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    Windows 32bit Vista 4GB RAM limit is fake

    A lot pre-built systems seem to come with 32-bit.
  2. rhinocerer

    Police round up scum.

    To a degree its pretty pointless to ask why Holsworthy. Could be any reason. They knew a contractor there so had details about the base. Decided Sydney was more internationally recognized. Were worried that any arms/gear they bought in melbourne would make authorities think they were striking there. With defence you never hear the full story. One of the best resources the authorities have in these situations is not only the deep cover arms dealers etc, but also the community involved. Do you really think the non-radicals would let this happen? Also if you have countries with solely one religion or ethnicity, the fights become countries fighting together rather than riots within country. Eg. the British separating Pakistan and India.
  3. rhinocerer

    With V7 imminent, even MS can now admit Vista's flaws

    When an OS that requires at least 1 gig to run is sold on laptops with only 512 MB ram, there is going to be a lot of people who don't like it. Especially since they then put on XP and everything is fine. I feel that a windows os is just becoming mature enough when it is "dying". But my vista is fine. apart from forced reboots and that crap.
  4. rhinocerer

    ZOMG! It's C&C4!

    Thanks Leckie I was lost. My copy of SupCom will soon arrive. $15 each for it and expansion, including delivery. But anyway... I think cnc4 will be wait and see. I kind of feel they announced it now so the bad publicity of no lan coincided with the similar blizz announcement.
  5. rhinocerer

    ZOMG! It's C&C4!

    Even after the nerf, shoguns are still quite powerful, and onis can't go in water. So don't build your docks near land, and move mcv off shore. oni and shoguns are both teir 3. So then he has waveforce to maybe reach it. But no anti air between those two units. ChopperVX time if you didn't go docks. Multiplayer games are as competitive as those playing them. What if the other guy doesn't harras your econ and sits in his base as well, building kirovs? who wins then? Doesn't seem a sure win anymore. What's this talk about a colossus? Do you guys have the beta already of SC2? Edit: Also I'm pretty sure ea stole the tengu/vx idea from sc2's viking. They are pretty much the same. Unless sc2 stole it from ra3...
  6. rhinocerer

    No LAN play in Starcraft 2

    I definately won't be buying it straight away. Give a bit of time to see what ends up happening. I think piracy was only part of the story (if any). They prob want a monopoly on the esports. The normal battle net account will be free, but if you want you could sign up for a premium account and watch some of the action of the big tournaments and league, for a monthly price. A bit like their own pay tv station. Maybe. But that's all fair enough it is their game, its just when it interferes with legitimate customers. Like it looks like it will. And yeah, I don't think people have spent the last ten years playing the single player missions over and over. It was the multiplayer. I don't even remember what happened at the end... I wonder if i have played all the missions. I might do that now:) I have never played sup com. Might get that to play until c&c4 comes out. Leave sc2 for the moment until i know what is happening. It does look awsome though.
  7. rhinocerer

    DOW2 won't install

    Awsome sidochrome looks like its going to work. Just the small patch d'loading now. Thanks a lot.
  8. rhinocerer

    DOW2 won't install

    Said steam backup files. SteamInstall_English.msi and SteamService.exe? Any other files that don't have steam in the name? Anything have to be done with steam? Or maybe a weblink to info. Never used steam before. If you don't want to that's fine.
  9. rhinocerer

    DOW2 won't install

    sidochrome could you put more details of what you did? I'm in the same boat.
  10. rhinocerer

    DOW2 won't install

    I can do maybe 10megs in an hour. And yes I wonder if anti trust cases will start coming to games and win live. It is only for pc and ms console? For someone that only plays single player and lan it is annoying. Apparently for the extra gear you run "Live marketplace client", marketplace tab, redeem code, then enter the code.
  11. rhinocerer

    DOW2 won't install

    Well let me know how that goes. I'll have to find a connection friday. Definitely WTF. Unbelievable.
  12. rhinocerer

    DOW2 won't install

    I guess I won't be able to "activate" tonight on my dial-up.
  13. rhinocerer

    DOW2 won't install

    It says "internet connection required for activation" on the front. I thought it would be similar to ra3 which was quite painless (someone mention EA's crappy protection?). For someone not in adsl range (and couldn't be bothered with sat) DoW2 is terrible. Install steam from the DVD and it will fail if not connected, so hours of d'loading before the game even will install. i think it may be out on 18th in US (being day behind) so maybe this is where the "bricks and mortar" confusion came from. We'll see how the servers handle everyone trying to activate at once I guess.