.
  24. spaced

    What piercings do you have?

    Well at one stage I had four. Bottom of my left ear, top of my left ear and both nipples pierced. Took out the ear ones ages ago, and diteched the nipple rings last year due to training (taking them in and out became an annoyance).
  25. spaced

    Beat Hazard

    It's on my list for the next steam christmas sale.