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  1. Thanks for all the input guys. I'll pass the info on to him and post a revised build soon :)
  2. Hey All, My housemate is thinking of putting together a new rig for gaming and video editing. He has a budget of (just over) $2000. I was wondering if you'd be able to help me out with some comments or suggestions. This is what he has come up with so far... CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k $380 MB: Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H $220 RAM: GSkill Trident-X 16GB (8GBx2) DDR3-1600 F3-1600 C7 $200 HDD: Western Digital Green 3TB $130 SSD: Samsung EVO 250GB $160 GPU: MSI R9 290X Twin Frozr $690 PSU: Thermaltake 850W EVO Blue 20 $180 ODD: Pioneer BDC-207-BDK $60 Case: Thermaltake Armor Revo Full Tower $170 Total: $2190 He already has a keyboard, mouse, screen, speakers and a copy of Windows.
  3. Electr0

    Powering A Second GPU

    Thanks for the replies guys. Hmm, that a bit annoying. I don't really like the idea of under clocking my GPUs just to make them both work. It seems like a bit of a moot point. I guess I will be needing that new PSU after all. I've been looking at getting the AX860i. It has a great reviews and it Platinum certified. It's going for about $315 atm. I could get it via Amazon for $280 (inc. shipping) but then I would have to contend with an overseas RMA if anything ever went wrong :( Maybe I'll just have to wait another fortnight for my next pay cheque so I can get the GPU and PSU.
  4. Hey All. So I currently have a Corsair HX620 and running one 7970, which is being powered by both of the PSU's PCIe power connectors - once 6 pin and one 8 pin. I've done some research and calcs I think my PSU will have enough power to run a second 7970, however I'm not sure it I can power it, physically. Since both of the PCIe power connectors are in use, I would need to use the 2-Molex-to-6-Pin and the 2-Molex-to-8-Pin power connectors that came with my original 7970. My question is: Since I will need the equivalent of 4 Molex connectors, can I power two of them off one 5-pin connection and two of another 5-pin connection - see the top row of connectors on the 3rd image down here. I would much prefer to do this than have to lay out another $300 odd for a new PSU.
  5. Electr0

    Help for a Mate

    Wait, what? You rekon 8.1 is better than 7?
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    Was probably designed by an arts student :P
  7. Cheers guys. I'll have a look into it and keep you posted :)
  8. Yes, I kind of do atm, I have WebMin. As above. Yes, I could, and it works well, for single files or small files. But when you want to copy GBs of data (like movies or tv shows) it just freezes, or is temperamental. It seems to work sometimes, if given enough time, but there is no progress bar and you can't do anything with the window while it's copying. Yup, thought of that, and have MC installed, but as far as I'm aware MC uses the rm command, which isn't recursive. Also I don't think it has a progress bar either. Hmmm, I'll have a look at that when I get home tonight. I did read about it somewhere. Have to see what it's all about and if I can make it do what I want.
  9. Hmm that annoying, because I'm running Ubuntu Server Edition. Probably should have mentioned that. Which means, like you said, I would have to install some kind of X11 interface. Maybe I should start to learn Python and try and write my own program :\
  10. Electr0

    Another Data recovery thread

    I know it's all been said and done now, but PhotoRec probably could have done the job for free. I've used it a couple of time and it has always gotten my data back - at least all the stuff that wasn't corrupted. Also works well for failed HDDs.
  11. Hey All, So I have a small headless Ubuntu server running at home. It runs a SAMBA server which shares a huge collection of TV Shows on a RAID 5 array to anyone connected to hour home network. I am using a Flexget and a Deluge deamon to download said TV Show torrents which are placed in the "Downloads" folder on the OS drive of the server. I then manually transfer them to RAID array and place them in the appropriate files. Sidenote: Yes, I am aware that Flexget and Deluge can automagically place them in the appropriate folder, but that's beside the point. I currently transfer them from the OS drive to the RAID array using my Windows PC connected to the SAMBA share folders. This means that the files are actually transferred from the Server OS drive to my computer then back to the RAID array, at least is looks that way by the huge amount of network activity and bandwidth usage that occurs when I copy said files. This means that my transfer rates are about 35 MB/s, which I presume is limited by my wired gigabit ethernet connection. So, what I'm wondering is, is there some kind of program out there, that either runs on my PC or can be run remotely through Putty, that will allow me to remotely copy local (server) files, and provide me with some kind of GUI to do so? Therefore copying directly from the OS drive to the RAID array. I can obviously do this through Putty by using the cp command, or using rsync to recursively copy files, but a GUI would make it much easier. I guess the best explanation of the function would be like running Windows Explorer on the Sever and connect to it on my PC via VNC. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. Electr0

    Registration for New Users

    Another forum I lurk around has a Welcome section, where new people can post, It's not compulsory however,. Like you suggested M_S, people could be required to post in there, give a quick run down of who they are, and once a Mod has seen the legit post, they can then flip a switch and allow them to post anywhere else in the forum. That way, it would be easier to sort the wheat form the chaff, and we can learn a little more about the people on here :) #iswearidontworkforprism
  13. Electr0

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Just some protective gear for my, as yet unobtained, motorbike. For anyone interested: Alpinestars T-GP-R Air Textile Jacket Alpinestars S-MX 5 Boots Alpinestars SP-2 Gloves Alpinestars Bionic Chest Pads Alpinestart Bionic Air Back Protector Insert Draggin "Slix" Kevlar Jeans Shoei XR-1100 "Tangent TC-5" Helmet
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    DOTA 2: out of Beta

    Animation cancelling - pro strat :) I think the best thing to do AccessDenied is to play all the heroes a couple of times and find a set that you like. If you like dishing out bulk DPS then go for Carries. If you like to smash creep waves and towers, choose a Pusher. If you like doing mass damage choose a Nuker. If you love to help the team, choose support. Once you have your 4 - 8 heroes you like. Learn what their role in the game is. What they should be doing and when, but most importantly, why. There is a huge amount of meta game in DotA. So much goes on in the backgound, when you peel back the layers, it get very complex. Anyway. Once you've know the purpose of your favourite heroes, learn their standard skill and item order. Look at some guide online (try DotaFire? - I think that's what it's called). Although the standard suggested ingame items are usually a good start. Once you het a handle on all this, you can start to learn how to play your hero. The combination of skills / spell uses and positioning that will help you come out on top. You'll also learn which lane you should start off in, and what allied heroes you should stick with to complement your heroes skill set. I wouldn't worry to much about playing bot games or training matches. Just jump on a play some pubs. You'll soon get the idea of what's going on. If you're not sure where you should be or what to buy in the game, just ask your team. There is usually at least one person who will be willing to provide some advice. Ingame voice comms make it a lot easier too :)
  15. Electr0

    DOTA 2: out of Beta

    ^ This. Also, learn how to last hit & deny. Don't get caught out of position or over extend. Especially if you don't know where the enemy is. If you have room, always carry a TP Scroll. I've only put about 160 off hours into it but regularly play with some pretty decent guys. I know what I'm supposed to do, but often have a hard time putting it all together in the heat of the moment. I prefer to play carries. Drow Ranger, Outworld Destroyer, Riki, Phantom Lancer, Skeleton King. If not, then I'll play initiators, like Sand King or Tide Hunter. Add me on Steam if you like.