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    Experience with Protein Powders?

    Not to mention that all of the protein powders are also hobbled by lacking fairly significant nutrients that are found in animal sources, eg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphatidylserine - so of course, someone created another supplement containing phosphatidylserine...
  2. cobwebs in the sky

    Experience with Protein Powders?

    Why on earth would you do that? Personally I'm lol-ing at all these different protein powders. The marketing is ridiculous, they all taste like shit, many of them are sugary and will fuck up your plasma lipids / make you fat, and half of them contain hazardous levels of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, etc [will find link later]. IMO the best option is to go for animal sources - because tuna or chicken breast go with peri peri sauce and to be honest, protein powders do not - and grab some organic whey protein isolate that has no freaky flavourants, preservatives or additives (or lead or mercury) and add some fresh fruit or some cocoa or something. The main issue is that protein powders are not regulated like drugs, because they're supplements... and they're also not regulated like normal foods, because they're supplements. The safety brackets are completely different. And it's hard to go wrong when the entire ingredients list is like... "Whey Protein".
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    Hey Robzy, your girlfriend is in the news. :P

    Would you fuck her? I'd fuck her... I'd fuck her hard.
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    Saw something and was reminded of atomic...

    Hey all, it's been a while. I just spotted an opinion piece on jpost.com about Gaza and I was totally reminded of atomic! I just had to come on here and ask... Leonid, are you writing for the jerusalem post these days? :P http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Ar....aspx?id=176618 yeah, it's satire
  5. cobwebs in the sky

    Anyone into Martial Arts?

    Dear god no, don't do this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GKR_Karate Sweet Jesus. Have a look at the Instruction and Grading sections :/ Its utter futility and sheer uselessness in every aspect soured my entire outlook on Karate, put it that way. Years later I'm itching for some proper training, & I'm now beginning to grasp some of Karate's stronger points, but there's no way I'm touching Karate now, not even Kyokushin. Currently contemplating a mix of Krav Maga - because I have no problem with gouging a fucker's eye out if he's made the decision to fight a guy who doesn't like fighting people - and probably Kung Fu just to learn an 'art' rather than a way of efficiently disabling people. Although I'm equally likely to try BJJ and Kung Fu. So yeah, any recommendations on schools in Sydney? Either north or east.
  6. cobwebs in the sky

    Anyone into Martial Arts?

    Dear god no, don't do this.
  7. cobwebs in the sky

    A present for Atomic's gay community

    Hahahaha.... oh, wow.
  8. cobwebs in the sky

    Pain in thr arse Neighbors!

    "Fuck off cunt" isn't particularly hard to get out, is it? :P
  9. cobwebs in the sky

    For the Fox haterz

    You know what? I'd rather watch some Stoya clips. Stoya is fucking hot. Screw this quasi-porn bullshit.
  10. cobwebs in the sky

    Blackhole - UK hardcore

    I think that some incredible aussie musicians should get a look in too.. however I'm talking about the crazies from newcastle who make hardcore electronica & breakcore And who can forget Nail My Dick To Your Face
  11. cobwebs in the sky

    Legalities of dogs that chase you..

  12. cobwebs in the sky

    Systema Fighting Art!

  13. cobwebs in the sky

    Lol, marketing speak

    it just means they grabbed a bunch of different people from different deparments ("cross-functional") to tweak the way tata does shit in some specifically important tasks
  14. cobwebs in the sky

    The joy of being a step parent

  15. cobwebs in the sky

    Charter Cities

    I know, but that would make for some interesting dodgy enterprises. I wonder if it'd end up like Kowloon Walled City. I want this thing to happen!
  16. cobwebs in the sky

