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    a few - computers [obviously], art, gaming, photography, music, there are plenty more, i dont wanna type them all tho.
  1. so i've been here since atomic began, have changed names and whatnot along the way. of course i'm not recognised because I don't live in sydney and come to your sad gaming parties. atomic used to be a cool place to hang out and talk tech, which I love. but it's slowly lost it's way, most everyone here are elitist [censored]. this place used to be about people making do with what they had, not spending 5 grand on a PC and 3 on monitors. it used to be for the underground now it's for all the rich [censored]. you guys can't take jokes anymore, and help is something you don't offer unless you one of the inner sanctum, the elite [censored] who think they are the best of he best, sorry to tell you you aren't, you may have been at some point but now your just a sad bunch of nerds[yeah you ain't geeks no more]. so some may say ooh he's all pissed poor little baby, to that I say I honestly don't care what you think of me or what I'm saying here. I love this place but right now I just can't stand you people, so no one will care but i'm going, probably will never come back here, there's no real point this place offers nothing I can't get elsewhere. Oh I censored the bad worda so the mods don't have to do it. I know how you love to keep this place clean and tidy, heads up though real people don't act like bitches when you swear on the internet.
  2. h3viw8

    help me find a long PS3 power cable.

    extension is the last resort, everything else goes out to 5 metres, so I want the PS3 cable that length. adding an extension also adds an extra failure point which when things are movable isn't ideal just what I want, sure I can compromise but i'd rather not. I came here for help, guess I expected more from this community. only one real bit of help from TheFrunj, now I can at least search/ask for the right thing. edit - ReapermanRS all the results are UK cords, which i've seen and disregarded because they require adapters, and making a custom cable goes below an extension cable on my list of solutions. and again, extension cables and duct tape, too ghetto unless that is a final end all solution, which in this day and age I refuse to believe. I give up, just forget it, i'll go back to googling.
  3. h3viw8

    help me find a long PS3 power cable.

    ok for starters yes I found a lot @1.8/2 metres, and even 1 @ 3 metres, but none over that, I want a 5 metre. and the PS3 slim uses a shotgun[thanks TheFrunj, this may help me out, knowing the proper name]/figure 8 cord as seen here in my picture and like I said i'd prefer to have 1 cord not an extension so hence my asking for help finding a single 5 metre "shotgun" power cord.
  4. So I have my PS3 and monitor set up on an old metal stool, it has wheels so I can move it around and what not. only I reorganised my computer area and now am in need of a longer cable to power my PS3[the 2 prong/plug/pin, figure 8 cables] I found a cable for my monitor and such, all i'm missing is the PS3 power. after something in the 5 metre range, but i've had a good search and seems I can't find one. i have found 3 pin extensions and similar but they all seem kinda ghetto, would prefer 1 cable. anyone have any places I should check out, prefer online just for ease.
  5. h3viw8

    getting my money back from game.com

    normally i'd put the 10 down to hold it, did that with bf3, but that's usually because I don't have 90-120 bucks doing nothing in my account, if it were just 10 bucks i'd wouldn't have even make a fuss. I personally don't care about the employees of game, sorry but I don't know them, their welfare is not my concern. I'm pretty self centered so I also don't care about the other creditors or whatever either. but even if I don't get the money back. like I said, I feel better having done something rather than have sat here and done nothing.
  6. h3viw8

    getting my money back from game.com

    thanks for the help people, I called up my bank and even though I payed with my eftpos/handi card they helped me put through a dispute/claim. westpac are pretty awesome like that, any way I hope it happens, but from what you guys said i'm not holding my breath. I feel better that I actually did something though, even if I don't get my money back.
  7. so stupidly I dropped the full price of medal of honor: warfighter at the now "in the shitter" game.com, was my local store, while I had heard game uk was dead i was told game au was up and running still. then news broke that they were in administration, and after several emails back and forth was told, albeit in a roudabout way that i'm screwed. until today, when I got an email saying I can make a claim to the administrators, thing is the jargon used in the pdf is way above my head, I just don't understand how I can go about this. any help is very much welcome. the pdf about all this is here http://www.game.com.au/faq I was told on page 6 there is something, a form I can fill out. I want my 90 bucks back.
  8. h3viw8

