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  1. magnumxy

    What would you do if you were a billionaire?

    I would amass an army of mercenaries and invade a small third-world nation. I would then implement my political theory of FasCo (Fascist Communism).
  2. magnumxy

    What is HOT?

    The OCZ got 90%. Page 43. And it was awarded the Hot Award, I fail to see your point.
  3. magnumxy

    What is HOT?

    I always thought that the 'Hot Award' was for reviews that got 90% or more.
  4. magnumxy

    Screw u telstra...

    I was unaware it was possible to achieve such speeds in backwards down under.
  5. magnumxy

    STALKER original

    From the site: There's MP??
  6. magnumxy

    TPG do it again!

    What about the AAPT plan? http://www.aapt-broadband.com.au/unlimited...nlimited-bundle I'm trying to find the catch in there (other than you're locking in it for two years).
  7. magnumxy

    Metro 2033 Pre Orders..

    I take back my previous comments this actually looks like a decent game! I'm glad they dropped the price and I assume THQ's contract with Microsoft to include GFWL in all future games has ended? I'll wait till it's on sale though.
  8. You might have a problem with him. You live in the same country where Fielding influences law. Dawkins has no business or beef with him. I fairly certain he was relating Fielding to a an earthworm because of Q&A where he could very well be compared to an earthworm.
  9. magnumxy

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Ah so your account is hosted on EA servers but you play the game on dedicated ones. Sounds good.
  10. magnumxy

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    I'm thinking of maybe getting this game this week but I keep reading about servers going down for "maintenance" an "hardware upgrades". I know it has dedicated servers but what's the deal here?
  11. I've walked within a metre of Rudd once at the swimming pool in North Sydney. The only protection he had was what looked like an aide, but I still could've stabbed him there and then if I wanted to. Oh god...
  12. magnumxy

    Maxx or Frunj?

    Maxx, Fuzz is obviously trying to manipulate you and become the power behind the throne. We all know grand viziers come to a sticky end - may as well get it out of the way sooner rather than later. Hello. I am relatively new here, but it seems to me that this "oranjoos" is trying to get an innocent yet incredibly witty and devilishly handsome user banned for no good reason. Someone should probably "take care" of him.
  13. magnumxy

    6 Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

    Ah good then. 1 HoN beta key please.