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  1. No, in the optional section does any of the code get executed? ie. $("#exterior, #interior, #fullmonty").css("display","none"); or does it enter the if statements? etc... is it going into: $(".valetpackage").click(function(){ randomly put in alert statements to see what line of code it is stopping at, or better yet, have you run a debugger to see if any errors are thrown in your browser?
  2. On the optional code, what line of code does it stop at?
  3. Hubbo

    Just Registered my First Domain Name

    I have had some experience with VentraIP and encountered several hiccups (though not uncommon for any web host to have a few). For a few basic website I think you'll probably be fine, but I started to run into issues with speed (even with little traffic), random SSL errors, and email problems. This was for a client, and currently in the process of moving to a different host. So, it depends on what your plans are for the website. If you want to run a secure store or custom Wordpress site I would put in a contingency plan (to move to another host). "enough room... to move", ummm, no. Wordpress and other CRM systems are very easy to setup on 'self' / shared hosting. Watch a few Youtube videos on the installation of Wordpress - just some simple database setup and uploading of files, not much more to it. Plenty of plugins available. Learn some CSS and HTML to customise your theme and you'll be off and cooking for some time.
  4. Hubbo

    Kickstarter - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Hmmmm... how about exclusive backer character and bonus levels? I hope to have more gameplay up soon(ish) - the engine has been completely updated. Having a good game seems to be only half the battle, but still an important part (the base requirement if you will). The other is having a good 'hook', like a wacky gameplay mechanic, well know industry personality, or something else to grab people's attention. So the more I can grab peoples attention with amazing rewards the better. It seems that most Kickstarter backers come from an established fan base or related industry. So for every backer I do get I want to knock their socks off and make them want to tell there friends! The controls, animations, and fluidity of the game is a make or break - I really get this, trust me! It will be really different to most (if not all) mobile platform games out there. I haven't thought about have a physical soundtrack - ummm, really? no, really???? :-/
  5. Hubbo

    Kickstarter - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    How much would they cost to make? I mean - they are selling packs of Skylanders (3 pack) for $21 - but they probably did a bulk order for tens or even hundreds of thousands of each one for manufacturing. Molds and painting alone could be expensive for a small order? But then again - some times you get surprised. I know one company I contracted to had a US supplier for specialist stationery made in the US (which was apparently difficult to make)... we went to an Australian printer and they said "no worries mate". They do it cheaper and with less fuss. Cost for a single 3 inch model will be a little less than $20, so 3 for $21 isn't going to happen. You have to remember this is not mass production and more of collector pieces. I could invest $10k+ for some (each) injection molds, then do each for under $1 but that's no very realistic. Another option would be making my own molds and making each piece one at a time but they would then need to be hand painted, so the costs come back up but time goes through the roof. It's not as cheap as people think.
  6. Hubbo

    Kickstarter - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Thanks again for the feedback. Diorama for the characters could be an interesting idea. Card game, hmmm... I don't want to detract too much from the making of a 'video' game. Maybe there is a compromise here - I'll have a think about it. 'Indie' board games seem to be going off like a rocket at the moment, could be an interesting in road here... What are you thoughts on pricing for game characters? For the smaller ones (3 inch) I was thinking less than $100 for maybe 2-3 models ($75 price point??? perhaps with some extra gear). For the larger 7 inch models the production cost alone would be $100-$200, so the reward would more likely be $300 or $300+. I realise some people are only going to pledge $10-$25 just for the game anyway, but I've seen them go anywhere from $500-$2500 (some a little larger). Surprised the posters aren't more popular. Fair point of the 'beta' / early access, I will keep this in mind. As I mentioned the planned game price will be about $10, with other $25-$35 tiers jammed pack full of digital goodies (digital wallpapers + posters, soundtracks, comic, etc). PS: Fixed the image / new-window, and release date things. Cheers!
  7. Hubbo

    Kickstarter - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    So, what physical rewards wet your appetite? Physical game box? Game characters? True. But the advantage of digital rewards (from the developer's point of view) is easy distribution. My advice would be (if you want to do physical rewards) is to go and have a serious chat to Australia Post first. Find out how much it will really cost, including the cost of returns and 'lost in transit' post. Particularly if you are going to be posting overseas to Godknowswhere in Curruptandstealyourstuffiopia Don't worry, I will plan every cent. The margins on the 3D prints won't be huge but it will be a balance between generating funds for the game and offering a low enough price point to get people to back the reward.
  8. Hubbo

