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  1. ok that was on hell of an epic fail


    i had to ring aapt


    anyhow the guy said that the aapt tech help didn't support bridging...wtf... o well he said i could also plug the internet into the one of the lan instead of the wan to use it like a wireless switch? would that work?

  2. im guessing that coz the mushkin XP-800AP and the enermax REVOLUTION 85+ 850W isn't on the list so not avialible in aust?

    A Staticice search came up with nothing but this just means that currently the 262 retailers on staticice don't stock them.


    If you are in the market for a 800w PSU you won't go wrong choosing one of the ones on the list.



    yea i tried i was hoping somone else would know where to get one... owell back to the drawing board...i'll have a GOOD look at the ones on the first page

  3. no the speed touch only has one lan and one usb and as far as i know it just a modem, other 3 desktops in the house have an internet conection so does my laptop but i cant use any program that need a port


    BUT even tho i turned off dhcp... it still says on the staus page that its giving a lesse to my laptop? all my computers have a static ip addy

  4. i have a asus rt-n11 wireless router (its got an awesome range) but i cant get port fowarding to work right....


    Posted Image

    Posted Image


    Posted Image

    Posted Image



    \one pic is the virtual server the other is the status page?? but its still not working.


    can anyone see somthing i did wrong...my ip for laptop (wireless) is and the port vuze is using is 63334