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    Collaborative Artwork Repository

    the FTP suggestion is not really a managed repository unfortunately. You could possibly use SVN or some other sort of versioning system, even though it's not ideally suited for your sort of work. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  2. tastypie

    Australia: Ten Things I Hate About You

    Agree with the OP, especially about fat people and about southern cross tattoo's. They're not hot, they're not awesome - they look like a fucking skin disease.
  3. tastypie

    A weekend wasted

    I'm amazed you still have to think about whether to pursue this girl or not. Do you have no sense of self worth?
  4. tastypie

    Game Developer

    IMO, learn some basic C++ or C# or something like that. No GUI, but definitely get into some object orientated approaches. Maybe even some actionscript if you have access to flash. That might be easier to get a start into depending on how you learn.
  5. tastypie


    $members_rows_multidkp[$member_count][$multicount]['dkp_tooltip'] .= '<tr> <td>'.$a_multi['multidkp2event_eventname']."</td> <td><span class=".color_item($event_data[$a_multi['multidkp2event_eventname']]['earned'])."> " .runden($event_data[$a_multi['multidkp2event_eventname']]['earned'])."</span></td> <td><span class=negative> " .runden($event_data[$a_multi['multidkp2event_eventname']]['spend'])."</span></td> <td> <span class=".color_item($event_data[$a_multi['multidkp2event_eventname']]['adjust'])."> " .runden($event_data[$a_multi['multidkp2event_eventname']]['adjust'])."</span></td> <td><span class=".color_item($current)."> " .runden($current)."</span></td> </tr> "; Okay, that bit there is basically assigning HTML code to a variable right? It'll be echo'd out somewhere later I presume. You'll need to comment that sort of stuff out rather than just commenting out the echo statements. Sorry for not going through in more detail earlier.
  6. tastypie

    The world's hardest game? You deciede.

    I'll say again, I Want To Be The Guy is the hardest game. Anything harder isn't a game, it's self harm =P
  7. tastypie

    How nerdy are you?

    Uber Cool Light-Weight Nerd
  8. tastypie


    So, comment out each echo statement OTHER than the ones you want. After you've done that, you can go back and start commenting out irrelevant logic too. Don't touch the logic until you've established which echo's you need to comment out though. And no, I'm not doing it for you :( I've got better stuff to do =P
  9. tastypie

    So... Who's Playing Eve-online?

    I meant that I didn't want to have to change my life for any game at all =|
  10. The insurance on deposits over 1M is optional. If you do decide to insure it, you pay a percentage fee based on your credit rating.
  11. tastypie


    We've already covered how zombies will grab you, and hold you, and you wont be able to escape. They'll eventually get you.2) Vehicle is far too noisy, and will run out of fuel. 3) Hide out, far too hard to escape from. 4) Cities are populated with people. People turn into zombies. Go figure. I thought most of that would have been obvious.
  12. tastypie

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Over-rated crap ?

    I agree with the sentiments expressed in the rest of your post, but I'd say it's on the same level as other really really really good games that compromise most peoples "OMG BEST GAME EVER" list rather than only being memorable.
  13. tastypie


    But, it does have an auto mode, right?My judgement on your terrible outfit still stands. edit: And if it turns out there are two variants, auto, and semi-auto you need to specify to avoid looking like a twat when you tell someone they're talking out their arse when you haven't given all the information you should have.
  14. tastypie


    Care to elaborate? The music would be non diagetic. A fully automatic weapon is failure.Play a few online games of anything and see how much people spray. Imagine IRL when you're faced with something trying to kill you. Unless you've got a heap of firearms training, you're likely to just hold onto the trigger and spray. Faced with a target that only dies from a direct head shot, that's a fail tactic. So is wearing a heap of armour. You'll just slow yourself down and tire yourself out. The zombies will be able to bite you SOMEWHERE so all you're doing is prolonging the inevitable, and good luck getting away from a zombie that's grabbed you while you're wearing all that junk.
  15. tastypie

    The world's hardest game? You deciede.

    That's got absolutely nothing on IWTBTG. Hardest game my fucking ass.