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    Hi I’ve been having a lot of trouble deciding what sound card to buy. I have: Laptop (Toshiba satellite L300D) Mixer Behringer Xenyx 1204FX 1x Crown XLS 602 amplifier 2x JBL JRX 125 2x JBL 118SP I’m looking to get maximum performance from all this equipment, NOTHING ELSE. I’m not interested in gaming, movies, 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound at this stage I’m not even worried about recording. Just high quality sound. All this equipment sounds pretty good atm. I know with a good sound card it will sound even better! With so many out there I’m becoming confused. I think this card would probably be good: http://www.pcmarket.com.au/category.php?catID=SNDPCM (Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI Express Sound Card for Notebooks) My laptop has an express card slot. So I was hoping to get a card that fits into the express card slot (less stuff to cart around the better) but I would buy an external USB card if I could get much better quality sound than an express card. (My computer doesn’t have fire wire) I mainly use my laptop for playing music, mostly MP3 file through my JBL Sound system. At the moment I go from the 3.5mm ordinary headphone jack on the laptop to 2 RCA, which I then convert to ¼ inch jacks, then plug into the mixer. Would this sound card be best for me and what I want to do? If not could someone please recommend something more suitable? Thanks for taking the time to read about my problems and sorry about the long winded post. I just don’t want to rush into buying a sound card and find out it’s not best for me. Thanks, Hayden