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  1. llyuen

    School Computers

    that's pretty cheap ....for the pc PLUS the 4 years warranty. I would pay couple of hundreds for 4 years warranty.....
  2. llyuen

    a $400 budget box

    So for basic word process / surfing, a P4 and an atom will not make much difference?
  3. +1 to EoP. I used them in a 2-storey apartment oversea. Worked like a charm. I have tried some of the med-high level wireless router, I still prefer EoP over wireless router
  4. llyuen

    a $400 budget box

    Firstly, thanks all for the input. Basically she only needs a box (she doesnt like pre-loved stuff). Monitors/kb/mouse we will keep the old one. The reason that she wanted an upgrade is that the one that she is using (P4 2.8/ 1.5g ram) is "too slow". Well, she complains a lot about it because she is type of a impatient person and that she always opens too many IE's at once. She probably will needs a DVD-RW and 'decent' amount of ram. OS and a big HDD is not required for her. Will a atom-based CPU be too slow compared to something like a P4?
  5. Hi, I am trying to build a $400 (Cheap I know) box for my mother who will use it for everyday internet surfing and word processing. Nothing Fancy Is AMD my only way to go? any suggestion to a $400 box?? Much Thanks
  6. llyuen

    Seagate or WD?

    I have been using WD for so many years, none of them ever had a problem
  7. ROFL, good hit there. good to see that u r on the Labor side since birth
  8. llyuen

    New a Laptop

    As suggested, its better off telling us ur budget and what kind of program/games you wanna play on it
  9. u can consider changing to an AMD X-Fire rather than SLi cuz it will be cheaper and better performance than Nvidia even if u sell ur GTS and get an AMD 5series
  10. llyuen

    DVD media

    i agree that brand is what that matters. the only difference i see between +R and -R is that my chipped ps2 only can play +R, not -R dont really understand why, but i lived with it
  11. llyuen

    Sad Ebay

    omg...hahaa...i just fell off my chair laughing.... this guy is absolutely amazing. u see these kinds of auction everywhere on ebay nowaday. sad
  12. llyuen

    23" Acer monitors

    had the acer x-series, they are best for value. only problem was that it doesnt look as good and the cashback thing takes forever to arrive
  13. yup, but it has mcuh better sound output doesnt it?
  14. llyuen

    More police on the beat

    i would like to see more cops on the street, not on the road though
  15. llyuen

    Wait - so PS chipping is ok, but not Nintendo?

    the law is not that clear as to the mod chips. to my understanding it assumed that all mod chips are for "illegal" purpose?!?!!!