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    Congrats on the new HTPC system! Sounds like it's working well for you.
  2. razrx

    Is it my mouse?

    did you try playing with the settings in Windows Control Panel or in your Logitech software?
  3. razrx

    Best TV card?

    The last TV card I bought was a Winfast PVR2000. It's analog, but my point is, go with WinFast! Great products. :)
  4. I have contemplated it, but it's not worth it. Your data is viewable by other hosts on the router and you may lose your internet at anytime.... =\
  5. I use Avast! on all my PCs and I'm happy. However Avira has good detection when actively scanning and it's much faster than Avast! I don't pay for retail AV software.
  6. I have an 8800GT and I wondered the same thing.... I would wait for some price drops then go for a 4850 or even a 4870
  7. razrx

    Your current mouse/mice and a general rating

    Keyboard: Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 + Great for all round use - Definitely not for everyone. 9.5/10 Mouse: Razer Deathadder + Very responsive and great look and feel - Could be bigger 8.5/10
  8. I will wait for the DFI or SUPoX release of the X58 boards. They should really kick some butt! One thing though, does the board support both SLI and Crossfire? I had heard a while back that this was supposed to be the first board that would.
  9. Agreed. How can you just forget your children like that!
  10. you're sorta correct Osama... MX440 is a Geforce 4 card... still it's one of the lowest performing Geforce 4 cards made... (other than the GF4 420MX) 5700 is mid-high level Geforce 5 card. Lowest being a FX5200. Checkout www.nvidia.com
  11. razrx

    Ever done this...

    Yeah... pretty funny. that happened to me with frozen ground beef. The meat was so heavy it broke the bottom of the bag... LOL
  12. razrx

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Dilvie - The First Day
  13. razrx

    Are you a PC tech hoarder

    I am a 3dfx hardware hoarder.... *sigh*
  14. It's all inter-related.... research the facts instead of saying "oh no, not the 9/11 conspiracy theorists" Get educated!
  15. This is some scary stuff.... What do you do to protect yourself from the potential US financial meltdown? pull your money out of the stock market, buy gold, ???? I believe that the international bankers are the ones that are pulling the strings here.... no surprise as they have been doing this ever since they took over the US Treasury. I have a couple of places to share: Watch a movie called Zeitgeist - it's really interesting Also, if you know about TVU (www.tvunetworks.org) watch channels 68078 & 69615. They are all about Exposing 9/11, Police State & Tyranny.