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  1. justsomeguy

    Name doesnt fit

    *sob* But yeah, fair enough. I think I'll try the New Account route.
  2. justsomeguy

    What is cross posting?

    Plenty of 'cross' posts in this thread :)
  3. justsomeguy

    Time for POTM yet?

    PG Gaming? You're not old enough for the M or MA15+ gaming? LOL. Yeah there's definitely a 'PG' element to Atomic isnt there. Fortunately I am a parent and can guide myself. ;)
  4. justsomeguy

    Time for POTM yet?

    I gave an eloquent comeback to Greycat after she kept trying to patronise me, and earned "Warning #1" from a moderator for it. Is that eligible? Aside from that, I think my naive questions in the PG Gaming Forum about games that are mostly more than 6 months old have been particularly poignant, and a demonstration of the unfulfilled posting greatness of which I am no doubt capable. Perhaps one of those will have caught the eye of the editor.
  5. justsomeguy

    Time for POTM yet?

    I'm not buying it. Huh?
  6. I have two 500Gb disks in a RAID 1 array. They're my main data drive(s). Every few days, Vista 64 says it can't access the disk because it's 'read only'. I can fix it by using diskpart and clearing the read-only attribute manually. But it's really annoying to have to do this while I'm working, and more annoying to wake up in the morning and find all my torrents stopped during the night because the disk suddenly became write protected. Has anyone else had this problem, or can suggest a solution? Thanks. PS: Virus scan is clear. I'm using an up to date RAID driver, so I don't think that's it. Vista is fully patched.
  7. justsomeguy

    Who's looking forward to Red Alert 3?

    When's it due out? Feels like I'll have seen the whole damn thing in movies before I get to play it!
  8. If the mother thinks it's just platonic then she doesn't know much at all!
  9. justsomeguy

    Shoulder hair - why?

    It gives hairdressers something to practice on.
  10. justsomeguy

    Name doesnt fit

    On a related point... I'd like to change my name to Just_Some_Guy, based on feedback that some people cant read it as one word. Do you reckon a Moderator might be able to help me?
  11. justsomeguy

    <-- my avatar wont work

    Mine has again disappeared, in this very thread.
  12. justsomeguy

    Time for POTM yet?

    How does this work? Is it randomly selected, or is there some kind of criteria? Is there a prize?
  13. justsomeguy

    <-- my avatar wont work

    My avatar has been randomly disappearing for the past couple of days, too. Not sure why - I haven't done anything to/with it.
  14. justsomeguy

    Long gone.

    Could someone please write me A Brief History of Atomic so that I can understand all these names and incidents that keep getting bandied about? Or is there some kind of soap opera web comic where I can catch up? Ta.
  15. justsomeguy


    Code nazis are worse than grammar nazis!