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  1. aaliyahlim

    To rent or to buy?

    I somehow realize that renting is good especially when you are acquiring bundle of equipments for short term use only. With this approach you can save money and can acquire it tax free.
  2. Are you sure that all the wires are in the right place after you removed the drive? There might be some wires or cables that aren't in the right place or loose perhaps. Try checking it again and test, if it works then your problem is solve.
  3. aaliyahlim

    Where to buy a new computer desk/chair?

    You're from Australia right. I happen to know a computer equipment provider in the area. Maybe they have the products you are looking for. I hope this will be of great help. Cheers..
  4. aaliyahlim

    Advice On New PC

    These equipments are indeed good. But it is best if you specify the main purpose of the equipment. Will it be for gaming or for data purposes? The price tag of might be high but it's good stuff.
  5. aaliyahlim

    Gaming Mouse

    Choose between Logitech G5 and Razer Copperhead, these are two of the best gaming mouse today, in fact in most product reviews says that it is wise to choose either one of these equipment.
  6. aaliyahlim

    speed up firefox?

    Have a good internet connection and disable all fire fox add-ons. As others says its a bad option to make. But its up to you whether you'll do it or not.
  7. aaliyahlim

    Headset Fail

    Audio-Technica AD700 is a good option to make and somewhat worth the price, the quality is good too.
  8. It definitely all breaks down on your budget. If you want to build a good PC You'll definitely need to have a good budget.
  9. aaliyahlim

    To rent or to buy?

    Thanks you guys now i know what to do. Now i know how to get computers in a more practical way.
  10. aaliyahlim

    Hardcore Porn

    Congratulation, you finally get the one the fits your preference. ] Cheers..
  11. aaliyahlim

    Where do you buy your equipment?

    You can browse the net and look for anything and everything. I think all things that can be sold can be found in the internet. Here try this one : http://www.trvidcom.com.au/products.html Hope it helps...
  12. aaliyahlim

    To rent or to buy?

    I'll be using it for business purposes, and be using it for 6 months. What would be the best possible move for me then? Will renting be the better option to choose?
  13. Try going to any stores that are catering such equipment and ask them for some advice. I think you can get right information when you go to right people.
  14. I was wondering if it is practical to buy a new computer for short time use only. But some says that it would be better if i just rent a computer rather than buying a new one. Help me decide what to do? Thanks in advance for your help..
  15. aaliyahlim

    $700 computer

    I think you should do some canvassing on different computer stores, this will help you get an idea on what your $700 budget could get. List the probable equipments that you think is excellent and later decide what to buy. By doing this you'll be able to get the needed information and get the best computer out of your budget.