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  1. j4pan

    Show us your Rig

    Mack... So tidyyy. Teach me how to do that and i might put a photo up lol.... >.>
  2. j4pan

    The Copyright Act, and you.

    You are still going from digital to digital. As what was previously mentioned.
  3. j4pan

    What setting do you play life on?

    i play overclocked.... only problem is ima gonna wear out sooner rather then later....
  4. j4pan

    An open letter to men

    i said that once. yes, and i will never do it agian... she throttled me. dont ask me why >.>
  5. j4pan

    No Anti-Virus. No Internet.

    I havent used a AV since uhhh maybe 2005? Too hard, its hard enough to teach people to drive let alone something they mihgt not be doing every day.
  6. j4pan

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Picked it up for 44.50 at jb hifi in Wollongong yesterday... good times :D
  7. j4pan

    Just a heads up.

    If you illegally downloaded The Hurt Locker, you might want to read this Just a heads up. I wonder what the outcome will be.
  8. j4pan

    Google Updates - Yes/No?

    i do believe it has been there for a while now but you had to click the little + to open it up... now i believe they are making it a permanent addition.
  9. j4pan

    Google Updates - Yes/No?

    I like it. allows me to refine my searches abit more, which i have already done multiple times today. +1
  10. j4pan

    So... Who's Playing Eve-online?

    Will do.
  11. j4pan

    So... Who's Playing Eve-online?

    Anyone here in a corp that is willing to recruit a casual ex-miner/pvper with no experience? I am currently in a corp that is based in UK so i miss all the exciting stuff... D: annddd they moved about 60 jumps while i was unsubbed (actually i thought i was unsubbed cause a month had gone since id paid but i had actually gotten a 3month sub, so the other day i see a automatic deduction for a 3month sub come outta my credit card i was liek ooooshiiii) and i cbf jumping in 0.0 if i dont have to.
  12. j4pan

    Lol, love my Mum

    No seriously... your linen cupboard is bigger then my room >.>
  13. j4pan

    The Opera 10 Thread

    ahhh 10.51 Some features i like are private tab ;) Closed tab/recycling bin button: Pick and choose what closed tabs you can open. Opera Unite is promising just i havent had much chance to use it since everything i own/do is on one computer and friends dont really use it. Blocking ad is easyyyyyy and inbuilt! works great! And its fast, so very fast :D Tubro mode was good when i used to get throttled but now i get 130gb and 1mbps caped speed i dont need to worry ;) (epeen)
  14. So guy, 5Hv2's are broken and i am not happy... i was wondering if anyone knows how to pull them apart. I just want to get to the connections for the cable because i believe that there is a loose connection in there somewhere. Also i was wondering if anyone could tell me the best direction to go for a new headphone cable, if that is possible....
  15. j4pan

    How to mod a VW beatle