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  1. drjam

    Julian Assange is an absolute Kant

    cool.... well, I am pretty happy with this discussion as a whole.... and thats actually a good thing! thanks lads, ive enjoyed it, and as I was hoping, have learned a few things i will incorporate into my psychological profile. who knows, maybe a few times this being that is Me might provide some lines of reasoning that others might find useful too. heh, I'd say long live and prosper, but thats so ripping of a line.... (but damned if it isnt so appropriate too! lol.)
  2. drjam

    Julian Assange is an absolute Kant

    definately..... not answering a question has a more positive effect intellectually, morally and societal. an omission crafted to create a misdirection however, is still a deception. ie: 2 guys walk into a bar (hahahah i know, this could be a joke aye! lol.... but i digest....) and both shoot 10 people dead each. in the papers the next day, one guy is mentioned as killing "people in a bar" and there are confirmed 20 dead. the other chap is listed as walking in to the bar....any actual killing on his part is omitted. in this context is could be construed that only one did all the hard work. ....and to agree with you fully... some things are not ready to be fully revealed until they are, well, ready. silence is golden. unless the question was: if you want me to shoot you in the head, remain silent. then you prolly should say something. maybe even manage a small fart?
  3. Jesus dude read the whole fucking thread FFS. easy tiger..... while i dont understand the large words you used, i think i follow your well-thought-out and subtly helpful response. *cough* the OP said he got an RA from PCCG and had sent a mobo back to them and it was tehn going back to gigabyte. or was i reading this wrong: hopefully i didnt miss a post somewhere and he is talking about someone else's mobo? if i did, either show me where i was wrong or something useful man, i like useful. in any case, a dead mobo sucks heaps. usually gigabyte are pretty decent platforms!
  4. drjam

    Photo of the Moon.

    man it took like forever to open up.... tho i had a few other apps running at the same time. thx for the post, its cool. i like how some of the craters look like multiple impacts occurred together in a row... kinda funky.
  5. drjam

    Julian Assange is an absolute Kant

    thanks for the response dude, it showed a depth of thought..... also I appreciate well-formed responses in the spirit they are provided! (if at any point I sound like an up myself psycho let me know aight, so i can rephrase stuff....) allow me to make a slight adjustment to my thought....as you did bring out a psychological aspect to this.... I mean truth / reality as it is. indeed, most humans do not possess eidetic memories and are as close to being savants in this field as a dyslexic, inebriated stoned and slightly retarded sea-bass is capable of piloting the starship Enterprise thru a collapsed star. that person's recounting of an event they witnessed MAY have flaws in it, and i agree, what they saw can be skewed any umber of ways as you mentioned. (I would have liked to have used environmental effects to make myself taller, fitter and better looking around girls a few years ago....heheh....) that said.... me and my scotch (ice, no coke....) will put $5 on reality any day, over lies for whatever reason. as one other poster said, it is a slippery slope that is only monitored by the one sliding down it. who tells one when to stop? how many to make? who decides what is the greater good and who should benefit from it? what gives any human the right to decide the life of another, even in "their" or "my" or "all of our" best interests? i have found, over the years, that people are more willing to accept that line of reasoning when it does not result in their death, their financial loss or any form of negative impact on them. this, is psychology. no doubt you have dabbled in that area to some extent too (i assume this....as most intelligent people tend to be curious about many many things, not just what they excel at currently.....) the example of military generals was a good one. "the end justifies the means" has been used by humans at least as long as we have had ways to record information of events. the only people able to believe that are the winners, the survivors. this doesn't make deceit itself a moral choice, this simply means "winning at any cost" becomes the moral guideline. and we have all seen how that has brought the quality or society down, and devalued a single human life to the level we see throughout the world today. deceit cancels out honor, you cannot have a true form of honor when the basic right of an intelligent life-form (the right to be provided a truthful statement or information) is devalued down to a stumbling block to be disregarded to achieve the "higher" goal of another. Accidental misinformation (i thought I saw a spaceship several km's away.... but it was a weather balloon....doh) is different from a conscious deliberate statement to guide an unsuspecting intelligent being down a path that they would likely not have chosen if given the truth. (truth / reality, as in "yes Ted, if you take the corridor to the right there is a slightly angry mexican walking fish armed with an automatic rifle and he's had a bad day, his water has an acidic PH thats messing with his fins...perhaps take the corridor to the left" the truth/reality would be its safer to go left.... a lie would be opposite.... thats my version of truth.... the reality...) a general does not care for his troops. he is not tasked to be touchy-feely. this is obvious. it is also his job to achieve an outcome and people are MUCH cheaper than equipment: this is something to consider when you join the military. you do not need to respect cannon-fodder, you just order it around. (too much history, too many egos, too much political misdirection have I read to be easily swayed by my understanding of the human psyc, especially psyc's disjointed from those under its command) sigh..... you know what, it doesnt matter beause one or two people who want to exist with others on the basis of mutual respect and trust just isnst going to make it happen. your way of thinking is part of this neandertholic level of humanity and i should just shut the frick up hey...... soz, it just gets to me sometimes.....
  6. yoink.... will have me a looksee!

