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  1. tyno

    Left 4 Dead 2 - LF Overseas helpful person

    Already sent Nex the money, thanks for the info though, I'll use it next time I need/when my friends want to buy it.
  2. tyno

    Left 4 Dead 2 - LF Overseas helpful person

    To purchase the unfiltered version as I understand it, you must have; An American IP Address, American Credit/Debit Card and Account details reflecting your location as located in America. But with any other country than Australia or Germany, both receive the censored versions, doesn't have to be America. Btw I already tried using a proxy, making an account with legitimate details and using an American prepaid digital visa using mine, but then the visa said I would be required to fax/scan and attach a passport with my visa with the first 8 digits covered, really cbf going through that. You can do that, but then you can only people who also have edited their config so that severely limits the people you can play with. And I think the possibility of changing the config was removed in the latest DLC release.
  3. tyno

    Left 4 Dead 2 - LF Overseas helpful person

    How exactly do we go about this, or how did you do it in the past? I'd be ready to pay you in like 2hrs time, PM Me details of how you want to arrange it.
  4. Currently there is a steam sale running for halloween, until November that is, and many games are drastically reduced in price. I was excited to see Left4Dead 2 on the sale list for only $10, rather than paying $110 at Game or $100 at EB locally. Turns out though that the low violence work around no longer is possible to do and the only way to obtain the game in all its glory is to purchase it from an overseas steam account and gift it. Is there any kind Atomican that has access to an American steam account + payment method, my friend and myself are trying to find someone before the sale ends who can purchase the game and gift it to us, we will pay the full cost of both copies and any other expenses involved, as money isn't the problem here. I'd prefer to post this in the market section but have a rather "young" account and cannot. TL,DR; I am looking for someone that I can pay to buy me 2 copies of Left4Dead 2 and gift it to me, using a non Australian steam account. Pref before November.
  5. tyno

    Trouble with SQL exercise

    I'd like to get it checked by the lecturer then see if he can help me get it better before I post my monstrosity. Here it is: SELECT DISTINCT person.First_name, person.Surname, Nextofkin.First_name, Nextofkin.Surname Added 2 new rows and duplicated the person table to finish this. FROM person AS Nextofkin INNER JOIN ((person INNER JOIN admission ON person.Person_id = admission.Patient_id) There has to be another way to do this..... INNER JOIN staff ON person.Next_of_kin = staff.Person_id) ON Nextofkin.Person_id = person.Next_of_kin; Getting a little wall-o'-text like, tried to break it up. Edit: Added it in its original form.
  6. tyno

    Trouble with SQL exercise

    I figured it out, probably not the best way to do it though, that returns the patient and the next of kin that is a staff member, albeit not in the prettiest way. Thanks for the ideas. I have another pickle I ran into a bit further down in the exercises. It essentially requires me to remove any rows that have a primary key that is a foreign key in another table, currently I am not sure how I can do that without everything getting messy using joins again, I'll see what I come up with. Edit: Wasn't too hard, used EXISTS.
  7. tyno

    Trouble with SQL exercise

    There is a lot more to the tables than what I posted, but those where the relevant columns. I need to have the patients with staff as next of kin AND the patient themselves, thats where I get stuck. I always end up with one or the other. Thanks for the swift reply kikz. Edit: Btw the tables are the ones we have been given to work with, or the solution would be much easier I think.
  8. I'm trying to complete some SQL exercises for my distance course, I got stuck on a couple questions and it would take a couple days before I get help from the lecturer/teacher but I think I nearly have it finished. Any feedback would be appreciated. I have 3 tables, with the following columns: Admission Admission_id, Patient_id Person Person_id, Surname, First_name, Next_of_kin Staff Person_id What I am trying to do if show the patients that have been admitted, that have next of kin that are staff members, without using sub queries. At the moment I'm trying to filter based on the records of a single column, but thats probably way off what I need to do. Going by the study guide I could solve this by joining all the tables together using 2 inner joins, I attempted to do that but access disliked the contents of my select when I did that. So this is what I have instead; SELECT p.Person_id, p.Surname, p.First_name, p.Next_of_kin FROM person p INNER JOIN staff s ON p.Person_id = s.Person_id WHERE p.next_of_kin IS NOT NULL OR (p.next_of_kin = p.person_id(*)) GROUP BY p.Person_id, p.Surname, p.First_name, p.Next_of_kin; I'm using Microsoft Access 2007, if that changes anything.
  9. tyno

    Startup Issue

    Yeah, I only tried it since it seemed completely flat on the GPU, bad idea I guess. I'll ran out so better get some more today I guess. I triple checked ever cord was in before testing anything and yeah I plugged it back in.
  10. Background Info: Windows XP SP2,(Will post specs tomorrow) Prior to me cleaning my PC I noticed that my PC would shutdown after 10-30mins of playing games like CoD:MW2, WoW or any other relatively new game, someone suggested it was my PSU earlier but I didn't think my 500W PSU would be lacking. Ok so I pulled apart my PC to clean it as it was getting fairly full of dust/fluff etc and as I hadn't since I first got it together, 1 year ago, so it seemed like a good time to do. When I was cleaning out the GPU heatsink I cleaned off the thermal paste and reattached it without reapplying any. Now when I put it back together I noticed my screen says "No Signal" after about 20s of startup, I tried going to BIOS, using the windows boot disk but the screen always cuts out after a short time saying the same thing. Every other device is being recognised and peripherals so I'm guessing its something to do with my graphics card or PSU, though with only a few seconds before the screen cuts out its hard to figure out. I borrowed a GPU and tested it and that worked and got windows to start so I don't know why mine won't, any advice and instructions would be handy.
  11. tyno

    6 Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

    Thats is all the keys I have so far, I'll post up if I get anymore.
  12. tyno

    6 Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

    Get them while the beta lasts. First come first served, post in this thread and I'll PM you one, one per person. Keys Remaining: 0 I play under the same name I use on Atomic, Tyno, add me if you want. Here is the direct link to make your account, happy HoNing. Keys sent to: 1. magnumxy 2. lazyfly 3. cysp 4. 2SHY 5. pwarren 6. Acintai
  13. tyno

    modern warfare 2 Multiplayer

    Signed the petition, got number 220555. 220000x85 = $187,000,000 Assuming people that signed boycott the game. Was really looking forward to this, I have every CoD title on PC and enjoyed them to bits I need a substitute game for summer : ( Left 4 Dead 2 any good?.......
  14. tyno

    World of Warcraft - Cataclysm (3rd Expansion)

    For more possibly accurate info check out www.wow-cataclysm.info/ it has racials of goblins and worgen and a bit more on guild levels, PvP and new trade skill. I was considering stopping my subscription a couple weeks before ToC was released then did it 9 times on the first day and got over it already, and with the new WG stuff I have only seen Ally win 4 times since 3.2 release it is terrible. I don't raid since I don't have time and I've had a lot of bad luck in arena with partners that can't seem to stay with 1 characters for more than 2 weeks so I really haven't changed gear since I got out of leveling gear. I guess Aion will be the way to go until Cataclysm is released, I can't wait for all those odd stats aka haste, armour pen, hit, crit, AP, SP, mp5 are all just based off the main stats rather than having to compare such different stats. According to blizzard to tank you only need the talents and same for healing from caster dps so sounds like groups will be easier to get and reminds me of the original wow where talents + skill made more difference than gear.