    Kickstarter - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Yes, I agree the game needs to be fairly priced - I was thinking maybe $10 (which is a copy for all platforms except iOS). So, for those who just want the game they don't need to spend an arm and a leg. Though I'm not always a big fan of 'gimmicks' I think sometimes this can be a good thing when trying to get some exposure, offering something different or extra for attention and keep the dollars coming in. I try look at it from something that I would like and willing to part ways from my hard earned money. Yes, everybody does t-shirts, so I think if including a t-shirt it needs to be damn awesome!! (and hopefully the design will be). I tried to be a different and personally I think it would be cool to have physical characters from the game - which will be colour 3D printed (designs currently on my website). I'm sure about the desktop wallpaper stuff - do people really care? (though it wouldn't be hard to make) but an actually large wallpaper to hang on the bedroom wall would be cool (again as long as the designs a good - check them out on my website ;-) ). Comics I'm not sure on. It would be digital so delivery costs would be low, and it could possibly be a great way to extend the story outside of the game. Any thoughts??? I think with beta testers it's more paying for early access rather than a solid channel for feedback. There are great channels where I can already meet up with other developers and people for testing the game. Thanks for the feedback, please keep 'em coming ;-)
  9. Hi lads and ladies! Recently I have been working on a new game, a fun little shuriken-shooting side-scrolling action game (Roaming Ninja). Still in early development the scope of the game has grown quite substantially. Working on it part-time with personal funds and even with additional assistance I still see the launch of the game some time off, hence considering Kickstarter to work on it full-time. So... I want to do the Kickstarter right, and what better place to ask for feedback then my fellow passionate Atomicians. What would you guys look for in a Kickstarter? what would make you guys 'back' a small developer (like myself)? What cool rewards would you like to see? What is too much or just right to pay for certain rewards (ie. copy of the game, or copy of the game plus physical rewards) And also, what rewards that you often see that don't float your boat? Any other feedback also appreciated!!! Here are some of the rewards I'm looking at: - Digital copy of the game (for Android, PC and Mac - too difficult to give iOS copies because of Apple) - LARGE wall posters - Tshirts or Jumpers (we are in winter after all) - Physical characters from the game, colour 3D prints of characters about 3" or 7" - Beta access - Soundtrack - Comic??? - Kickstarter Post Party (probably in Melbourne) Cheers, and thanks in advance!!!
  10. Hubbo

    PAX Australia - Friday or Sunday

    I was hoping somebody might have heard something on the grape vine about the best days, oh well, lucky dip I guess. I would have thoughts it would be on most Atomicians agendas. From what I can gather (and as I haven't been to the US counterparts) there is a butt ton of stuff going on, aside from the normal 'exhibit'. I might take a punt on Friday :-)
  11. Hubbo

    PAX Australia - Friday or Sunday

    Really? no takers... :-(
  12. Ok, I missed the boat on Saturday or a 3-day pass (maybe a little overkill anyway). So, there are only two days left - Friday and Sunday, and currently without a program what day would you recommend? Sunday availability is running low, so popularity would run from Saturday, Sunday, then Friday (from busiest to least busy). Though, Friday might be interesting with opening keynotes? Thoughts?
  13. Hubbo

    'Chibi' style characters,

    How did you go mate?
  14. Hubbo

    27" Display for Mac and Windows

    Awesome, makes sense. I'll gear my monitor hunting towards a display with a display port to try to avoid all these headaches. Thanks.
  15. Hubbo

    27" Display for Mac and Windows

    What kind of adaptor do you use? Any issues? I have a mini-display/thunderbolt to dvi adaptor, but reading the reviews on Apple's website reviewers are insisting it only supports single-link DVI and need to purchase Apple's more expensive ($120) dual-link DVI adaptor, though reading reviews on this adaptor doesn't paint a flattering picture. As for the monitors, I'm not sure on the Dells, at least not the U2711 because of apparently thick anti glare coating, maybe the U2713.