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  1. reborn

    How many Cd's/ vinyl do you own?

    Almost 200 CDs and I'd say approx 150 vinyl, it's all in storage atm so I can't give a definitive answer.
  2. reborn


    I wonder how many toes he has left?
  3. reborn

    "I said settle down!"

    In the six weeks I was working on the new barrack blocks at Enoggera I heard a LAV fire once. All they ever did was play sport, or when someone official came through they'd set-up an arty position outside the gym and roll out some Bushmasters. Must have been one hell of a breeze to blow it over to Mitchelton.
  4. reborn

    Masked Lapwings (aka Plovers)

    Tried playing soccer with a Plover nest on the center line?
  5. reborn

    Masked Lapwings (aka Plovers)

    It's not the cacophany we're after, it's the swooping. Get some video of that, and Funniest Home Videos will probably have your children.
  6. reborn

    An interesting comparison of 2 factories

    Do you even think about the shit you type before you type it? I don't understand. Well, let's see. Solar panels make a difference, when used they reduce peoples need to rely solely on mains elec. Which in the end pays for itself, and AFAIK your states elec company will rebate you for any excess you don't use that gets re-directed back into the grid. Wind turbines are worth the noise. Unless you live on a windy hill right near the fucking turbines - I don't see the issue. Sure, we could all have Nuclear powered homes, but eventually we'll run outta space to put the waste. Maybe not in our lifetime, but I plan to have kids, and they'll probably plan to have kids of their own.
  7. reborn

    An interesting comparison of 2 factories

    Do you even think about the shit you type before you type it?
  8. reborn

    Offer of employment...

    I'm sorry, but could you PLEASE explain what you mean buy "Someone is about to lose lots of money". Do recruitment agencies take a slice of the pie in a employee contract or something? Is that why the recruitment guy is so pushy etc? Labour Hire company's make around $11 for every hour that their employee works and up to $30p/h when overtime kicks in, obviously Super comes out of that, but it's still a hefty profit if they can keep someone permanently employed. I'm not sure how different a recruitment agency is, but I'd assume it's similar. So you can see why they are rabid about keeping staff on their books.
  9. reborn

    Is importing no longer worth it?

    My 360 has been in storage for over 4 months. Which happened to be when all the games I was excited about were released. I live comfortably through this gaming drought with the knowledge that by the time I get my console back I'll be able to import these games on the cheap. So I check out my beloved Play Asia today - for the first time in months - and to my horror it seems to be cheaper just buying them from JB Hifi. Is importing to save money no longer a viable option? Is anybody still importing, if so, where from?
  10. reborn

    [ding ding] Round Three for Brisbane

    what happened? get pix? No pics sorry. Lighting was striking the Q1 Tower down the road. I've never seen or heard lighting that close before. I found an old pic, not taken by me though. I live across the road from those cranes. From the rumbling in the distance it sounds like it's coming back for more.
  11. reborn

    Ditched once more.

    The problem with friends is that you have expectations of them. And when they don't live up to your expectations, you get disappointed. Live your own life, and when friends do have time to do things with you, consider it a bonus. And yes, it used to piss me off too.
  12. reborn

    [ding ding] Round Three for Brisbane

    Now that was awesome! Living near the tallest building in Surfers Paradise does have it's advantages.
  13. reborn

    [ding ding] Round Three for Brisbane

    It looks like the Goldie is going to get some storm lovin'. Awww yeah!
  14. reborn

    Masked Lapwings (aka Plovers)

    Every flat piece of grass in QLD seems to have a pissed-off Plover family camping out in it. They even set-up in a construction site I was working at, what a hoot that was.
  15. I can hear it rumbling outside, and she doesn't sound happy. The thunder is shaking the earth in Surfers Paradise, and we're not even under the heavy part.
  16. reborn

    Snorkling for fun and... umm.. fun?

    A good snorkel will have a one-way valve just below the mouthpiece, it's more efficient. Also try and get a snorkel that can pivot on the clip, it adds a few more options for adjustment.
  17. reborn


    The Herd are hip hop. Sometimes it can be a fine line, but rap and hip hop are different.
  18. reborn

    Taking on the world

    Try not to let it eat away at you. Things will fall into place. When my fiance ended our 5yr relationship recently I packed my shit, quit my job and moved to QLD. Now shit isn't easy, I'm struggling to find work, I still think about her everyday - but it's the best decision I've made in a long time. Look to the future man, try not to dwell on the past.
  19. reborn

    Snorkling for fun and... umm.. fun?

    Dude, a wettie warmer is heaven on a cold day. It's sterile and it's yours, pee away.
  20. reborn

    The Aftermath [BNE North]

    It came past Surfers Paradise yesterday arvo, but I think worst of it went around us and smashed in to you.
  21. reborn

    Snorkling for fun and... umm.. fun?

    One more thing; if you intend on getting into SCUBA eventually - you really need to be comfortable with water getting into your mask, and be confident enough to clear it without panicking. The best way to do this is in the pool, breathing through the snorkel with mask off. It can be hard for alot of people because it's a total head-fuck at first. When you do your open water cert, you will be told to fill and clear your mask at 18m, and 30m at the advanced level. Practice now.
  22. reborn

    Snorkling for fun and... umm.. fun?

    I first learned to snorkel in the bath as a wee lad. Start off somewhere shallow, the local pool maybe? It will feel unnatural to begin with, but you'll adjust over time. With any new pair of goggles you'll need to wipe a small dob of toothpaste over the inside glass with your finger, this removes a layer of film which you can't see but will make your mask fog-up, repeat as many times as necessary. Spitting inside your mask when you first enter the water will also help to stop fogging. Make sure the mask fits! Nothing is more frustrating than a leaking mask. Push the mask onto the face without using the straps or sucking in with your nose, if the mask remains stuck to the face it means you have a good seal, that's what you want. Nielson Bay is good, you can go off the beach near the marina, probably won't see much in the way of fish life, but there's no waves and the current is generally good. The Mid North Coast has many good spots, but it depends how far north you want to go. I'm a fan of the V-Wall at Nambucca Heads, it can be dangerous on the outgoing tide but is perfect on the ebb. Please ask me if you have anymore questions.
  23. reborn

    Goodbye my love.

    There's no such thing, mate. My ex fiance and I parted on good terms, we still talk and are still good friends. But in our case all it's doing is giving us a false sense of hope for the future, which does nothing more than prolong the agony. I feel for you, I really do. Spend some time with friends, talk to people. Take care of yourself.
  24. reborn


    I love everything from Hip Hop to Black/death metal to electronic music (Breakbeat, DnB) but I never liked 2pac. He never interested me. My interest is in the beat, not lyrics - and with the exception of Dr Dre and that nancy-boy Kanye West - most rappers don't produce their own music.
  25. reborn

    I need to move out...

    Too bad I didn't hit you up before I left Sydney. We would have had a nice little DJ house going if I'd stayed.