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  1. Hey Guys, This is my first post so I hope it all goes well - And I hope I posted it in the right place. I am making a website in html however I am saving them in .php files so I can use .php scripts as my server supports it and MY SQL. Now I creating a webpage for every day of the year. I will have a common search engine however I dont want people search for dates and stuffing up and getting frustrasted, I want there to be some drop down menus like birthdates which allow you to choose a date and it will automatticly fill in the gaps of a web URL as I specify it. To make it clearer I have names each webpage as the date. Also If it possible however this is not absoloutley needed yet I want to be able to specify if it is before A certain year or date if I can be that paticular so that it will come with a different page rather than using the normal instructions and will display a page specifying that there is not page created for that date - or even if it comes up austomatticly if the page cannot be found. Either is fine. Hope thats not too techinical but I would love to find the answer at least to the first part which is probly just a common PHP question. All I want to do is have a script which will feel in the gaps of WEB URL as specified in the drop down menus. Thanks a lot, Brian