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    Storage Poll

    Perhaps representing a 'gamer' sample, as opposed to us 'leech whore's'. yea thats a good conclusion. I can never remember if it's positively or negatively skewed when it's to the right
  2. viperscube

    Storage Poll

    Perhaps representing a 'gamer' sample, as opposed to us 'leech whore's'.
  3. viperscube

    To SLI or not to SLI

    I'm still yet to see a viable SLI/Corssfire option, when it first came out I thought great, a fantastic upgrade opportunity when my current card gets a little long in the tooth. But in reality it seems you're better off just buying a current card, spend the same and get better performance. Just my two cents.
  4. viperscube

    wait for DX11 based cards

    There is always something around the corner - it's the nature of the game we play. I'm still not up with current DX, and do I miss it...well no. But whatever tickles your fancy.
  5. viperscube

    The Hamster's outdone himself

    That is cool, give me the Lambo any day over the Merc Who cares if the Merc is faster, the Lambo is a supercar period.
  6. viperscube

    Storage Poll

    Ordered the third TB drive today as part of my PC update 'plan'. Of the HDD's I have, the two 250GBs (one IDE, one SATA) will be sold, leaving 3TB drives, of which 1.3TB is used currently. Large drives are just a whole lot easier (I'm not much for deleting), also and primarily the 250's are just getting a little old now. Be nice when those SSD's come down in price.
  7. I think I'll just see what the system admin lads are up to at work, and see if one of them can set it up for me. It's one of those things that I only need to do once, after which it's forgotten. Little bit annoyed with Ghost, but hey, it's primarily a backup utility which I need anyway.
  8. Ah crap. Thanks tantryl, I'll try and figure that out.
  9. Right, so using Norton Ghost 14, I've made a copy of my OS HDD, including setting the drive active (for booting OS) and Copy MBR, the destintation drive is also the primary partition. All going well and takes about 20 minutes, after which I turn off my PC, unplug the IDE and leave the new OS SATA drive in their. The PC boots and gets to the Windows XP screen, but then nothing. Any one have any ideas as to what I'm doing incorrectly? Cheers.
  10. viperscube

    Loving the new firefox

    The 3Dish interface is great, much better than using the tabs to get around. Really impressed.
  11. I remember in my student days (hazy thought those memories are), waking up one afternoon and trying to figure out why my keyboard didn't work anymore. It seems that beer is not overly good for keyboards. The keys were practically sloshing around in it. Bit of a waste really :(
  12. viperscube

    Issue 105

    As long as it's gaming, and not frigg'n the latest and greatest app for your IPhone... Two many PC magazines have gone down that route, frankly I don't care about what digitool camera is best, but if I did care I wouldn't be buying a PC magazine to find out. Rant over.
  13. Cheers, yeah it's good to have it back. Now just waiting as my TB drive is formatting...tick tock...
  14. Parts back again today, all working. Seems it was the PSU - which is odd as I did test it. So good to have it up and running again, I also weakened and another TB drive should arrive on Monday :)
  15. So, chemistry lesson aside, good to hear it didn't smell like baked salmon when you fired it up.