    Hacking the bank login

    Or they might sue or terminate your acct for fucking around with their web service, which is extremely likely :/. Not even contracted security professionals get much influence in terms of suggestions. Also I'm sure they realise that the on-screen keyboard is a shitty alternative but keyloggers are the norm atm and the OSK will at least work in the short term while they figure out a better, less annoying solution. They know its pissing customers off. That doesn't really offer any actual extra security, does it? A virus can simply take a screenshot whenever the mouse is clicked in the browser, cut out a AxB pixel box, heavily compress it, and send it to the blackhat along with the key/click data. If you've already gone to the effort of making a virus that logs all the data about mouse clicks (as well as an algorithm to figure out when they are important, as well as an algorithm to read the patterns), then that's only a small amount of extra work. Rob. Nice! If it isn't necessarily running in a known/supported browser we could even try PrintSc + Click coords + OCR library => character But since it is 99% of the time, we can just infect the browser and hijack the javascript OnClick event :p
  17. cobwebs in the sky

    Something like Ghost Mouse?

    winmacro maybe
  18. cobwebs in the sky

    Compiler virus flies under the radar for possibly 12 months

    Wow, nice to see this in the wild. Someone got a little too curious I think :-)
  19. cobwebs in the sky

    Tiny bit of C debugging help, please.

    As for variable naming, this is basically working out a math formula, so best practices are to use g_1 f_1 etcetc but also to put the formula in a comment at the top. It's just good etiquette :p so if other programmers who don't know anything about runge-kutta methods look at the code they don't need to google it :-) [wasnt necessary in this case tho]
  20. cobwebs in the sky

    Hacking the bank login

    This on-screen keyboard thing is obviously a huge kludge / placebo if it can be hacked like this. Basically with your excellent analysis NagChampa (lolcaesar) I can now write a clicklogger that just injects itself into the browser. Although from appearances I would have mapped out the javascript pretty quickly anyway. So why bother with something like OSK that is both more frustrating and less secure, in that it reveals your password to people behind you? Many browser-oriented keyloggers don't even capture keystrokes anymore anyway because software is starting to detect that. It just injects itself into the browser. I could probably even do it in a malicious firefox addon. Why bother? Fucking security theatre.
  21. cobwebs in the sky

    Thinking of buying my 1st laptop

    Just got a Dell XPS 16 for $1800 after applying a 10% nrma discount (can get 8% for students). Out of all of the large-brand PCs - Mac, HP, Toshiba, Asus etc - only Dell had a laptop in Aus under $2000 with a halfway decent gfx card. Asus have some excellent $2000+ high-end gaming notebooks but it doesn't sound like you're after one. My specs: 2.53ghz c2 duo, 4gb of DDR3, Radeon 4670, internal X-Fi sound. On TF2 it gets 60fps at 1920x1080 on high settings. >100fps in CSS. So it's pretty much fine for messing around during boring classes or on the train or whatever.. :)
  22. cobwebs in the sky

    Brandnew Asus eeePC

    I bought the original Eee PC for around $400 at the Taiwanese grey markets when it first came out. Lovely idea for a PC, wanted something ultra portable for taking to uni that cost basically shit-all money, but ultimately the 7" screen was just way too small for anything except taking notes. I loved the portability, but if portability isn't the main object and you're just looking for CHEAP, you're better off getting an older, larger laptop second-hand. 7" is just too claustrophobic and will stress the missus out when she tries to work on it. One thing you've gotta note: There are no security updates for win 98 and the PC will get a new virus every three seconds. You're best off installing WinXP (windows 7 is not faster at all for low-spec netbooks) or a really stripped down linux such as arch or even eeebuntu which will both be faster than XP and can run the free openoffice suite (which works perfectly well). I ultimately saved up for a dell though.. it can run TF2 flawlessly at 1080p... netbook that beeyotches
  23. cobwebs in the sky

    Microsoft's Secret Tablet

    Drooooooooool... But will it run Crysis? :P Yeah if you actually have one. :p
  24. >_> that's pretty bizarre. Who knows what code abomination leads to something like that
  25. Most games make slight high pitched noises. The boot sequence makes a continuous one. But Crysis (even during menu screens) makes worryingly loud noises and I have no idea why. My speakers are unplugged, so I know it's not my speakers. Is my card possessed?