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  1. Hello all, I am looking to change my ATX system to a small form factor system and I need a bit of help. What I have already: CPU: E8600 3.33ghz - stock fan RAM: 2x2GB Corsair 800mhz DDR2 GFX: 2GB Sapphire 4870x2 HDD: WD 1tb PSU: Corsair 620w What I need: CASE: Because of the 4870x2 my choice of case is limited but I have fallen in love with the SG02-F: http://www.silverstonetek.com/products/p_c...-F&area=usa Q1) Will all my stuff fit in fine? I know the GFX will fit but what about the PSU? MOBO: After hours of googleing I cannot find the one I am after...what i need is: -A mATX that will fit into the SG02-F -Fit my 4870x2 in the case with no issues -I’m happy with my 4870x2 so I don’t need crossfire or anything -At most I would be putting in one extra device such as a tuner card or a wireless card so only one slot needed. -This is a gaming machine so i don’t want something cheap and nasty -I don’t overclock so the mobo has to be more quality vs overclocking ability. (Has to run well @ stock) -Because of the 4870x2 I don’t need integrated gfx of any kind if possible. -At most I would put another 4gb in it so MAX 4 ram slots is needed. CPU Heat Sink + Gel -My CPU is on my ATX board so I will need to apply more gel correct? If so do you have to buy any special type? Could you link me up? -The stock heat sink is pretty big so I would assume I need a new one? Can you recommend one? sound is not that much of a issue but efficiency will be as the case is small and the 4870x2 gives off a lot of heat. My budget for the mobo is no more then $300 but i rather it be around $150-$200. The store that I generally go to is www.cpl.net.au or www.MSY.com.au so if you could find the products you suggest there that would be great. Thanks alot for you time.
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    Build suggestions

    Hey guys. I need a quick responce today. I got the X48 and the E8600 and they both work fine, I really love the case as well. And today I will be getting the second gfx card. Now can I crossfire my powercolur 4870 with a powercolor 4870PCS+? I tried finding a answer online but all I could get is I think you can crossfire as long as they are the same design, so different brand 4870's are fine but what about the PCS+ which I beleive is a over clocked version. Because it is overclocked does that mean it is a different design and therefore I wont be able to crossfire? I will be grabbing a card during my lunch break so It would be great to have a solid answer by then. Thanks guys. EDIT: Also I checked my PSU and there are no more 4 ping sqaure ports or cables left, and my current 4870 requires two.....how can I power the other gfx card? can they both run with only one? can I get converters or something?
  3. I am not sure were to ask so sorry if this is in the wrong place. But I have just upgraded my computer and I want to know if my PSU that I have gotten not too long ago (a few weeks before the upgrade) will run fine. What I have now is: GA-X48-DS4 mobo pc 4870 E8600 simple tuner card 2 HD 1 DVD burner my PSU: HX620 Corsair. Which I believe is fine however I want to add a PC 4870PSC+ for crossfire. I will not be overclocking of any type and I will not be adding any additional things to the computer. I also don't expect the computer to be on for long extended periods. PLEASE tell me I don't have to buy a new PSU even though this one is brand new....I still have the box on my desk for crying out load :|. P.S. if you cant give me a answer can you direct me in the right direction? I have tried computer staff and they don't know so I don't know who to talk to or how to work it out myself. Thanks in advance.
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    Build suggestions

    Thanks for the responses guys. Yeah, you can Crossfire both of them with no problems. If possible, you should get two of the HD 4870 PCS+ if you can. I already have a 4870. what about 4870PCS+ + 4870? good combo? worth the $40 extra? In that case I think I will have to stick with 32bit. I have a large library of games and so I don't want to limit myself. Werid...I thought vista was fine with 4gb.
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    Build suggestions