    buying a used nikon d300

    thanks stadl, I have about 1500/2k to spend so even if he wants closer to 1k that'll be OK, as for lenses I don't want spend alot early on, really only want to cover my general everyday usage on the a200, which is the kit 18-70 f.3.5-5.6, the tele/zoom hardly comes out so I was thinking the NIKON AF-S DX 18-105mm, that seems like a average lense that will let me learn the camera a little before I drop serious cash on a main lens. full frame, i'm not made of money, yet. video I have a flip and a P&S that both do 720 well enough for me. ISO, I very rarely use anything over 800 not really into action/stuff where i'll need the fast fps, but I did just buy 8gb sandisk ultra, RAW files were bigger than I thought, I would like a grip, if only for the longer days, and people who forget to charge it up after they borrow it, may just get a few extra batts tho, cheaper than the genuine sony's, they killed me @ $120 a pop. anyway thanks for all the info, i'm a little better prepared, now just thinking about what to do with the sony.
  9. I was talking to a friend of a friend, works @ ted's cameras, I was buying a gorillapid, anyway the topic of me upgrading my sony A200 in june/july came up, he mentioned he is planning on selling his D300, not the S, so no video, but stlil a nice DSLR, and definitely an upgrade to my current A200. not to mention the large assortment of lenes available compared to the sony. anyway i'm still no camera expert, I know more than I did when I got the sony 3 or so years ago, but still a n00b. I am taking photography at uni though, so learning more every week. so anything I need to look out for, the only thing I kinda know about is the number of shutter actuations, but I know the d300 is rated at 150000 or something close. what I do know about the owner is he is a pro/semi professional photographer, teaches classes etc as well, he is pretty fastidious about his equipment so i'm not too worried. what price is good, I have seen some on ebay [400-700 body only], but I think I will get a better price from him. not gone into details about what accessories/lenses come with it though. thanks.
  10. h3viw8

    Mushkin Chronos Deluxe SSD

    thanks for the reply mudg3, been doing some further research etc, I may be going with a 240, only because i'm bad at deleting stuff. actually makes more sense, no deciding what and what not to install. gotta put some more cash together tho, I guess that gives me some more time to figure out which teem to go for.
  11. h3viw8


    smokers should be segregated. end of story.
  12. so i'm thinking of plopping down some cash on an SSD finally for my lappy, anyway there is the usual suspects intel, crucial etc, but my friend was saying something about the mushkin chronos drives, so I looked them up, a little more expensive then what I was thinking, but reviews are pretty good, but i'm more after real people telling me what they think, anyone have one. i'm looking at the 120gb variety. or should I stick with the intel 520's/crucial M4's/corsair force 3's thanks.
  13. h3viw8

    TV output conundrum

    thanks everyone, stadl thats seems like the go, the tv outputs PCM so I think that'll work. not an unuseful item also, i'm sure it'll be a handy thing to have.
  14. h3viw8

    TV output conundrum

    so I got a TV for xmas, could only afford a base model soniq, 42" tho, its cool and all, plenty of inputs but only one output, yes no RCA, no headphones, nada except a digital SPDIF. my conundrum is if I want to use say my headphones I can't, I don't have a home surround setup, not at my disposal anyway. only looking to spend 20 bucks max, at the moment, just a stop-gap till I get my logitech Z550d's back in a few months. is there some kind of adapter I can get, I have little knowledge when it comes to audio stuff. thanks.
  15. h3viw8

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    $9 on game.com.au like 3 days ago, i never envisaged myself buying this game but $9+free shipping, bargain, now do i sell it or keep it.