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  1. spaced

    The Ultimate Fighter Season 12

    Hahaha, this quote says it all. That sub 20 second fight was hilarious, as was Koshcheck's face and Dana's post fight comments. That Brookins kid looks like a serious finalist. And yeah that dude who lots on GSP's team had a broken hand, so I think he did really well under the conditions.
  2. spaced

    The Ultimate Fighter Season 12

    Yeah GSP is smarter and a better strategist. Next ep is a double which is good.
  3. spaced

    The Ultimate Fighter Season 12

    Nam Phan has a few fight videos up on youtube if you're interested. Kid has been around for at least 5 years.
  4. spaced

    The Ultimate Fighter Season 12

    Latest episode was great. That Kickboxer dude just smashing the fighters while still hungover. I wonder how much GSP is going to annihalate Koshcheck when they get in the ring. A write up on that Kickboxer guy http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/cagewrite...?urn=mma-276996
  5. spaced

    The Ultimate Fighter Season 12

    Plus one. ' Haha if the fighters listened they wouldn't have to keep repeating it :) Looking forward to the next ep when they get some education.
  6. spaced

    The Ultimate Fighter Season 12

    Caught the latest ep, not bad. Can't wait for it to all kick off in the house. Glad to see GSP doing so well. The in fighting between the coaches and all the crap outside the ring is pretty entertaining.
  7. spaced

    The tech you really hate setting up

    I have the biggest issue with CPU coolers, they hate me for some reason. And I'm always so scared of breaking something. Repatching network cabling is a pretty horrid job. And never looks neat, no matter how much time I send on it. Anything with active sync never ever worked like it should have. Wireless networking is pretty idiot proof these days, only call the isp for the internet login information. I had one router that wouldn't work but it rattled like a maccarena, we agreed that something inside wasn't screwed in properly.
  8. Source: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/technology...0820-12ujb.html I can see this being expanded to include everyone, not just welfare in the future (considering this was the original plan). How would you feel if this encompassed all citizens?
  9. Tak my suggestion is to go one month without computers. No phone, no PC, no TV, no Console. If you need to do banking go into a branch. I'm sure for one month you can survive and this will help break the tech cycle you're in. After one month you can come here and write a little post about how it felt for you.
  10. spaced

    NBN to provide speeds up to 1GB/s

    The way I view this is much the same as I view my move from dial-up to cable. I started with one device on dial-up, very slow performance, limited options on what I could use the internet for. Now I have cable I have 7 devices connected to the internet, most of them permanently. The small amount of new technologies I've been able to experience from going to cable is great. I'm sure with a fibre to the node we will see a lot more technology develop to use this bandwidth. PCoIP and IPTV are just two current technologies that will make great use of the bandwidth. Hopefully we can even see a move to more people telecommuting.
  11. spaced

    Coalition unveils $6b broadband plan

    You must live in major metro city. You must live in a rural area. Maybe I should complain to you about how expensive my mortgage is. And that way we can both tell each other to stop being crying nancies and realise that the choices we all make affect the services and costs of living available to us. I live in a metro city, so you're wrong. I know people that live within 15KM's of the city who cannot get any broadband because Telstra refuse to upgrade their local exchange. Part of the deal with privatising Telstra is that rural areas should not suffer, and if it's bad for people in Brisbane how will it be for those in remote areas. The reason why we're in this situation is that Telstra are purposefully holding back technology development. It is obvious that the NBN wouldn't be required if Telstra were a market leader. So the coalition will spend 6 Billion on nothing? No major advances.
  12. spaced

    Coalition unveils $6b broadband plan

    You must live in major metro city.
  13. spaced

    Single Malt Scotch Recommendations

    I think this says more about you than the scotch.
  14. spaced

    Coalition unveils $6b broadband plan

    6Billion Dollars spent on getting everyone up to 12Mb/s. Holy fuck, better break out the champagne. We're already well behind other nations and we're going to spend 6 Billion on not getting any better?
  15. spaced

    Single Malt Scotch Recommendations

    I love Glenlivet, got a bottle of 15 year ready for my birthday next month. My mate drinks Oban and it is fantastic, $90 a bottle though. Talisker is nice and Laphroig is good, although very strong flavour. Dan Murphy's have a 15 year or 18 year special release in the cupboards for about $130, I bought and enjoyed that. If you're new to scotch, I'd recommend going to a decent bar and trying a few different ones on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's better to spend $10 - $15 on a glass to find out if you like it vs $100 for a bottle.
  16. spaced

    Soundwave Lineup Leaked

    Brisbane was great last year, all except for trying to get out of the showgrounds. Sevendust and Queens of the stoneage, fuck yeah
  17. spaced

    The Torch will burn again!

    Autumn next year for us. Fuck yeah!
  18. spaced

    Watched anything good recently?

    "Neighbors from hell" and Kick Ass
  19. spaced

    Nerf gun modifications

    Ah crotch dot, my uncle died from that. Better get it checked out.
  20. spaced

    National Broadband Network coverage maps

    I live in Brisbane. So long as Abbott doesn't fuck it up I'll be getting fibre. fuck yeah!
  21. What I gathered from the video; * The cop is short on patience * He asked her to stop and warned her she would be booked (obviously there is a rule backing him here, no matter how stupid). * She's got a funny surprised face.
  22. spaced

    What game(s) should I play next?

    GRID - Loved it but formatted my computer 3/4 of the way through. Hard to get the motivation to do it all over again. Call of Pripyat - Loved the first two in the series, not really getting into it though. Metro 2033 - not bad, it's not sandbox like Stalker. Some parts were a bit annoying but I finished it. Torchlight - is a solid little gem. If you loved diablo 2, then it is more of the same. If you know how to play take on a harder difficulty level. The pet is a great addition (better be in diablo 3). Bioshock 2 - I don't think this was as good as the first. Still a good game to play through. Dual weld is fun. Crysis Warhead - All over in about 4 hours. Should be able to knock that over in one day. Episiodes - Loved the biker one, not really loving the ballad one as much. This ones on the back burner for now. Haven't played the others so can't comment.
  23. spaced

    Steam Specials Thread

    Is Damnation worth $6?
  24. spaced

    Steam Specials Thread

    I started out the same way, about an hour in I started to get hooked and by the end of the game I loved it. Hence why I played it through the second time.