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  1. still toying whether to bite the bullet and install my sandy bridge setup in my every day PC (i7 2600 to replace an i7 920) or wait for SB-E...the i7 3820 looks very well priced, but i cant help but think theres not much point going X79 if im not going to get a hex-core.
  2. no raid unless you get the EP45-DS3P or higher - OP has made a great choice.
  3. xyron

    Help - How to find laptop DDR1 memory?

    biggest ive ever seen is 1gb PC3200 SODIMM looking at about $50 from MSY
  4. xyron

    How to convince Windows Vista Home Premium.....

    windows media centre. unfortunately this is a dicky issue with relation to the fact that the lag between updating ID3 tags and them being re-sorted in WMP being very slow. do a re-scan in WMP for all tracks in the library. should do the trick...
  5. xyron

    Looks like Dell has done it again...

    got a phone call from dell today, couldnt be bothered arguing, just wanted my money back, so elected for a refund :) oh well better luck next time :D
  6. pentium 4? Bloody hell. hearing about those poor sods still using such old mongers makes me glad my P4P800-e Deluxe decided to go pop and die on me a bit more than a year ago. :)
  7. xyron

    mobbo for my 4870x2

    great board, great price, you'll enjoy it :)
  8. i was just saying in general, not directed at you. :p expressing how pointless quadbios is. ive never had a corrupt BIOS either.
  9. oh yeah, for the man who cant stop corrupting his BIOSes (or is that BIii?)
  10. silentpipe is far from wankery - it does a fantastic job of dissipating heat from the chipset without needing fans, allowing a higher overclock. compared to the S3 you also get more SATA ports, firewire, support for crossfire, and its overall just a much better board :)
  11. bought an enermax noisetaker 600w for $55 including shipping instead :) (second hand)
  12. Can i just ask why a blue orb? coz as it turns out i bought one on OCAU coz i made a bid and forgot about it, not sure whether i should go through with it though. would love the cooler but fear the heatpiping. also got a freezer 7 pro coming.
  13. hey guys as per the title, just wondering if anyone had any experiences with a blue orb 2 and either of the above motherboards...i fear the heatpiping will get in the way of such a behemoth?
  14. xyron

    mobbo for my 4870x2

    the DS4P, hands freaking down. :) if you live in sydney fluidtek has them for like $185 or something crazy :)
  15. xyron

    best motherboard under $300

    i changed my mind. that DFI board doesnt have eSATA or firewire, which i would expect to be essential in a high-end board. instead, the gigabyte X48-DS5 is $288 from allneeds and a bargain at that. only diff between that and the $100-more DQ6 is 2 ethernet instead of 4, 1 included eSATA bracket instead of 2, and dualbios instead of quadbios (seriously, how could you kill 3 bioses i dont know :p)