  7. drjam

    Julian Assange is an absolute Kant

    intellectually I understand this concept, as many people I have spoken to will immediately bring the "greater good" concept up. might I ask why it is thought that lying at any time is a positive thing? i dont think people are taught from a young age that there is an alternative to lying that does not involve eroding an individual's trust platform, and that is: saying nothing. I consider myself open-minded...nature has spoken many times and I listen. (ie: if something is unnatural, it means it isnt right....so if youre a religious zealot or an evolutionary zealot, you cannot argue against nature right?!?) with that in mind, consider what a lie ie: un un-truth. false reality. deception. in a conversation, all we can go on is what we are told. you could call it a foundation. we do not have crystal balls (haha, i lol'd when i read this again....) that tell us what the reality of a situation or a person's thoughts are. we "trust" that when we ask them a question, the answer is, in fact, the reality or the truth. we then make decisions, thoughts and actions of our own based on the supposed validity of their response. i have people I know, who do sales for a living, and i doubt much of what they tell me, as i have caught them lying before. whatever their reasons, and all other people who lie's reasons are, it is undeniable that social interactions are diminished, cheapened. "I don't think there is always an objective truth." I dont know, you cant go past actual reality.....thats pretty truthful yeah? just call a spade a spade. "To me, the Truth vs Lying is as irrelevent as Atheism vs Theism." i see your thoughts, however again i go with the philosophy of reality. truth is just that: its what is real, what did happen, who actually pulled the trigger.....vs lies: the Butler did it (but he didnt in reality) or "I caught a 4m shark last night" (when it was a 3inch guppy) dude, i thus haffta say: totally not the same. atheism and godism are intellectual pursuits..... reality and liying are.....well, immediate, provable and consequential reality. after all that...... hugs? lol, i LOVE the smell of words in the morning!!! carry on!!
  8. drjam

    Photo of the Moon.

    thats huge! 500mb will be a fun download. have you looked closely at it? I am hoping to see it failrly closely..... will let you al know if i see a beachball ;)
  9. good old PCCG gear, they have pretty good prices for most things! Yeah, from hat i read about your issue, it was either PSU or mobo, but i was betting on mobo as thats the symptoms. hope you get your RA turned around quickly!
  10. drjam

    Wireless network very slow

    Agree, try the above tests. Also, I have replaced a few netgear 2000's so MAYBE you could try giving yours the boot.....it may be gumby as well. I try to use Linksys and Billion now.... good luck dude
  11. drjam

    Upgrading to AthlonXP

    why not just get a new Phenom dude? they are pretty damn wicked stock...and its new! i used to OC and now i CBF as there isnt enough time to do everything (family, work, life etc) best of luck tho aye.... OC'ing is kinda fun :P
  12. drjam

    Humans are ..... how old?

    heh, you make it sound like IT is the rectum where scientists go who couldn't make it as a scientist...... gasp!
  13. Can't PM you, check your settings :)

  14. drjam

    NAS advice please.

    drobo make good stuff. you need to add hard drives of your own. http://www.drobo.com/business.php i have the earlier one....and LOVE it. get one with Ethernet tho, much more useful...
  15. Using Trend micro PC Cillin 2008 currently. does the trick. not a fan of free AVG, ANY version. firewall: use a router i suggest as its a good start. best way to NOT get hit by bad stuff online is to stay away from the pretty boobies and game cracks/cheats sites. kind of hard to to of course, but thats your best defence. ;)