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  1. argotha

    Hello Again!

    So I wouldn't really call it leaving. More that I had already left. A quick search shows that I stopped posting around 2 and a half years ago, but I'm not really sure why.I guess life happened? Whilst taking up dancing chewed up some of my time, I think it was also affected by developing larger social circles and basically having less time to trawl the forums. Or simplistically, how I chose to spend my time changed. *shrugs* I guess time shall tell ;) I'll see how I go ;)
  2. argotha

    Hello Again!

    So from a quick scroll down the Green Room it would appear that many of the Atomicans that "had been here forever" when I joined and were apart of the community are still here, so I think this post should be relevant to at least some of you. It would appear that I haven't been apart of the forum since early 2012, so whilst I may have drifted away, I wanted to come back briefly just to give proper goodbye. First of all I want to thank everyone for all the times we had together. This forum used to be a big part of my life, and as hindsight can tell me, you guys will have had an influence on me during a influential period of my growing up (that period just after high school). I don't want to name any people in particular that were around a lot when I was, because I don't want to miss anyone out, and hopefully you will know who you are. For whatever reason I was also looking back on some of my older posts (mainly to see when was the last time I was on the forum), and boy were some great times had. Like: - the continuous photo competition - that time hawkeye got banned and our supreme leader IAMTHEMAXX took the helm - robzy jokes - the many flash games that were shared - some of the music that was shared (To whomever introduced me to Faunts, I still listen to them, and meno money falls is still my favourite track) Not to mention the many discussions that were had over a variety of issues. The most important part of this post is that I would like to thank all of you that helped support me whilst I was going through some pretty dark times. Through many a rant, ups and downs, the days where I thought I ended up in square one (which turned out to be a different square altogether) and much incoherent writing, many of you offered some worldly advice and got me through it. On that vein, and for those wondering, life is pretty good. I'm still studying at university (almost. there. just. a. little. further.), and I've taken up a couple of dance styles (ceroc/modern jive and swing/lindy hop). I'm still single, but hey, I get to dance with all the ladies ;P So that's about all I've got to say. I know saying goodbye sucks, especially to people who once meant something to you, but honestly, I think a proper goodbye to someone you have drifted apart from can only be good. So once again, thank you for everything and until next time, goodbye! *waves furiously* Argotha
  3. Conversation with a male mate of mine, who's chat is now owned by a virus.
  4. Hey dude, was wondering if you could point me to some of your piano stuff? I've been itching for more every since i heard "piano imporv 1"

  5. argotha

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    Massive bump. Took me a while to find this again. I think it is somehow relevant http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/540741 [Not that I would recomend doing everything in that]
  6. argotha

    It's me.. Mario!

    :D IM INVINCIBLE! twitch. twitch. twitch. twitch.
  7. argotha

    quantum levitation

    No. Its been 2 years since I've had to write about this (and when we did it wasnt in huge detail), so excuse my vauge explanation. A super conductor itself is a mixture of materials.[using wikipedia: yttrium barium copper oxide ]. The one I've seen, it a rather brittle ceramic like substance. When cooled below a certain temprature, they enter their super conductive state. Here electrical resistance is practically 0 (for different reasons). When a magnetic field passes through the superconductor, it causes the superconductor to create an exact image of the current (or something along the lines of this. I cant recall the reasons why). This is what causes it to levitate in the position you place it in (I would assume there are limits depending on shape. I expect that making the disk perpendicular would not work very well). That said, they can be used to make power electromagnets, but that is not the effect we are seeing here. Now that I've written that, Im gonna go found out what wikipedia says....
  8. argotha

    quantum levitation

    Fixed! Electromagnets are different to super conductors ;)
  9. argotha

    Sometimes I wonder about cats....

    belly tickling (and squeezing their lower spine just above the tail, though not both simultaneously) can drive them to ecstasy or have them turn into a razor scythe if you do both at once some cats are very tactile, others are more "attacktile" My cat does both when getting his underside scratched... You can watch him go from: maaaaan that feels soooo gooood to if that bare foot doesnt move in the next 2 seconds, I'm attachting myself to it They usually dont go for the feet, espcialyl when they get kicked over 2m from the first time of trying it on.
  10. argotha

    Sometimes I wonder about cats....

    <3 Cats as well Yeah thats pretty much it. The only thing I would add is, be careful with anything on the chest/tummy/legs and occasioanly the back near the tale. These are the places most commonly to cause my cat to turn from a purry thing enjoying the rub into something that would make the terminator look like a childrens toy. I have found that cats do enjoy a good scratch: under the chin, behind the ears, on the sides of their neck just below the skull, back of the neck and on/justbelow the shoulder blades.
  11. argotha

    quantum levitation

    Not that new. Well at least for me. Thanks to be in a younger generation got to see levitation using super conductors in HSC physics. Though in their example they used a small magnet over a super conductor. Also <3 the way the the nitrogen gas causes the gladwrap to puff out to make the thing look like a UFO :P At 3:34...SCIENCE! Where is your god now?!
  12. Ooh! Ooh! Got anymore uploaded somewhere? That one was the only one I have but loved it to bits :)
  13. Erhm, Dont we already have a number of laws in place already to stop threatening, undue insults, abuse or intimidation? Fucks sake...
  14. Firstly, Very well polished nice work! But.... (and theres usually a but), just not my style of music :/ just too heavy for my liking. So from memory you are they guy that posted that piece called "piano improv1"?
  15. argotha

    Blackboards in Porn

    Sorry what was that? All I heard was legs.