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  1. liv2

    Roll Call!

    Who can I hit up to get access to my old account? I haven't had access to my hotmail for years. :edit: nvm figured it out
  2. Just do what I did Buy an android tablet thinking it might actually be worth it, when you figure out that the thing is a piece of junk, wipe it and install linux :P Observe: http://www.cactuar.net/2011/06/19/how-to-r...-motorola-xoom/ On the other hand, i could probably sell this piece of crap and buy a tonne of those things.
  3. liv2

    Cheap Mac for App development

    Hey I believe the minimum now is Lion, so you'll need a Core 2 Duo or above to develop for the Mac or IOS I'd suggest a second hand C2D Mac Mini, the speed shouldn't matter it'll just mean increased compiling time. You'll be looking at between $250-$500
  4. liv2

    Atomic Honeypot

    The filename was hammertime.mid
  5. liv2

    Liked The Old One Better

    Unfamilliar doesn't have to mean ugly Appearently The guys at Haymarket were not aware of this
  6. liv2

    Avatars/sig Should Be Opt-out, Not Opt-in

    I created a completely new account with a different username and can see it all
  7. that's nothing, my gold motorbike is over THREE THOUSAND!
  8. liv2

    I Was Thinking

    or this one I don't think my GF would like that, she likes the gold - mainly because she's a gold digger.
  9. liv2

    I Was Thinking

    True, I could go neon blue like this
  10. liv2

    I Was Thinking

    Keep it? that isn't my bike Here's a pic of mine taken yesterday, now you see the need for respray
  11. liv2

    I Was Thinking

    Of respraying my bike What do you think of this colour?
  12. liv2

    How Long Until V4?

    You're barking up the wrong tree Ask these guys: www.invisionboard.com
  13. liv2

    Liked The Old One Better

    It's not bugs or lack of features, are you using a different theme or something? Losing all our posts, pms and all the data is also Lame as shit This isn't an upgrade, this is a reformat.
  14. liv2

    Liked The Old One Better

    I suppose this is what happens when you sell out, we're just lucky it didn't happen sooner.
  15. liv2

    Rank Rejig?

    Can I get my Post count added from my old Linux_insidev2 account?