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  1. SkitZaY

    Far Cry 2 VS COD5

    Far Cry 2. Mostly because I was, and still am, a Far Cry fanboy. Have been waiting for 2 since it was announced, sure it's not even similar or related to Far Cry in any way that merits it actually having the name Far cry, but I'm still pretty amped for it. Already have my limited edition per order down, had it on since the first day pre orders were available. Not to say COD5 won't be good, COD4 is pretty fun multiplayer so I'd expect the same from COD5. It's not exactly a game that will make me shit my pants in anticipation though.
  2. SkitZaY

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Motograter - Wrong
  3. SkitZaY

    Fear the ORB!

    lulz. battlefield_gir: Just a collage of people hurting themselves and other with large non-sexual balls... The kid getting wiped it in dodgeball was ace, and the guys reaction just made it better.
  4. SkitZaY

    Best Performance:Price

    I'd go the Asus / Sapphire ATI 4850 personally. Pretty good card for the moneyz.
  5. SkitZaY

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Yeah, they're alright. Used to like 'em heaps. Dead and Divine - You are cordially invited
  6. SkitZaY

    Peer Guardian 2

    I assume that you use the Vista version, as I believe this problem is only occurent in the Vista RC version. Correct me if I am wrong, ofcourse.
  7. SkitZaY

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Corrosion of Conformity - Paranoid Opioid
  8. I have high hopes for Larrabee, also I'm looking for a bit of controversy between the ATi vs Nvidia, and hopefully larrabee will be that.
  9. SkitZaY

    Worst album covers of all time

    Well, she was usually sexy. ...Yeah. :| I'm gonna have to say no.
  10. SkitZaY

    My new pride and joy!

    Very Nice! In the future I'm going to get another 24" (already hvae one) and a 30-46 (undecided), and make a set up from that.
  11. SkitZaY

    New Car Time

    I am still open for Wagon type vehicles, that was another thing I was thinking of. Because I go offroad occasionally aswell. NOTE, the vehicles doesn't have to be offroader, I have a shitty old van for that.
  12. SkitZaY

    Atomic Rave

    I'd go I guess, for shits and giggles. An outdoor rave is fine, but considering mostly metal is listened to in the "What Are You Listening To Now?" thread, it'd be more of a mosh pit. Which is probably better. ;D
  13. SkitZaY

    And What Are You Listening To?

    The Sins of thy beloved - Partial Insanity ANNND, just changed to Republic of Desire - Realpolitik Holy shiet caekez, I love Republic of Desire. Insert swooning emoticon here.
  14. SkitZaY

    UT 99'

    I occasionally play it, and it's mods, at small lans. Truly is a gem, and I think the best in the series. UT2004 is also good, but UT3 was just, as you said, ho-hum. Something about it felt, slow..
  15. SkitZaY

    New Car Time

    Anyone have an experience with 2004 and later Hyundai Tiburons? They seem alright, don't care much for them being a hyundai, that stereotype seems to have long ended and it looks like they produce nice cars now.