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    Front Audio

    I've had this problem for ages. I had it on my previous case and motherboard, but now because i have upgraded, i have a new case and new motherboard. But my front audio never works when i plug my leet heaset into it. It's nothing to do with the realtek connector settings because I've check 'em. It worked once when i ran vista, but it never worked again and it never works on XP. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. jwenham

    Font Audio

    ok ok wtf. I bought myself a new motherboard and new case. So all new gear right? Uninstalled old drivers, reinstalled new ones. Why doesn't my front audio work? i plugged everything in. The case came with a front audio plug which i put into the motherboard. It worked once when I was using Vista, but after that one time it hasn't worked. And it never worked in XP. what the hell?
  3. jwenham

    Font Audio

    W00t found one after trying many different search parameters.Silverstone FP33, FP34 and FP35. http://www.entacom.com.au/?p=catalog&c...421&v=FP35B should find some. That's what I'm talkin' bout. That'll make it sexy, cheers mate.
  4. jwenham

    Font Audio

    well i've got a 5.1 and some stereo headphones. Your idea may still work, I can just leave the black and the orange plugged into the computer, but have the green one plugged into that device along with my headphones. So I may try that, thanks for your help. Although, I swear I've seen fan controllers with front audio ports on them.
  5. jwenham

    Font Audio

    ok thanks for your advice, but it still doesn't work. I tryed shoutin' at it, i tryed spittin' a it, what should i do?
  6. jwenham

    Font Audio

    yeah i've done that, that's all sweet. But still doesn't work. Check my out my connections: my motherboard is a gigabyte GA-M56S-S3 Pin NO. 1 - MIC 2 - GND 3 - Mic Power 4 - NC 5 - Line Out® 6 - NC 7 - NC 8 - No Pin 9 - Line Out (l) 10 - NC and this is what the case gives me: MIC GND Line Out(l) Line Out® GND do i just put the second GND in the mic power?
  7. jwenham

    Font Audio

    Hey guys, My front audio doesn't work because my front audio only supports AC97 audio and my mobo is HD audio. So i need to get a new front audio panel, even one that fits in the 5.25 bays would be awesome. But I have no idea where to get it from or if it's even sold. Are they sold? Can someone help find a store that I can buy one from. If you could that'd be great! thanks, Jimmy