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    Are these good stores to buy from.

    Umart and PCCG are pretty good. Check that Umart have your stuff in stock because quite often they seem to be out of stock for popular items. If you know what you want you should buy it all at once. Freight is rarely below $15 regardless of what you buy.
  2. I)ickie

    win 7 as good as the hype?

    I would say that it's not as good as the hype. I only say this due to the comparison between 7 and vista. I love 7 but I also loved vista. The difference between a slightly tweaked vista and windows 7 is significant but not huge enough to warrant the thousands of threads crapping on vista vs the thousands praising 7. Having said all that Win 7 is great and if you have a choice between the two definitely go with 7.
  3. I)ickie

    48** vs 5770 vs Nvidia

    As stated they are similar enough in performance but the coolness and extra feature set of the 5770 makes it the much better buy.
  4. I)ickie

    [ACT] Lan time? :]

    I thought so too :] Dave and Richie, I'll prolly talk to you guys on MSN. ETF, I haven't decided on a venue, but ANY venue I choose would probably be quite a distance from the airport. Alright man, I'm not sure if you got me but you definitely got Dave. hit us up if you need some help
  5. I)ickie

    [ACT] Lan time? :]

    Nice one! Want Dave and I (Richard) to organise some guys like last time?
  6. Core 2 without a doubt. As mentioned earlier not only will it be faster it will be noticeably cooler!
  7. Yes I did read the article, I wanted to know from the atomic group who had either low end i7's if it was true, no harm in that is there. It is true but it only relates to the memory ratios. Pre release core i7's that were not extreme editions could not run higher memory ratios. The release versions can
  8. I)ickie

    E2180 vs 939 A64 4200X2

    If your budget can afford the 2180 there is no question about it as it will be faster especially when overclocked. 4200x2 maybe a better bet if you are going to pump the additional money into graphics though. EDIT: wait I just noticed you said 939! definitely go the 2180 the 4200x2 is not even worth a glance!
  9. realtemp uses your CPU sensors not your board sensors but should give a more accurate reading anyway. If you want info on the rest of the board sensors try asus PC probe.
  10. I)ickie

    Abit gone forever

    Their p35 lineup was great. My ip35 pro was a really solid board. It is a shame but I think they bought it on themselves.
  11. Yeah I second that one the NF4 ultra D was the best board I have owned in my life.
  12. I)ickie

    780i Vs DFI DK X48 T2RS

    Hmmm, In theory it should work fine as its just using the GPGPU power of the second card. Only problem that I foresee is that the PhysX settings are in the control panel which will be in control of your primary card. Can you select which card you want to change properties for in the Nvidia control panel?
  13. I)ickie

    128gb hard drive limit.

    Is it NTFS or Fat32 My guess is that the problem is hiding somewhere in bios. Have a look in the advance bios settings page to see if there is anything regarding legacy drives or something. I'm not familiar with the board so I don't know exactly where it would be.
  14. I)ickie

    Unbelievable RAID

    They ended up running three controllers because each one became saturated. Pretty insane when you think about it. I can't remember a time in my computing life (all of 6 years) where something so revolutionary has been released. Sounds like a bold statement I know but this really is quite different. It is not an incremental change to an existing technology it is a completely new way to store our data. Perhaps I just haven't been round long enough.
  15. I)ickie

    Buying this Rig

    Unless you are ready to invest some serious time into your overclocking I would avoid the DFI board. They are great for serious tweakers and techies and at one point in my life I spend a great deal of time with my NF4 lanparty but they are not for the average user. Even if you are planning to dabble in overclocking I would probably go for an ASUS p5e deluxe. Also a switch from e8500 to e8400 is a good one as the clock speed increase is negligible.