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  1. TigerKraw

    Need a new s775 mobo asap

    I've been looking at both the P5QL PRO which is a P43 board, and the P5Q-SE, a P45 board both about the same price, around $150, which one do you think is the better of the two ? I cannot seem to find many reviews or forum comments on the P5Q-SE version Your thoughts would be most appreciated. Sorry........ Just checked there is also a P5Q PRO thats a P45 board for about $215 Thanks
  2. TigerKraw

    Need a new s775 mobo asap

    I've been looking at both the P5QL PRO which is a P43 board, and the P5Q-SE, a P45 board both about the same price, around $150, which one do you think is the better of the two ? I cannot seem to find many reviews or forum comments on the P5Q-SE version Your thoughts would be most appreciated. Thanks
  3. TigerKraw

    Need a new s775 mobo asap

    I would like but its $422 ITsky has it for $335 www.itsky.com.au http://www.itsky.com.au/catalog/partdetail...o=GIG-MBO-13385
  4. TigerKraw

    Antec 900 or CM 690

    The HAF32 also affectionly known as the HOFF got 90% from the Atomic review, its a $200 plus case but it looks good check out the review link below. http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/Review/127136,...er-haf-932.aspx overall I think you would be happy with it.
  5. I had the same problem on which one is better for running at stock Q6600 or Q8200 As they are roughly the same retail price. Looks like its the Q8200. Thanks to Tantryl and Frunj for helping me choose. Thanks to Fat_bodybuilder for the Q8200 review link.
  6. I read a few reviews, dont know if they are from the trusted sites list, I will have to google them again to refresh my memory. One interesting thing was compatabilty problems with the ASUS boards and you needed to update the Bios from Asus I dont know if that problem still exists, I think it occured about 2 years ago. probally no concern now.
  7. I could not find Antec Neo power 550w on the list the 650w version is there so I'm guessing the the 550w version is OK as well.
  8. Well my Silverstone FT01 finally arrived today from Ozdirect Bargain price of $96.00 for case, $146.00 total with extras and courier delivered. Considering that the FT01 is currently over $300AU retail thats a huge saving. A couple of pics of my new case http://i134.photobucket.com/albums/q112/TI...AW/100_0723.jpg Might take me a month or so before I have the rest of the componets for my new system, will you keep you posted.
  9. TigerKraw

    Antec 900 or CM 690

    The Cooler Master Centurion 590 have been out for a while now Considered a 2nd option to the CM690 it has a better power button/USB port placement comes with 2 120mm fans one front Led Fan,one rear Exhaust fan with the option of adding another 6 cooling fans if you want to go crazy with cooling Harddrive cage is reverted back to the old way of facing the front and also features tooless design There is no window version of this case available, but you can purchase the window side panel separatly, but then you are spending a lot more money If you must have a window the CM690 with window would be a much better buy at around $130 If you ask which case is the better overall, I would still go for the CM690
  10. Good news today I contacted Ozdirect and told me that the Silverstone has been shipped, hopefully here in a few days Looking forward to trying out this new case. Thanks
  11. What I heard around the forums is that there was a mistake made by the distributers on the retail price of the Silverstone FT01, and there was a handful of online sellers that got caught up with the wrong price when they did their online listings. Computerstore just needs to update their staticice info to the correct price. On the subject of my case I ordered it through OzDirect for $96.53 it stated the full retail price of $389.40 roughly a 70% discount. I've just checked Ozdirect website, its now $308.46 so wether they will send me the case or refund I'm not sure I contacted Ozdirect and they said it will be shipped today or latest Wednesday. We will have to wait and see what happens. copy of the invoice ------------------------------------------------------ 1 x NEW! Silverstone DT-SST-FT01 Black ATX case with Window, Aluminu (FT01B-W) = $98.46AUD ------------------------------------------------------ Sub-Total: $96.53AUD Startrack ((Insured) Delivery to 3555 – 2 days Estimated Delivery Time*1 boxes 16kg(s) (incl $5.50 handling) ): $34.54AUD Low Order Fee of $10.00 applicable to all orders under $100.00: $10.00AUD Payment Type Surcharge: $5.27AUD Total: $146.35AUD GST 10.0%: $13.24AUD Thanks
  12. Yes it is around $300ish at most good retailers, but I'm getting it through this site http://www.ozdirect.com/product_info.php?s...oducts_id=67910 for $96.53 + extra costs and courier delivery for about $146.00 total There have a been a few complaints about the company, on Atomic and another tech site so I'm taking a bit of a gamble on ordering it. but for that price I thought it be worth a try. I will let you know how it goes next week. Thanks
  13. Don't worry its a strong aluminium case, made from a single sheet of Aluminium. Excerpt From the Bit-Tech.net review http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/2008/10/2...e-ft01-review/1 "The uni-body construction method is immediately obvious when you look at the FT01 – the front, roof and base of the case are all part of the same 6mm thick piece of aluminium, which has been perfectly machined to give the FT01 a similar external appearance to the TJ07, with curved edges and a gorgeously styled front fascia. This construction method, while by no means cheap, brings a wonderful feeling of toughness to the FT01 and the case is absolutely rock solid thanks to it. The feel of the aluminium also exudes class – it just draws your hands to it and is wonderfully smooth. And who wouldn’t want to put their hands on something so utterly gorgeous? The FT01, has inherited its big sister's looks and is just as stunning as the TJ07. Those smooth clean lines and the wonderfully uncluttered exterior really do make the FT01 one of the best looking cases we’ve ever reviewed."
  14. I've ordered the Silverstone Fortress for roughly $150AU delivered, but its through ozdirect not the safest or quickest online store, but does have the cheapest price for this case. If you check staticice and the website that were selling the FT01 you will find now, its been corrected to over $300AU in America you would be struggling to get it under $200US. On the subject of cooling, visit Silverstones website to discover the advantages of positive air cooling. http://www.silverstonetek.com/products/p_c...=FT01&area= thats where most air comes in through the filters (front and top) and blows out through the air vents and the rear exhaust making less chance of dust entering the case. Now its true on one review with the harddrives loaded up and cpu and video card pushed to the limits, the video card ran hot, due to restricted airflow from the front intake fan. But the CPU was running cool and fine,thanks to the top intake fan blowing directly over the CPU. All you have to do to correct this problem is to remove one of the harddrive cages to better direct airflow, problem solved for cooling the videocard. I've even read on another forum they ran a system without a CPU fan no problems at all thanks to the cool air from the top intake fan. I'm hoping to mod my top fan filter with some sort of quick release or trapdoor affair, to fix the awkward task of removing the filter for cleaning. The PSU filter is also hard to get to for cleaning as well I hope to get a modular power supply and then be able to simply unplug the power cables and remove the power supply, then have acces to clean the PSU filter. I'm also planning to add a 120mm fan on top of the single harddrive cage to better direct the airflow from the front fan intake, towards the videocard, this should boost the cooling effect for the videocard/motherboard and CPU. So I have a few things to do when the Case arrives, should keep me busy for a while I will let you know how it goes in the weeks ahead.
  15. TigerKraw

    Antec 900 or CM 690

    +1 for Silverstone Ft01 Just ordered the Silverstone Fortress Ft01 Black with window looks good. On the Subject of Antec 900 Vs CoolerMaster 690 The Antec Looks Better But the Coolermaster is much better on Price, about $60 cheaper. and a better case to Mod to your liking. Also there is a window version available for around $130. Both are really good cases.