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    Hope this info helps; I used champix to quit smoking last year. At the same time I read "EASYWAY to quite smoking" from Penguin books. The champix was fine until a bit in, then it just made me nauseas. In the end I had to stop taking the champix. I honestly think it was the book that did it for me. The tried to quit on the champix once and failed, then a few days later finished the book and tried again. The second day was the worst for me. Everything that day went to shit but I still didn't smoke. That was last year in Novermber and I haven't had a puff since. Had my teeth cleaned and advised by my dentist it was a great idea to quit, otherwise I would be paying them even more. If you look at the studies people who took champix were in a targeted group who were also given councilling and were 2% more likely to quit than without it. Can't recommend the book enough. It worked for me, my wife and my sister. Do I miss smoking, yeah of course. I loved smoking, especially while drinking and smoked for more than 10 years. I rarely think of missing smoking these days.
  2. spaced

    Ripping DVD's

    Download a trial of the imtoo stuff, might be worth the small expense.
  3. spaced

    Ripping DVD's

    My Xbox360 won't play them. Which is the entire point of all this. I can't move with the times, Microsoft are holding me back. ' Ah ok. Well then maybe convert to mkv, then recode from mkv to avi. Once microsoft put out an update for mkv you'll be able to ditch the duplicates. And the mkv's you've been keeping will be awesome quality. Either way, this could be a good read http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/ho...on_xbox_360.cfm More info that could be relavent Source http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/53171-7-play-files-xbox Or another option would be to buy this software http://www.imtoo.com/ I've used their ipod converted in the past and it was great. Super fast and easy to use, multi core friendly.
  4. spaced

    Ripping DVD's

    MKV's are the future, move with the times man. Better container, higher quality for the same or less size. You can add MKV support to windows media player, or you can just run VLC.
  5. It looks like the changes have been made to the "new market", is that correct? Under the section "Established (Second hand) Dwellings" it says: 28. Foreign persons are prohibited from acquiring established dwellings for investment purposes (that is, they cannot be purchased to be used as a rental or holiday property), irrespective of whether they are temporary residents in Australia or not.
  6. Looking on the web I can't find any government policy on this. Closest I can find is a relaxation on residential purchasing by Temporary residents (here http://www.firb.gov.au/content/policy.asp#residential_policy ) Anyone else find more data on this?
  7. spaced

    Ripping DVD's

    Can't say I find any issues with the rips I've done. Are you able to provide any linkage for futher reading?
  8. spaced

    Ripping DVD's

    think that was me Probably. It's a great program, I love converting to mkv. Do you have problems with it not seeing 2nd layer?
  9. spaced

    Shout box / chat box

    I voted no because I don't think the mods need something else to monitor.
  10. spaced

    Ripping DVD's

    Yeah someone else from here hooked me up with handbrake. Tweaking a few settings and you're making dvd quality backups in no time at all. Also install VLC before you install this program. I also found for some of my dvd's it doesn't see the second layer so I used dvdshrink to copy it to a folder. http://handbrake.fr/
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    Torchlight $5 till Monday (75% off)

    Yeah I got it at $10. Well worth the money, at $5 it's a fucking steal.
  12. spaced

    Show us your PC Gaming RIG!

    Yeah but it must be good, it's last four different pc's.
  13. spaced

    Show us your PC Gaming RIG!

    lol @ Hubbo, your case is spotless and you've got scraps of paper everywhere.
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    Haha she probably broke it.
  15. spaced

    Show us your PC Gaming RIG!

    Fair enough. wraith, I think you need a larger room :p
  16. spaced

    Show us your PC Gaming RIG!

    Dasa what's the story with the seat?
  17. spaced

    Spy Party

    It seems like a narrow premise. Wait and see the finished product though, before I pass judgement.
  18. spaced

    Art grants, yay or nay?

    I think the artist should work to support their hobby until it becomes a business. But I think more importantly that government shouldn't be allowed to buy works of arts, because they've got shit taste.
  19. spaced

    Expensive aesthetics...? Do you go there?

    You mean $5,500?
  20. spaced

    [BNE] Mana Bar Opening 20th of March 2010

    So did anyone end up going?
  21. Hey guys, quick question about this board. Does it support 2 PCI slots at 16x? All the 1156 boards I've seen do 1 x 16x or 2 x 8x.
  22. spaced

    Obama's health care reform : PASS

    You don't think it's right for everyone to receive medical care, no matter their income? I think he was doing the irony while folding a pile of sarcasm. So many pro-republicans around here, it can get very confusing.
  23. spaced

    Obama's health care reform : PASS

    You don't think it's right for everyone to receive medical care, no matter their income?
  24. spaced

    My name is Cybes, and I'm a revhead.

    They are. Obviously "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." ~Plato ~ It has lots of power but that viper doesn't have style. Racing stripes =/= beauty
  25. spaced

    It has to stop

    I find that this thread is a good way to keep an eye on what I'm playing / have yet to complete. Hoping Episodes from liberty city doesn't bomb. That might chew up some time next month.