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  1. I just bought myself a couple of Gigabyte 6970 overclock 2 (R697oc2-2gd) cards to power my eyefinity setup. In crossfire the top card idles at 50 odd degrees until I load it up, which quickly hits the high 90s. A little high for my liking. Once the top card has been heatsoaked by the lower card it wont drop below about 60 at idle. The lower card idles between 30 and 40. I've tried unclocking them and running the fans at 100% which made bugger all difference apart from making a lot of fan noise. I'm running this in a HAF922 case, so airflow isn't an issue. These cards don't pump the heat out the slots in the bracket, but rather back into the case. I have 2x 200mm fans (one top exhaust, one front intake), 1x 120mm rear exhaust, one 50mm bracket slot exhaust fan, the 2x 120mm on the noctua CPU cooler blowing up and out the top, and a couple more 120mm blowing onto the cards themselves. I've had to pull the second card out as it was still getting hot even with crossfire disabled. I have to use the cards sandwiched on my x58a-ud5 to make use of both the x16 slots. I cant move the lower card to an 8x slot as the card will hit the power supply below. So my last option is to water cool them. I've never watercooled my PCs before so I'm a bit of a noob with it :P Can anyone recommend a gpu cooling block that will suit my gigabyte R697oc2-2gd cards? A full block doesnt seem to exist, the EK non reference block wont fit as the mountings are in different positions. So it looks like I'll need a core only one, plus ramsinks or similar for the memory etc. Also, what size radiator, and reservoirs would I need to cool the two of these plus cool my i7 930. I read somewhere about 1x120mm per cpu/gpu minimum. I need to do something with this $400 paper weight :\
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    Project: Desk

    Make sure you round off those corners down low.. your shins will thank you :)
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    What should i do?

    The 6990 will still run warm, Its still got two GPU's that will produce heat, but you will have more room for extra airflow having only a single card. I tried and tried to get my pair of sandwiched 6970s to run cooler on a UD5 but no matter how many extra fans etc I tried It wouldnt happen. PhysX is nvidia only and from what I've read not many games support it, and those that do are hardly noticable. The 6990 will still run warm, Its still got two GPU's that will produce heat, but you will have more room for extra airflow having only a single card. I tried and tried to get my pair of sandwiched 6970s to run cooler on a UD5 but no matter how many extra fans etc I tried It wouldnt happen. PhysX is nvidia only and from what I've read not many games support it, and those that do are hardly noticable.
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    Unique watercooling build

    If you want to mount a 3x120 in the top and a 1x120 on the rear exhaust hole in a 932, you will lose at least one, if not two 5.25 bay as you'll have to run the fittings at the front of the case otherwise they wont fit. These are a couple of pics from my HAF-X which is very similar to the 932..
  5. Does it make any mention of the radiator(s) or fans used? That can give you an indication of how noisy it will be. Some radiators work best with high speed fans, others are fine with low speed. Lower speed generally means less noise. What are your ambient temperatures like over there? Being in the middle east I'd assume its pretty warm. Do you have aircon where the computer lives?
  6. 1. It all depends on how many of which fan have been used and what speed they are running at. 2. Its just as safe as an aircooled system if built correctly.
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    Restart No System Disk

