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  1. Sorry. When I said "you're saying I need" I meant that it'd be 4 to cover the computer completely.. But I do believe it'd be best to just go with the heatsink fan for now... It was around $1600 pre-tax. Newegg has a center in my state now, and my state has one of the highest sales taxes out there. It's sad really... And the OS added $123. Also, I think I'll drop the monitor for now (which means I'm stuck with an old CRT monitor.. Boo)... It's pushing up the price quite a bit... Without the monitor, only one fan, and the Tuniq Tower the pre-tax is $1,464.80. Post-tax comes out to $1,623.16. And before I drop the monitor; I once was told without a quality monitor it doesn't matter what video card you have, it'll look like crap. While I know this isn't completely true, how true is it? Also, is on-board sound usually alright, or do I need to look for a sound card to put in the build? lol
  2. You will be laughing= Australian slang for you will be pleased/happy/content. So in the case of "Add the additional fans and you will be laughing." means with the additional fans you will be pleased with the result. :-) As for which OS from your links Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit English for System Builders is what you want not the upgrade DVD. Ahh. Alright. Thanks for clearing that up. lol And, thanks for catching that. I didn't even notice it was an upgrade. lol It's not a problem. lol So, you're saying that I need 4 fans to cover each slot? lol And, I was about ready to.. But then I found out my brother just got a new computer, so my parents are gonna help with some of the cost and we have to go over that before I do anything. I think I'm gonna be dropping the monitor for now ($1,739.76 before tax is a little harsh lol). Also, the heatsink is out of stock so I need to wait on that. lol I also might be opting for a cheaper video card... Without the heatsink factored in and it's tax, I'm sitting at $1,880.86.. lol I'm starting to doubt my ability to get this build. lol
  3. lol Why would I be laughing? I don't know how to take that.. lol And, I guess I hit a wrong search filter or something... Newegg wasn't showing any 1066 2x2gb RAM items. But it is now. And thanks for the suggestions.. I guess I'll be getting either this or this?
  4. Alright, well, in the midst of getting help in a thread, the boards moved up to V3.. So I figured I should repost (since the sticky sounds like this is a completely new archive and the old threads won't be added, and it was requested of me to tally up the price of my build and post) this. lol Sorry if I'm not supposed to. lol And, in addition to that, what version of Vista should I get?