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  1. Goonit

    Angry face gets response.

    Those shops stink! (Literally) I walk past them to get lunch on occasions and the smell of the chemicals should be made illegal in confined areas like malls. I'm 100% positive this will happen in the future, or they'll be forced to use less potent chemicals. I'm sure you'd also find they hire immigrant workers without visas and underpaying them. Not that this has anything at all to do with your encounter! :) It's good you got your money back, I think you should still go ahead with some pictures and send them off to ACA etc.
  2. Goonit

    Farewell index680i

    I never did get to win his competition, and show off my PC.. :) Farewell Index680i. RIP.
  3. Goonit

    "Amaze" whats their deal?

  4. Goonit

    "Amaze" whats their deal?

    I've seen quite a few lower end Amaze cards being RMA'd not the greatest brand if you have issues as they are probably the cheapest of cheap. The packaging is laughable though, I do LOL at the box pictures.
  5. Tell me about it, this order on the way I "thought" would be all I'd want and need.. Now I'm thinking compression fitting angles here and there etc etc. As it's my first water cooling parts order I didn't want to spend TOO much as I might end up hating it. Which seems unlikely, but it could happen! I've just ordered the basics really; Used Koolertek.com for the goods & comGateway for shipping. So this is what I've got coming to me; (should arrive before th weekend with any luck;)) 2 Meters PrimoChill PrimoFlex Pro LRT 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD Tubing (Clear) Antimicrobial Silver Strip for Coils (8 inch) Swiftech MCP655-B Pump 4x Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm Fan, 1850 RPM (Kicking myself I didn't get 10 of these now at $12 US each.) Swiftech MCR220-QP Radiator 10x Bitspower Fat Boy G1/4 (1/4" BSPP) Thread Fitting (1/2" OD) Swiftech MCW60 Rev.2 VGA Waterblock & GT200 Hold Down Kit. I also have a Swiftech GTX285 P891 heatsink which I received yesterday, guy who owns Koolertek said they're not making them anymore. So I went ahead and found one in Australia. 10x PrimoChill Black Steel Spring Hose Clamps Enzotech BMR-C1 Forged Copper BGA Ramsinks. Can never get enoguh heat sinks right? Really not sure what I'll do with these but I'm sure I'll find a use later on! TechFlex Sleeving Kit (Black) Never sleeved a thing in my life, so I thought this might be a good start to get some sleeving on! That's it for Koolertek! Sorry for the huge list, you did ask! :D I've also got already 2 more MCR220-QP Radiators which I just picked up second hand quite cheap just couldn't resist, and an Apogee GTZ CPU block. I've got some big plans!! :) I only own a drill and a dremel though! LOL. My tech isn't the latest and greatest, I'm a bang-for-buck man! Will be looking at upgrading to i7 or another platform once I can truly justify it for my usage. Case; CM Stacker 830 (Completely unmodified currently, will most probably get it powder coated (Black OR???) once I get everything placed holes drilled and theplacement and fitting all worked out. Currently running; E8400 @ 4.1Ghz 24/7 Asus P5Q Deluxe P45 chipset which I've got running a hack to allow SLI, works brilliantly! :P 2x MSI GTX285s; Thinking of selling one, as it's "enough" for me currently and I doubt a single rad would be able to cool 2 of them but I've got 3 rads so I may change my mind... Wait; what am I saying, see this is problem I am going to change my mind and end up spending a fortune here! :P you'll have to post up your build log. atomic definitely needs more of this. i reckon there are many many builds out there in atomic land. no one bothers to post them up. Yeah I probably will. It's nothing flashy, but it's going to be a fun build.
  6. Goonit

    Keep having to log back in...

    I'm always having to log in to get my lurk on. It's so annoying!
  7. Very nice! :) you're very lucky to have all those tools available! Inspiring for me, as I've got $400 worth of WCing gear on its way from the states. My first water build too, I'm pretty excited! I can already see the cost ballooning within weeks of setting it up. I might have to sell my soul. Atomic needs more of this!
  8. Goonit

    Seeing yourself

    You're all handsome in my eyes.
  9. Oh man, am I tempted! Seems to handle some 3D gaming reasonably well too, bit of Quake Live in that review!
  10. Why does it have to be Crazy-johns or Vodafone?
  11. Goonit

    What was your best GPU?

    Mine was definitely a Soltek (whatever happen to that brand) 64meg MX440 that thing just powered along forever I abused it for God knows how long, years! I think its still running in a mates dads computer. Lately I've had about 4 high end cards through my system. Mainly in pairs too! They never last 6 months in the same pc these days for some reason.
  12. Goonit

    Goddamn digital telly dropouts

    Just to rub it in. I pick up every channel perfectly with 8" rabbit ears.. hehe ; P
  13. Goonit

    Android tablets

    Smartq V7 (or V5) ARM11 600mhz processor WiFi (b/g) Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR 3G Edge card DDR II RAM 256MB HDMI port 3.5mm earphone 2GB flash memory Loaded with 3 OS’, WinCE 6.0, Linux and Android 7 inch 800 x 480 LCD screen USB OTG http://en.smartdevices.com.cn/Products/V7/200912/04-40.html
  14. Goonit

    An alternative to the iPhone

    I've had the Nexus One for over a month now.. I've owned lots of HTC, Nokia & Sony handsets in the past, but this phone just out shines the lot. Just think of a device that claims to do almost everything and goes beyond that. IMO it's well worth importing & wont cost you anymore than $700, cheaper than the iPhone.. :)