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  1. Agreeded, While at work we get paid to work, not sit on face book etc. I just had the same dilemma at my work place. On Thursday I shut down the access to everything other than work related sites, took me all day but it is done now. Hoping to see the productivity pick up now in certain parts of the office!
  2. gazdude67

    Midlife crisis?

    Just going through the same problem with work cover in Brisbane my self. 2 years ago fell off scaffold at a job site, broke both my wrists, had to have one plated, was off work for 4 months in total, still can't go back doing what I used to do as by mid day the pain in my wrists becomes quite sore, so I am now in an office, as a supervisor for a large building company. The pay is a lot less than what I was on as a Contractor/Installer. Work cover I found I my situation were quite good, paid for all my expenses, and never had a problem with things that I suggested UNTIL it came to the compensation side of things. So basically where i stand now is I have rejected there payout and will now have to fight it out in the legal area. One thing I have learn t with work cover, you need to be firm with them, they are told to wrap cases up as quick as they can. Remember its your body and your well being and career not there's, sometimes they need to be reminded of that! Cheer's and good luck.
  3. gazdude67

    Questions about TVs and original Xboxes

    If you load up XBMC you can run it on what ever video system you want, change the output to NTSC/PAL wide screen etc. If you need to do the XBMC load give me a yell, I am of course assuming you live in the Brisbane area. Cheer's
  4. gazdude67

    A Fully Functional Media Center - for $47.

    We have Original Xboxes in most of our rooms, Main bedroom, theater room, rumpus room and another bedroom, all run XBMC and all but 1 are chipped and bigger hard drives inside of them. They are the bees knees for what we use them for, and at the price we paid (some were only $20.00 - Ebay) IMO can't go wrong, the software is regularly updated as well. I have it down pat now so it takes me about 20 mins to load up XBMC and I don't even crack open the box, all loaded up with game saves and FTP on the network. If any one needs help in the Western Brisbane area OR wants to buy a modded box give me a yell, I currently have 5 spare boxes sitting around and another 2 that I use for parts, plus the 4 we are using in the house. Cheer's
  5. gazdude67

    Lian Li announces it's new PC-888 case

    That's just DOG ugly!!!! Even my dogs arse looks better than this piece of crap, and I know what my dogs arse looks like cause I have to clip it every month!!!
  6. gazdude67

    50 skills every geek needs!

    Score of 33 here, but like wise some of that stuff should be dead and buried long a go. But I must say I have put a xbox game system into a old dvd player case, looked good but went back to a clear Xbox case in the end. And don't have any inkling to muck around with an Iphone or any Mac gear.
  7. gazdude67


    Giving it a go today, at work. Thanks for the heads-up
  8. gazdude67

    Universal remotes

    Harmony remotes rock! We have a 1000i for the media room 880 for the rumpus room and a 525 for the Main Bedroom so all in all 16 remotes have been condensed into 3 remotes. Sure they are time consuming to set up initially but once you have your head around the how they work it's much easier to configure them. We have had the 525 for about 3 years now and it has gone through 3 sets of batteries, there probably the best remotes to get as they are priced well and do all the functions of the dearer priced units ie 1000i. Cheer's Gary D PS $60.00 for the 525 is great value, when we purchased ours it was $119.00 on special at Office works, and at the time that was a bargain.
  9. gazdude67


    + 1 for the Windows Home Server idea, We have WHS set up and it easy to install and not much mucking around to get everything to work. We set up Linux and the web software at work and it took 2 days to get all set up and running, even now there is still small problems, and it was set up by a linux professional. or so we are told.
  10. gazdude67

    Logitech rma in aus?

    Sounds as if Umart are just as hard to deal with as Game Dude when it comes to returns, that's a pity as there service is quite good normally.
  11. Hey Boon, If you need help I live in he Pullenvale area of western Bris. Pm me if required :)
  12. gazdude67

    3870X2 Cooling Mod

    Must admit those home made picks are very good, if they did't have the teeth on them I would swear that they are bought ones.
  13. Looks simular to my case i am building ATM. Just need to weld the front on and I'm finished as well. Post pic's shortly
  14. gazdude67

    Home Theatre PC Build

    Thinking, Thinking......................!
  15. gazdude67

    I want to stream music from my server to my HTPC...

    He's referring to making the playlists for the HTPC, instead of using the remote to do the lists, use the Logitech keyboard, so he is still on the right track technically just read the posting a little different to what others had,