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  1. spaced

    Silent Hill

    You'd be better "buying" it from play-asia. Probably best you read this link also http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=1423
  2. spaced

    EB Games 7 day trial return period

    Personally I'm happy with their return policy, most stores wont even swap it over if you don't like it. Geez you people need to harden the **** up. Of course you can't return an online mmo. I'm sure I've seen it written somewhere in their stores. It's usually young kids who work there. Sure they're not going to be experts in all the legal info their company produces.
  3. spaced

    My first build

    the fan speed should compensate for summer they will just make a bit more noise in hotter wether like any card with temperature controled fan speed I've seen thermal shots of single HD4870's running at 119 degrees Celsius during a cool day. Imagine what they will run like during 40 degree heat. Also Nvidia are releasing new drivers every month and improving on performance and features every time.
  4. spaced

    My first build

    I'd say the E8400 would be better for games. Long term the quad cores will be better as we move multi threaded games, by then you will probably upgrade again anyway. All the guys on here are huge ATI fans, I prefer nVidia but hey each to their own. or maybe they just like what is best value at the time which is currently ati in most the price ranges anyway a few months back most people were recommending mostly nvidia cards and the 8800gt was very popular Indeed. At the moment pretty much everyone on atomic will recommend the following: $200ish 4850 $250ish 9800GTX+ $330ish 4870 or GTX 260 (responses vary) $550ish GTX 280 $650ish 4870X2 And that's about it. They're all priced pretty well for their performance (although I'm a low budget lover, generally don't recommend above the 4870/GTX260 unless people clearly state they want something higher). And with the rate that prices are dropping on video cards it's absolutely crazy to spend $650 on a video card. Will be another card in less than six months that will out perform it for a lot less. Sweet spot is definitely $300 atm, you can get a great card and still have money left over for another upgrade in 6 months to a year. And the ATI's run crazy hot, we'll see how happy everyone is with them after summer :)
  5. spaced

    My first build

    I'd say the E8400 would be better for games. Long term the quad cores will be better as we move multi threaded games, by then you will probably upgrade again anyway. All the guys on here are huge ATI fans, I prefer nVidia but hey each to their own.
  6. spaced

    My first build

    Cool looking setup you've got there. I'd much prefer 1 x GTX 280 than 2 x 260. I've got a CAC-T05 and I don't mind it at all. Only recommendation I have is to ditch the Quad core for a faster dual core. Go 1TB on the drive as well. You know you need that extra room :)
  7. spaced

    Silent Hill

    Yeah Reb1rth is correct Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows[2]
  8. I just ordered one from umart then realised they're only 1 year warranty. Going to wait for the next LG to come out. Edit; Actually umart had the wrong details on their website the warranty is actually 3 years. Picked it up yesterday and for the money it's great value.
  9. spaced

    Cancel on Letterman? Bad Idea!

    I like Hillary Clinton's term for Obama - he's there because he gave a pretty speech, not because he has the experience. Also, the only reason he's there is because he's black. How many other candidates got selected based on 143 days' experience in the Senate? Because he is black is the biggest reason not to give him a go at the presidency. How many racist americans wouldn't vote for him just because he's black not because of his policies. Can you honestly say he has no hope of doing a better job than Bush?
  10. spaced

    Cancel on Letterman? Bad Idea!

    Yes it can. But the fact of the matter is that there was no economic meltdown with less investment in the Clinton years. I'm not saying that Bush is blameless, I'm saying that he's a crap economic manager - he was given a country in a reasonable condition and he let it go to waste, but the cost of the Iraq war isn't the problem - the problem may be that too much emphasis was put on international affairs and nobody was looking at internal issues. So yeah, Iraq may have been responsible, but it would have been the policy, rather than the cost of it that detracted from economic management at home Bush is a complete idiot. Prior to the planes crashing into the WTC he didn't spend any time in the office. I wouldn't give the guy $5 to manage let alone the economy of America. Palin is a friggin nut job. Taking her out of Alaska was their first problem. She has been headache after headache after they brought her out to see the world. The only votes she will get is gun nuters, feminists and religious crazies. The only reason they picked her is because she is a woman. I hate republicans and I'd rather give Obama a chance than McCain. The guys a bit loopy and if the republicans couldn't trust him before why should America now?
  11. I'll +1 that. I picked the WD version monitor last month for about $450. As m0zes said, there is no swivel (mine doesn't have height adjustment), but is otherwise an awesome monitor. Thanks guys, do you know what their warranty is on dead pixels. Oh sorry swivel just means you can turn the monitor without moving the base.
  12. spaced

    Is 24in worthwhile or would 22in be a better buy?

    I'm actually pretty gutted, I had a 24" LG on order but they're now discontinued. Can get a v2400w for $455. Are they height adjustable? And is it a 0 pixel warranty?