    I have the same problem with a 120gb agility 3.. Mine will blue screen then give that no system disk message if I hit reset, but if I power it down and back up again it boots normally. Its supposedly a firmware issue that is addressed by an update. You need to boot off another drive before you can apply the update though. I dont have another drive with any other OS and havent used linux in so long I wouldnt know where to start nowadays.
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    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    every caspian server i've managed to get onto has been laggy as
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    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    27th is the release here in aus :(
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    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Yeah caspian is fucking awesome!
  11. I want to see some eyefinity testing to see whether i'm gonna need a 3rd 6970. With a single 6970 @ 6060x1080 res at max beta settings im getting 26fps average, 22fps minimum outside when I tested it with fraps. Its still very playable at this frame rate. I was actually quite surprised at how low the FPS was considering how smooth it is. I would have guessed at least 35fps.
  12. Another update.. My fittings showed up today from Gammods. I needed to use two of the 7.5mm extensions for the 45s to clear the fan. Different angle. View from the front of the case. Roughly how everything is going to run. I've tried to plan it out to have as few bends as possible to elimate any kinks. I'm trying to use 45 and 90 degree fittings where possible. Coming from an Automotive & Aircon background, I'll trust compression fittings over barbs any day. So far the loop goes Res -> Quick Disconnect --> Parallel thru GPUs -> 3x120 Rad -> CPU -> 1x120 Rad -> Res. Got to get some decent hose cutters from work tomorrow to cut the tubing nice and square for the compression fittings and order some more 45 and 90 degree fittings. HOPEFULLY this should be the last lot of fittings I need.
  13. This is a log of my first attempt at water cooling my system. It came about after buying 3x Dell U2311 monitors for an eyefinity setup. Finding my 5870 wasnt going to cut it at any sort of high detail levels, I went out and bought a 6970. While this was a decent upgrade, it still wasn't enough to run decent AA/AF at 6060x1080 (5760x1080 plus bezel compensation). So after hunting for quite a while to find another matching 6970 I found one. Then after installing and having a play around, I found the top card was hitting 100 degrees within about a minute of playing Bad Company 2 with all settings maxed. I tried for a few days to get the top cards temp down, but it wasn't going to happen. I tried running the fans at 100% using MSI afterburner, which didn't help at all. I tried having a 120mm fan blowing straight onto the cards.. no good.. I tried with it sucking the heat off the cards.. no good. I tried another 120mm fan beside the first and various other combos and positions, all to no avail. I even tried underclocking the the cards. So it came down to watercooling as being my last option. System specs: CPU: i7 930 2.8ghz MB: Gigabyte X58A-UD5 RAM: G-Skill 6gb F3-16000CL9T-6GBRH (2Gb x3) GPU(S): 2x Gigabyte R697OC2-2GD 2gb factory overclocked (920/1475) HDD(S): OCZ Agility 3 120gb SSD, 2x WD Black 500gb (Raid 0) CASE: Coolermaster HAF-922 PSU: Corsair HX1050 1050w Semi-Modular Water loop Gear: RESERVIOR: Koolance RP-401X2 5.25" twin reservoir with CNT-RP401X2 180 degree reservoir joiner PUMP(S): 2x Koolance PMP-400 pumps CPU BLOCK: EK-Supreme-HF GPU BLOCK(S): 2x EK-VGA Supreme HF GPU blocks RAM SINKS: Arctic Cooling VR001 RADIATOR(S): 1x Black Ice Stealth GT360 3x120, 1x Black Ice GTX120 1x120 FANS: 4x Yate Loon D12SM-12 TUBING: Tygon R-3603 1/2" ID 3/4" OD FITTINGS: Various Bitspower 1/2" compression, Koolance Ultra HF quick disconnect. I've hit a few hiccups along the way.. Firstly I can't fit the 3x120mm radiator in the top of the case. I was going to holesaw another hole in the top for the third fan, but I still didn't have enough depth. So I need a new case.. I'm tossing up between a HAF-932 or a HAF-X. Gonna order this and some more fittings on payday. Second hiccup was finding out that the fittings I had decided on for plumbing the GPU blocks were too fat and wouldn't fit side by side. Here are a couple of progress pics: The pile of bits so far: I was going to plumb the GPU blocks using two of the Danger Den Cross-SLI fittings with a pair of bitspower 90 degree fittings on the ends, but they found they were too fat: Same deal using compressions straight off the block (barbs just arent an option): Hopefully I will be able to use these with some 1/4" - 1/4" male-male adapters: 6970 with waterblock and ramsinks installed: Techflex sleeving the wiring for the Yate Loons: Just need to get some fan header plugs from Jaycar tomorrow to finish the wiring for the fans off, and wait until thursday to order my new case and fittings. More to come!
  14. Personally I'm a fan of the Coolermaster HAF series cases. I own a HAF-922 and HAF-X.. Great build quality and reasonably priced.. Plenty of room for anything you want to put in them.. Good cable management options.. Good airflow.. tool-less installation - thumb screws for side panels and card slots, quick release hard drive holders etc etc..
  15. haha yeah they're pretty beastly fans, but the top panel covers them anyway. Unfortunately its not a completely new build, just a new case, the triple monitor setup, a second 6970 and water loop.
  16. Another small update.. I ended up buying another coolermaster megaflow fan to put in my HAF-922, and raided the 200mm job out of the top of it to use in the HAF-X. They arent the exact same model, but I couldnt find anything closer. Only differece I can notice is a different model number, and the one out of the 922 is rated at .28A and from the X is .30A.. so near enough is good enough. Both fans now mounted. I had to dig out a 1/4" spanner to do the screws up as I couldnt find a philips head screwdriver with a thin enough shaft to fit through the mouting legs. It was a pretty tight fit getting all the sleeved cables from the front panel past the fan and through the gap, and still getting the top to fit back on. I managed to get them all positioned nicely after a bit of swearing and mild persuation. Now I've found I need some G1/4" extensions with 45s to get the lines out of the top radiator without kinking the hose. I had to order them through GamMods as PCCG don't stock what I needed. I havent used GamMods yet, was a bit skeptical of ordering from there after looking at the state of their website.. half the images missing etc.. but others that have used them seem to have had a good run, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. More BF3 beta'ing while I wait for more fittings to arrive.
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    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    I downloaded it last night off 'nodes file server. When I was about 50% through, an updated client was released. I'm hoping its a small update and I wont have to download the whole thing again. First one was 3.9gb and the second was 3.4gb. Only changes it mentioned was something about smaller file size and something about the installation location. Cant remember off the top of my head though.
  18. This seems to be a pretty good rough guide for PSU sizing. Dont bother with a monitor with speakers, they're generally shitty speakers that wont come close to reproducing a full range of sounds. Nowadays the onboard sound is pretty good, it takes a pretty good ear to notice any differences between that and a dedicated sound card. To make the most of your 7.1 headphones you'll want to use an optical out, which most onboards have.
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    6970 CF Heat Issues

