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    Experience with Protein Powders?

    Not to mention that all of the protein powders are also hobbled by lacking fairly significant nutrients that are found in animal sources, eg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphatidylserine - so of course, someone created another supplement containing phosphatidylserine...
  2. cobwebs in the sky

    Experience with Protein Powders?

    Why on earth would you do that? Personally I'm lol-ing at all these different protein powders. The marketing is ridiculous, they all taste like shit, many of them are sugary and will fuck up your plasma lipids / make you fat, and half of them contain hazardous levels of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, etc [will find link later]. IMO the best option is to go for animal sources - because tuna or chicken breast go with peri peri sauce and to be honest, protein powders do not - and grab some organic whey protein isolate that has no freaky flavourants, preservatives or additives (or lead or mercury) and add some fresh fruit or some cocoa or something. The main issue is that protein powders are not regulated like drugs, because they're supplements... and they're also not regulated like normal foods, because they're supplements. The safety brackets are completely different. And it's hard to go wrong when the entire ingredients list is like... "Whey Protein".
  3. cobwebs in the sky

    Hey Robzy, your girlfriend is in the news. :P

    Would you fuck her? I'd fuck her... I'd fuck her hard.
  4. cobwebs in the sky

    Anyone into Martial Arts?

    Dear god no, don't do this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GKR_Karate Sweet Jesus. Have a look at the Instruction and Grading sections :/ Its utter futility and sheer uselessness in every aspect soured my entire outlook on Karate, put it that way. Years later I'm itching for some proper training, & I'm now beginning to grasp some of Karate's stronger points, but there's no way I'm touching Karate now, not even Kyokushin. Currently contemplating a mix of Krav Maga - because I have no problem with gouging a fucker's eye out if he's made the decision to fight a guy who doesn't like fighting people - and probably Kung Fu just to learn an 'art' rather than a way of efficiently disabling people. Although I'm equally likely to try BJJ and Kung Fu. So yeah, any recommendations on schools in Sydney? Either north or east.
  5. cobwebs in the sky

    Anyone into Martial Arts?

    Dear god no, don't do this.
  6. cobwebs in the sky

    A present for Atomic's gay community

    Hahahaha.... oh, wow.
  7. cobwebs in the sky

    Saw something and was reminded of atomic...

    Hey all, it's been a while. I just spotted an opinion piece on jpost.com about Gaza and I was totally reminded of atomic! I just had to come on here and ask... Leonid, are you writing for the jerusalem post these days? :P http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Ar....aspx?id=176618 yeah, it's satire
  8. cobwebs in the sky

    Pain in thr arse Neighbors!

    "Fuck off cunt" isn't particularly hard to get out, is it? :P
  9. cobwebs in the sky

    For the Fox haterz

    You know what? I'd rather watch some Stoya clips. Stoya is fucking hot. Screw this quasi-porn bullshit.
  10. cobwebs in the sky

    Blackhole - UK hardcore

    I think that some incredible aussie musicians should get a look in too.. however I'm talking about the crazies from newcastle who make hardcore electronica & breakcore And who can forget Nail My Dick To Your Face
  11. cobwebs in the sky

    Legalities of dogs that chase you..

  12. cobwebs in the sky

    Systema Fighting Art!

  13. cobwebs in the sky

    Lol, marketing speak

    it just means they grabbed a bunch of different people from different deparments ("cross-functional") to tweak the way tata does shit in some specifically important tasks
  14. cobwebs in the sky

    The joy of being a step parent

  15. cobwebs in the sky

    Charter Cities

    I know, but that would make for some interesting dodgy enterprises. I wonder if it'd end up like Kowloon Walled City. I want this thing to happen!