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  1. rroguee

    Backup Options for Small Business

    Oh they're 3 brand new 1TB Seagate drives, not old hardware - I wouldn't use old worn out drives in this case. It was a freighting mess up so we ended up with 3 drives we didn't really want, but had to pay for. Data varies from bookkeeping backups which we want for archiving, to emails, to program data, invoices, sales documents, forms etc... I don't have a price point as such, $10,000's is probably too high at this point, but for a more long term solution - which is what say the AD stuff would be - there could be provision for such a thing. The idea is that what I want to start putting in place now is a solution that not only solves the immediate issues of backups, but then starts to centralise data and makes any one single PC redundant. The user logs in to another PC and continues on with their work.
  2. rroguee

    Backup Options for Small Business

    Wow, lots of replies haha. Alright, we have a firewall box, and a backend box both running Linux managed by a company in Sydney. That server provides program data to all PC's on the network through a terminal login. The other 'server' box is running a GPS software. These are locked in a separate room and need an updating, but that is less time crucial than this aspect of the problem. My first problem is solving having a backup, and a NAS drive seems to be a handy and inexpensive way of achieving this given I already have 3 x 1TB drives lying around that should be plenty of capacity. Then I'd like to look at something more universal, so I've been playing around with Windows Server 2008 R2 today and the Active Directory stuff seems like it could be a good type of thing to keep all files running off the one server. That then means I can run a daily / weekly backup schedule of the server to cover all the files. So I suppose at this point it's looking like the following process: #1. Go around to the various PC's and copy to a USB Drive. #2. Put in an NAS and copy to that as well. - NAS can be backed up to another USB Drive. That gives me 2 copies of data, 1 on-site that people can update (or I'll do for them) and a second I can take off-site when it's not needed. #3. Creation of a shared server environment so there's a central fileserver for all the computers in the office to access. This can then be backed up from a central location to cover all files. #4. Automated backup of the Server to N.A.S, Internal Drive, and USB Drive. - This gives me 3 copies, 1 off-site and 2 extra in the office. #5. Organise cloud storage of some kind - I'm partial to Google Apps, so the upcoming Google Drive appeals, but i'm open to any suggestions. How does all that sound?
  3. rroguee

    Backup Options for Small Business

    Not really, we don't really have a whole lot that needs doing day to day, it's just keeping things running if they screw up - or are the moment, pre-empting things screwing up and not having to worry.
  4. rroguee

    Backup Options for Small Business

    Thanks for the responses everyone. The data is quite vital, and the main limiter is that it is an older organisation at this point so they have little in the way of anything set up to allow things o be backed up. My first idea is to try to pull user data away from individual pc's, and that was where I was thinking NAS could be an option. Once it's centralised I can then backup a single location. None of the servers are Windows server, nor are they a file server in that sense. I'm quite happy to have a go at setting up Windows Server 2008 and using that to centralise the data and backup from there. The question is, given I've never worked with Windows Server; How hard is it to set up the kind of system where PC's basically login as a client to the server? Is this easy to implement with an existing network setup where the PC's are predominantly running Windows XP? How does this effect access to shared data or files when someone uses a laptop? A NAS device still seems worthwhile to me as a backup medium, given I can use it as an onsite daily backup location for a Windows Server box, but also work that in with removable USB drives on a weekly basis to keep a backup else?
  5. rroguee