    Not sure about the OPs situation, but the aircon duct in my room is above my desk. It is also the first duct in the loop. When its cranking, it blows straight down on me, causing me to freeze, but still doesnt make a shit of difference to the temps :(
  20. Small update.. I bought me a couple of rolls of Techflex to continue with the sleeving. I decided to do the rest in red to add a little bit of colour. I have an account with techflex now through work so I can get it at a much better price than buying through any shops I've found, so I bought a 60m roll of 1/4" and a 38m roll of 3/8". Front panel cabling all sleeved up. I need to buy a heap of the same brand heatshrink as there are different tones of red and different thicknesses etc which don't look 100% to me, but most of it wont be seen anyway. I would have liked to go a bit closer to the ends of the cables but I need as much flex as possible to clear the second 200mm fan I'm putting in the top. Radiators mounted. Its gonna be tight going from the top rad into the reservoir, gonna have to figure out what angle fittings I will need. Thats about it for now, with the BF3 beta coming out in a couple of days I think I'm gonna leave my system intact for now. I'm trying to source another one of the 200mm fans for the top of the case but can't find them anywhere for sale.. Might have to raid the one out of the top of my HAF-922 and replace it with something else when I have a use for it.
  21. Small update.. My HAF-X and some more fittings showed up today.. Got the first 6970 plumbed up ready to go.. Gonna have to work out a way of supporting the middle of the card as its quite heavy now. Just assembling the HAF-X and sleeving the cables tonight. Got a busy day tomorrow so might not get much done.
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    BF3 beta date official

    Its official.. sept 29th open beta.. BF3 beta
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    What Will You Play BF3 On?

    I find the TOG servers are full of spawn campers too.. back on topic, I'm getting bf3 on 360 and PC. I have a lot of friends on 360 that play bc2, who will be playing bf3 on it too. A couple of them are building new PCs for bf3 though.
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    3 x New Monitors

    I'm loving my 3x Dell U2311 monitors for eyefinity. I bought them for $222 each at harris technology. They are usually cheaper than dell direct and dont have a limit of how many you can buy at a time.