    Haha sorry. Thought the thread would get more attention with his name on it. Thanks for the quick reply! Board: Having a quick look at google images that board seams perfect for me as there is the two slots for crossfire and the far PCIe port for my tuner card. CPU: what I mean by future proof is that I have a machine I am happy with until 4870x2 crossfire (or equivalent future single card) become the norm. So I will just beef it out this time around and leave it at that. PSU: I wont be putting anything else into the computer sides maybe another hard drive. And I wont be overclocking or anything. I will do some more research perhaps just to make sure. RAM/OS: so the reason why it is only showing 3.25 is because of vista 32bit? I thought vista had 8gb limit or is that only for 64bit? Now I am even a bigger noob when it comes to OS but dont 64bit OS's handle programs differently? or is there a 32bit compatability in 64bit vista? As I game and only game so I would need compatibility with new and old games. Case: well the case to me seems abit small, It can JUST fit in my motherboard now which is smaller then the GA-X48-DS4. Plus because I am upgrading so much I might as well buy a new case so I can get two computers running if I wish. Now I was looking at cpl and they have a thermaltake armor+ MK which looks cool for only $150. Will that case fit the crossfire? I checked and it will fit the new mobo: http://www.thermaltake.com/product/chassis...Mx/APindex.html Cooling: I will consider that later down the road perhaps, and I would get a new PSU at the same time. Any other suggestions??? EDIT: Oh!...my 4870 is a powercolor and when I was checking cpl they have a new 4870PCS+ instead now which is about $40 more....what is it? is it worth getting? (I could not find any reviews). Also can you crossfire other branded cards? (Can I get a asus 4870 and crossfire it with a powercolor 4870?) Thanks.
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    Build suggestions

    me love u long time! :D
  7. Got your attention? sweet! Haha anyway I am a old mate of Nitro.vo's and I would like some advise. I want to basically build a new computer and I would like some pointers/suggestions. First off my current system: Now it is pretty sweet system already but it is my 21st this year and I have just started full time work so I want to treat myself with a system that will be quite future proof. Board: Intel Corporation DG965SS AAD41678-304 CPU: C2D 6600 @ 2.40Ghz RAM: 2x2GB Corsair 800MHZ (comp only shows 3.24GB of RAM tho...why??) <--upgraded recently GPU: powercolor 4870 512mb <--purchased recently PSU: HX620 Corsair <--JUST got it...please don't tell me I need a better one... Screen: Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW 24-inch LCD Display (So I want to run games at least 1600x, but I would love to start running on 1920x) OS: Vista Ultimate 32bit Case: Thermaltake Matrix http://www.thermaltake.com/product/Chassis...x/vd3000bwa.asp Now I want my computer to run 4870 crossfire, that way I wont have to worry about upgrading until 4870x2 crossfire would be the norm which I assume is a long long time away. So my new system will need a better motherboard and I want to upgrade the cpu at the same time. Now I have never had the time to learn how to overclock and I don't see that happening any time soon so as long as everything runs fine @ stock that should be fine. SO! I want my new comp to be: Board: to run 4870 crossfire to its best ability (@ stock, no overclocking). Besides that I have a tuner card and that is it so I don't need some massive board. I just want a fast new board that can handle crossfire. CPU: From my readings I believe that games are just starting to be developed for 2 core cpu's and other then gaming I don't do anything else so I rather just get a beefy 2 core instead of a Quad core. So I was thinking E8600? Once again I don't want to overclock. RAM: I assume 4gb is plenty for vista. Is that correct? GPU: 4870 crossfire (512mb) PSU: PLEASE tell me I don't need to buy another one...I JUST got the HX620.....Once again I wont be overclocking so as long as everything can run fine @ stock I don't care. Screen: Same OS: Same Case: Do I need a larger case? It seems small. If I do need a larger case what do you suggest? (don't want to spend over $200). My estimated budget is $1,000 But I am willing to go over. So in a nutshell I want advise on getting: Comps purpose: Run 4870 CF therefore: New motherboard New CPU New Case? No overclocking = no additional cooling. Thanks in advance guys.