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  1. bandcamp

    Blast from the past up for sale on Facebook

    I was just about to post this when I saw your thread, I buy it too but post to brisbane would be to high.
  2. bandcamp

    Roll Call!

    was issue 8.
  3. bandcamp

    Roll Call!

    Wow, Im the only person on the forum ATM, I rembember this place never had less that 100 people online at any time. What happend.
  4. bandcamp

    Who's still here from the olden days?

    Do you still have the sniper_ut account?
  5. bandcamp

    Such a long time,so many people...

    Metrix and ProFX.
  6. bandcamp

    Honeymoon destinations

    There are so many great places here htat I would not bother going overseas.
  7. bandcamp

    UFC comming to Australia

    Damn, I wish I could make that.
  8. bandcamp

    KFC Tower Burger

    I agree, I could make a kick arse, great tasting, good for you burger in about 5 mins. When I make the pattys I make about 10 at a time and freeze the left overs for next time. How anyone could prefere Shitty old KFC instesd of Good quality great tasing fresh food is beyond me . But each to his own I guess.
  9. bandcamp

    Resistance 2 is on the shelves today

    Its a pitty you didnt know how to use it Milano:P
  10. bandcamp

    Abusing the DMCA: How not to do it

    Have to agree that is some great pwnage there. I have just started watching all the creationists videos, they are bloody funny stuff. Thunderfoot just kills them with logic.
  11. bandcamp

    That's kinky

    This place is a good start, been there once and what an eye opener. http://www.hellfireclub.com.au/
  12. bandcamp

    What is the worst movie you've seen?

    Anything with Tom Cruise in it.
  13. bandcamp

    My Neck, My Back...

    Please see my tag for your evaluation.
  14. bandcamp

    What was your all time worst date ever?

    PMSL, great story. I have nothing, nothing that would compare with your chain of events.