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  1. aquaplane

    Intel photography comp winners

    Not my cup of tea..
  2. aquaplane

    My first shots

    lol @ the 'dicks' What camera did you use?
  3. aquaplane

    Tak takes photo

    nice! looks good. What camera did you use?
  4. aquaplane

    OK So I'm an idiot

    Yeh PC hardware is getting pretty cheap these days.. Well s775 is :P
  5. aquaplane

    Should i buy a chipset cooler?

    Should be fine, alot of chipsets run fairly hot on other boards too
  6. aquaplane

    Dead HDD?

    This happened to me once.. And then i cleared the bios and booted again.. didnt lose anything fortunately
  7. aquaplane

    Lifetime of my rig?

    4 years max. Then maybe you'll need to play everything on low settings :P
  8. aquaplane

    Whats the Best fan controller out there?

    Sunbeam ones are pretty good. Nothing fancy, and nothing too pricey.
  9. aquaplane

    Cheap Ebay water cooling kits..

    The kit looks alright, but i reckon the pump is prone to fail
  10. aquaplane

    P6t normal a good board.

    I'd get the deluxe version instead.
  11. wow nice system, i wish i could afford something like that :(
  12. aquaplane

    new build

    +1 for the 640gb black w.d Other than that.. the system would be fine
  13. aquaplane

    Pioneer Display Panels - The End

    The pioneer plasma's were awesome too :( but way over priced.
  14. aquaplane


    I personally own a samsung and it is much more clear than my viewsonic. On the samsung when you watch dark movies / play dark games you can actually see something. Whereas the viewsonic, it is pretty much pitch black (not a brightness / contrast setting) It is just that the TN panels arent as good
  15. Get the x2 :) then in future you can add another one for xfire :)