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  1. rapidDazz

    Q: Why don't young adults find puns funny?

    Generally speaking, freespace is as close as I can get to Robzy these days as he's not on IRC (get on IRC). Therefore as freespace is my near-perfect clone of Robzy I hereby grant 9/10 Robzy's. As suggested above, you still aren't Robzy so I can't give you more. However, on a pun scale I would have to say 10/10 - where puns are given a higher score for being absolutely terrible.
  2. rapidDazz

    Atomic TF2 Fun

    Demand more PayLoad, less arena (and quick respawn time). That let's the noobs like me get in there and have fun :-) (Edit: Oh and eerrr, first! Just cause I <3 you tac)
  3. rapidDazz

    The Windows Vista Appreciation Thread

    lmfao - I think that goes for any Microsoft Product. Gotta take it as it comes.
  4. rapidDazz

    The Windows Vista Appreciation Thread

    I think the topic confused you O_o Fix'd
  5. rapidDazz

    The Windows Vista Appreciation Thread

    Fix'd. Yes I agree with that Cyber said. ^_^
  6. rapidDazz

    The Windows Vista Appreciation Thread

    My tastk bar is currently bright purple (not quit pink - that's what everything else is) Thankfully, when I click 'Cancel' on the "Window colours and appearance" box, it'll all go back to normal... *twitch* :p Certainly is a different choice. I should have been more spefic for you - but I'm pretty sure you understood where I was coming from in regards to the colors of the taskbar so I shaln't waste anymore breath (gotta save it for abusing you on IRC). How about... The vistasidebar..... I really do like it.... I have world times there, pictures cyling through (I tend to change my desktop background from one of the images that catches my eye when it changes) - weather outside (cause you don't go outside... sun hurts my eyes) - currency (curse you paypal and overseas bills) and server loads. /waits for someone to mock him and his love for the vista sidebar. And I think Aero is "neat" - not AWESOME - but just neat.
  7. rapidDazz

    The Windows Vista Appreciation Thread

    Umm.. I like black? And the black TaskBar that you can't change the colour of?
  8. rapidDazz

    How to change max TCP connections in Vista.

    lol. You know - that really does make perfect sense (from a company like Microsoft's perspective) - I hadn't thought about it like that before. As before - once things start hitting mainstream and are no longer in their beta/release-candidate forms - we'll have two options for Vista. Don't upgrade to SP2, or upgrade and hack the stuff out of our own systems. Personally I don't have any need for my vista workstations to run anything than typical office applications (and of course multiple screens for epen factor). Having said that - you wouldn't REALLY want to use windows server for mini-server applications anyway... surely linux would be A) better suited in most cases and B) far lighter on your hardware (so you can use an old box) and C) free!!!!! /me grins at his little AMD Duron beast sitting behind him Edit: I remember Win 3.1 -> 95 being a long overdue and MOST welcome update. 95->98 was pretty... yeah it was just a service pack of that time, but sold with very few extra features. 98 -> XP? Hated it. I remember it very well. I also remember my clients hating it. "I don't want this XP, it looks different to my 98" - "Yes well, get used to it cause it's going to be the standard soon" I'd say. Just the changing times, and while things stop being worked on in prior systems like XP (take DX10 for example) - Microsoft will continue to pull us along through their versions. We can either take it as it is, or move to another system (LIKE LINUX! I kid I kid). Back to linux - while I love pretty much everything about the system, it's a shame it's not "quite" there for me yet, in terms of a full time OS for day to day work things. I fear I'm talking too much on the forums again... I blame my absence here for some time (curses to the IRC channel that steals my attention <3).
  9. rapidDazz

    How to change max TCP connections in Vista.

    What you are experiencing really is no different from say Win95/98 to windows XP - and until it became far more popular or people simply got used to the new way things were - there was people screaming I HATE XP - it doesn't work with my 98 programs! Which really is... what microsoft is all about. "Not working" is a feature of theirs :-) Having said that - I do prefer vista over Xp - for a range of reasons, mostly from a workstation stand point than from a gaming view (although games are always fun). But with Vista (as XP) there is about 92 things I do before even installing anti-virus. Things like turning off UAC (which imo, is a failed-fail-safe for malware/spyware) and really just annoys me at the end of the day (can't delete files in the system directory? I used to randomly have troubles deleting crap off my desktop while UAC was enabled). UAC is probably the biggest tweak to increasing the usability to the system (for me at least) - I do see some merit to it's idea, and am thankful it's an option you can have either on or off. Another thing I'd like to point out to the thread creator (Hi Director)... why on EARTH would you install SP2 RC - knowing how incredibly buggy Vista only RC3 was, any release candidate is bound to be causing you unwanted troubles - aka your new TCP/IP limits. Mate just noted to me though, that the new limits are "meant" to be for failed TCP/IP connections in waiting/on hold - rather than actually connected. Once SP2 does come out of RC - you'll find more than enough people giving out patches/hacks to get around the limit, even if they do try to make it enforced/hard-coded. The joys of the intarwebs my friends! The joys of the intarweb.
  10. rapidDazz

    How to change max TCP connections in Vista.

    I don't mean to like point out of the obvious, but there has been about 4 topics now people have linked me where you are shouting you hate vista. You could you know... well... MAYBE... just maybe like... get rid of vista? And go back to your happy XP days? I KNOW - WHAT AN OUTRAGEOUS IDEA.... maybe? /hides
  11. rapidDazz

    Zombie Survival quiz

    Z+ - But apparently I need to get tougher on other survivors dying. (Did F mean bad or good in this? Cause I thought I was pretty mean on those questions, like - leave them behind type stuff). What sort of zombie outbreak was this btw...
  12. rapidDazz

    info on AVG

    The systems are simply different. I've come across compromised systems running both AVG, Avira and Avast. But one thing I do have to say, is that lately - I find the free systems are far out preforming the paid for systems like Norton, Macfee, PCillin and the like. While I don't have the purchased version of AVG myself to test away with, few clients have it (they were on AVG-Free) and they like it. I personally can't see that much of a difference in the options etc. despite what the claims on the website are - granted there are a few more tools for protection.
  13. rapidDazz

    How do you become a moderator?

    You should spend 24/7 in the IRC channel posting a minimum of 160 lines of random crap per day, for more than 6 months - and you become a mod. Oh wait, I'd totally have it by now... Crap.
  14. rapidDazz

    QuakeLive Beta

    I has invites? OH LOOKS I HAS INVITES! 10 of them. Please don't PM here though, I'm not likely to troll the forums very often.... Too busy in IRC.