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  1. kickstep

    Major flaw in VC++ 9 Express Edition

    http://tekpool.wordpress.com/2006/12/22/co...why-how-when-c/ or try some of the various pages that pop up on a quick "c++ copy constructor" google search. are you being taught C# at uni by chance? VC++ is not wrong, at least not this time.
  2. kickstep

    Major flaw in VC++ 9 Express Edition

    You may wonder why, but consider about dynamic memory allocation (heap). MyClass object = MyClass(); may look the same as MyClass object(); but consider MyClass a; MyClass b = a; //not assignment, but initialization through copy constructor. MyClass() and a both have the same signature. Ambiguity. and what if a contains a pointer to some data? MyClass * a = new MyClass(); MyClass b = *a; delete a; //Uhoh a's destructor is called, and that arbitary dynamic data no longer exists, and a default copy constructor wont consider that, and only do memberwise copy like a C style struct or other built in datatype (also: MyClass b = a != MyClass b; b = a;)
  3. kickstep

    Major flaw in VC++ 9 Express Edition

    I could be wrong here, but isn't that C++ specification? myClass object = myClass(args); //use standard constructor then use copy constructor e.g. myClass (const myClass &) myClass object; object = object; //use assignment (e.g. myClass & operator=(const MyClass&) ) myClass object(args); //implicit use of normal constructor A call of say "MyClass myClassObject = MyClass();" will need a copy constructor (which is normally generated by the compiler for automatically if needed on build) and then a regular constructor if you defined the copy constructor by say myClass(const myClass&); then the compiler will no longer generate the body of this constructor for you maybe this will explain more: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/c5at8eya.aspx
  4. kickstep


    now im concerned ill have to change my qtac :( i had always been a little skeptical now im outright worried.
  5. Did your wife go mysteriously missing? that's the worst thing I've heard Reiser has done ;) holy guacamoley i had forgotten. does that make it weird to use his fs?
  6. kickstep

    UT 99'

    it truly was a gem. ut2003+ to me werent games at all. more like technical demos. it's like they fired the game designer(s) hired a bunch of artists and engine coders and thought they still had a game franchise. i think there was more hype over unreal engine 2, 2.5, 3 then any of their respective tournament games. i hate to do halo a favour but after playing that ut2004 ground vehicles felt like i was controlling a gear. ut3 improved that but still lifeless really.
  7. i used reiserfs for about a full year with no troubles. isnt jfs supposed to be about as fast with higher stability? i feel dated on my linux. on a nix system and modern hard drives its not really an issue anyways. i had fun with filesystems and opensuse myself. of all linuxes, and in retrospect i have no idea what compelled me to download let alone burn it, but mandrake is a scary ass mofo. never have i had to result to live cds to fix such a nasty MBR mess up.
  8. kickstep

    Welcome To Linux (etc.)

    i suggest that you burn a live cd or usb of a linux distro. this way there is no partitioning fiasco. sure VMWare if u really want to hastle with it, especially to get an idea about installing. personally my best linux experience has been with slackware. man i loved it, but i wouldnt start there. my only recommendation is by all means stay away from mandrake/mandriva. ubuntu looks alright havent really given it a go yet. probably stick with a consumer distro. stay away from unix but if u feel u must definitely recommend freebsd. imho setting up linux can be very hard and time consuming but very educational or too easy and pointless (im guessing ubuntu). so if you do get into it my main recommendation is that you have to get down and at least a little dirty. bit by bit. bring up bash, learn to use it. learn basic tools like ifconfig. learn a text editor like vim. learn how to compile from source. learn to install some drivers, mount NTFS partitions, all these sorts of things.
  9. kickstep

    Do you download "leaked" albums

    yea sometimes. if i really love the band i would wait for the proper complete release tho.
  10. kickstep

    EB Trade-in

    eBay definitely better, but if you reeeeeeally wanna trade-in, JB offer much better prices these days, even if (like me) you have an EB edge card (more for trade in, and discount on pre-owned). i work at jb hifi. we generally offer better prices than eb and game as far as i can tell. not to mention our credit goes further too. xbox original games generally $4-5. ps2 titles anywhere from 5 to 20 roughly. and of course new releases and such a lot more. if you ask we can technically increase the pay out by 10% but that is courtesy so don't expect it, especially depending on the condition of the game. we can reduce any amount depending on scratches, missing cases, manual, etc. we will fix any damaged discs and sort those out of course but we won't take exchanges unless they are still shrink wrapped. different stores may have different policies and of course discretion is taken every time as we try to be fair and reasonable while still being able to offer you guys those prices. if you want a very generous return policy eb is still ur man but you're going to be paying for it. edit: we require (QLD) an australian drivers license. 18+ too. we will give credit for each game, exclusions are only for promos (trade 3 in to get it free for example) and of course we won't take region locked non-aus games. if the game is missing a manual or something ask for a better price we might be able to do you better. depends on each store tho really and i think at our store we try to be as fair as possible.
  11. kickstep


    Word of advice: don't, or at least research it thoroughly.When I looked at it (2 years ago) it was absolutely horrible, which is why I ended up at Griffith. OP: Personally, I'd wet my hands with a little bit of flash games (I like making them QQ) or with some light modding of perhaps the source engine. You don't have to get too serious too quickly though, you should be able to learn a lot as you progress through Uni (afterall, that's half the idea). could you please elaborate on the horrible? my original choice was at deakin in melbourne, then RMIT and i had thought just a computer science/it degree and major in games. ive heard a lot of skeptical things about all of these courses (most of them seem to teach java, too basic, etc) what made you move to griffith over qut?
  12. kickstep

    Run Batch File Silently.

    i had a similar problem a years ago when writing a quick VB6 app in high school. the easiest fix was to create a vb script (.vbs) to cloak it. depending on exactly what your doing it might suffice, very effective. very easy and not messy no matter how skeptical you are of anything with vb in the name.
  13. kickstep


    i havent looked too much into pre uni courses but the few ive vaguely heard of are with AIT and another technical college esque facility sorry i forget the name, but they can take u to uni or industry. one point i should note is from everything i've read about this career path, employers will generally ignore certifications and mainly look at your real merits (interest, demos, games, engines, or anything else as such you have/have made) so you will want a good portfolio. if you are interested in learning but not the qualification before you really can do a lot on your own. im in the middle of refreshing my C++ while getting back into SDL and then i plan on some small projects on the nintendo DS. just grab some books off amazon.com or even just online references. there are infinite resources out there. the great thing about SDL is it is easy to pick up (much nicer than directdraw/3d), its portable (windows, linux, mac, and even iphones and other portables ive heard). you can use opengl through it too. what exactly is it you want to achieve in this pre uni course? perhaps you could enter a small competition for homebrew games (there are a lot out there). try to get involved, see how you like it and learn from this? perhaps we're on a different page here but this is just my 2 cents. bear in mind i only have a little experience with SDL on windows and a game engine for the GP32, i am going to take QUT's interactive game development course and probably major in programming.