    Backup Options for Small Business

    I'll take a look at that one we've probably got up to 20 users likely to be using it. And some of the data is *extremely* vital so I really need to know it's not going to fall over without warning. Cost isn't excessively prohibitive if it means the quality and reliability is improved, but without going too. Thanks for that one. Is there much different between the 'home' NAS setups and the ones marketed more specifically for Business usage?
  6. Hi guys, I've recently embarked on a foray in to the family business, first thing that needs doing is updating on the IT side of things. I've got a serious concern about the lack of - any - redundancy of individual PC's. At the moment all documents are stored on each person's PC, and there is only a backup taken of the accounting and financials PC. I feel the best (cheapest) way to get this resolved in the short term is a large NAS drive, then work out how to setup personal folders and get people to work off the shared drive like so. Following that; what NAS is going to offer me; Easy setup for a Static IP Ethernet 3+ Drives Easy swapping of drives if / when one fails Remote alert if a drive fails Reliability Every PC bar the two servers is running Windows XP or Windows 7, so although I will 'tell' people that anything they leave on their own PC's will disappear, I would like the option of automated backup - not necessarily imaging - for certain folders to their NAS Folder. What kind of software is consistent, easy to setup, and will run on old and struggling XP based machines without too much overhead? I've taken a hunt through the forums here and so far haven't been able to find quite what I need, if there's already a thread feel free to abuse me and send links. Cheers
  7. Well, i've seen that SSD technology is becoming more and more developed, and they offer power / heat / performance / durability over the current crop of standard hard drives. Especially from something like downloading via torrents, where the files are split in to small little chunks and (I think) makes the traditional hard drive work very hard because of the mechanical movements to write all these bits as they come in, it seems to me like an SSD is a decent investment. Given that MSY are listing G.Skill SSD's as coming in soon, and being quite affordable comparatively; The question is, as a basic PC user, downloads / gaming being the most intensive disk usage - do I need / want an SSD ? Or will there be little / no visible benefit from getting one? Edit for Clarification: 64GB SSD = ~$289 128GB SSD = ~$499 They wouldn't be used as a storage drive, rather as an OS install, along with using it to download torrent files on to before moving them off. Basically reduce mechnical wear and tear and speed up system running? Yes it seems excessive, but knowing not all that much about these drives, an answer would provide some nice insight. Cheers!
  8. Well I gave in and picked one up yesterday; So far, the resolution is picked up in every game (every recent game) and looks fine. Crysis, Fallout 3, World of Warcraft have all worked properly at that resolution, I'd assume CoD4 will be the same. Seems pretty good value for the money thus far, happy with it over the last 24 hours.
  9. Well I picked up the Acer, been promising myself a new screen for a while and the price on this is just so solid. Happy with it so far other than the colour is a bit... bright ? Hard to explain, maybe it's just me being used to my old monitor which is more blue, just needs some time and some fine tuning, good value for money thus far. You really think it'll only be a 5fps or so loss ? That's a lot better than I would have expected. Have to spend some time playing some games after my last exam thursday!
  10. rroguee

    Fallout 3 Crashing

    http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/lofivers...hp?t902805.html This did the trick, had to uninstall a lot of the programs that came with the graphics card. Seems to be running fine now!
  11. rroguee

    Fallout 3 Crashing

    Now i've been reading threads on here and it seems that a lot of people have had success running Fallout... I haven't :( I've searched a bit on google and can't seem to find anything that works. Basically, I go to start a new game, and (Running Vista) the game crashes, showing that "Fallout 3 has stopped working" message. Happens every single time, I've reinstalled, tried patching, no success. Any ideas ? Cheers
  12. Hi there, First post on the new forum, tragically my account didn't carry over :( Anyway... I'm currently still using a 20" Wide Samsung 205BW, decent monitor, more than happy with it, but at 20" it's getting a bit small these days, looking to upgrade. So looking at the realms of 24" Monitors you have your $1000 High Quality Panels, and the $390 Low Quality (Maybe?) Panels. I just want a monitor that's good for gaming / dvds / divx / word processing. I don't really do advanced Photoshop work, so as far as I can tell, the top of the line panels are going to be a waste on me. Would something like the Acer 24" P244WB (1080p Res / HDMI Input) be perfect for me ? I keep seeing these monitors at the cheaper end of the spectrum and get put off by a lot of the comments about 'low quality' panels and such, so it would be kind of a nice to get some idea of where i'm starting at. I'm going to guess that my current screen is at that 'low quality' end of the spectrum as it was quite cheap at the time I bought it (I also managed to take advantage of an error on a stores website and get it for $100 cheaper than the 'real' price). So would this Acer be an upgrade in terms of picture quality, would it be worse ? I also don't have a beastly system; E6580 / 9600GT neither are overclocked, so would that cause a huge issue with performance at the increased resolution ? Looking at running Crysis / Fallout 3 / Farcry 2 / Call of Duty 4 / Mass Effect / Assassin's Creed, of which I'd 'assume' Crysis or FarCry is the most demanding. Will my PC run this monitor happily, and will I get at least the same image quality i'm accustomed too, if not better ? Sorry for being a bit long winded, just trying to get all the relevant info in the first post so I don't have to waste anyone's time. Thanks in advance for anything people can contribute, Cheers!