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  1. icomefromthenet.net

    They want me to use IE?

    With some sites its all about the COM (Active X) objects, what many forget pre - 2004 and the AJAX emergence is that COM objects where a popular method to provide a web-frontend. Also many forget is that ie6 was in operation for 5+ years before AJAX making it a stable platform to develop on, there are still web-sites that where developed in this transition period, so don't be an ass just accept it load IE.
  2. icomefromthenet.net

    Recommend books on Visual C#

    c# In-Depth after you have read Professional c#
  3. icomefromthenet.net

    Excel Formulas

    you can use the COUNTIF function, and supply an expression as the second parameter, example =COUNTIF(A1:J1,"=3") will count only values that are equal to 3 in the range A1:J1 hope this helps
  4. icomefromthenet.net

    So I started playing WoW again

    I quit soon after BC came out just seem more of the same, but who knows enough peer pressure can make a guy do crazy things.
  5. icomefromthenet.net

    Flash for navigation

    JQUERY Menu plugins take your pick. say no to flash.
  6. icomefromthenet.net

    Advice required for work project

    sounds like something that Flash would handle, like an interactive video, look for flash games for example, you can mix video with script to product interactivity.
  7. icomefromthenet.net

    Sharing variables via AJAX

    might want to try a JavaScript library, they take alot of the pain out of AJAX, my personal favourite is JQUERY
  8. icomefromthenet.net

    AJAX - Why XML?

    The original object was develop by MS for there outlook mail client, it was the only Active X object that widely implemented allowing async script calls to be made, It took a smart person to realise its potential and educate the rest of the world. Thus ajax was born.
  9. icomefromthenet.net

    CCS DIV Layout for Elxis CMS

    I used YUI to develop layouts for CMS templates in the past, I would recommend a look. I'ts a grid based CSS framework, the grids builder is useful for initial layouts
  10. icomefromthenet.net

    Making MSN alerts heard in games

    turn down the in-game volume should help
  11. icomefromthenet.net

    Mini ITX

    I made a min-itx system a while ago, only regret was not purchasing a case with a fanless PSU already installed. I also found the cpu fans are quiet loud my laptop is quieter.
  12. icomefromthenet.net

    LINQPad rocks!

    glad to hear that it all worked out. I find Snippet Complier to be handy for quick debug too.
  13. icomefromthenet.net

    XSLT and XHTML help needed

    all client side? Javascript? Work in IE only? Sounds like your using and active X object (msxml) to do the transformation which FF does not support. You will need 2 version one for FF and one for IE etc.
  14. icomefromthenet.net

    vbs - default printer

    I don't know the answer but I have in the past visited http://www.visualbasicscript.com/ its a very active forum , might get more responses from there.
  15. icomefromthenet.net

    Access to MySQL and PHP

    I'm a .net developer myself but Is this Access database on your server? if it is Acesss is an odbc compitable DB so , just access the DB as you would query the info to a record set and save. W3c has a small article on php and ODBC The long and not so good approach. One approach I could offer is use .net web-service with ado.net MS access wrapper, extract the data serialize to JSON using a library like Json.Net and use a php JSON library to build a record-set and save into mysql server. I assume like .net you would have to make a http Get request set the url of the request to the image and save return binary thats returned, there is a HTTP get method I found at php docs