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    Who was in the wrong?

    But who was phone?
  2. *cynic

    Whats your job? V3.0

    -Software Engineering student -Social Engineering student :) -Self-employed - internet marketing.
  3. *cynic

    Obligatory Topic To Test New Code Tags

    #define _rofl ..codeboxes actually tend to stretch the window rather than providing a scrollbar. I find this interesting. -----------------------------------------------------------dddd
  4. *cynic

    Welcome Back Our Banned Brethren

    Well, hi everyone. :p I'm back, after a fashion, having emailed our new robotic overlord David Hollingworth about this new-fangled amnesty pledge. It's really cool to see the survivors of the banhammer crawling out of the woodwork. My old account has been nuked I think - after successfully logging in a couple of days ago, the forums page went completely blank and henceforth, stayed as such. This was before I emailed our robotic overlord, though, so hopefully he'll be nice to me and let me stay. Anyway, I will try to be good from now on. I promise not to do anything untoward or even slightly naughty (as I've already used up my chances, I guess). If you'll just let me stay. -Cynic*