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  1. im adding a comment to myself lol

  2. i just re-installed the drivers, disabled mobo sound input from bios still no success
  3. jigsaw

    Recommend me a CPU

    an e2160 is the only other intel i own really (recently bought from ocau) did an easy 3ghz plus from other notes: "finally got the e2160 into the gigabyte 965p-ds39 rev3.3 to test both, and was suitably impressed that despite only 250w for a psu, and no fancy 8 pin cpu lead (had to make do with the "usual" 4 pin of p4 psu fame), i was able to boot it up to 3300mhz at no more than 1.4vcore" i suspect you will do okay but it's not quite an e3120 ;-) yeh this is until i get some money to buy a e3120 ... a month or so :D
  4. jigsaw

    i won , i won.

    i never win anything :( you should give them to me ... hehe
  5. jigsaw

    Ruddy Kevin's been good to me so far.

    good on ya mate ... we pay the tax and you take it back :P
  6. jigsaw

    Going to quit.

    i think everyone is stressed @ their job at a point in time. im not happy where i work but having worked in other places before, ive felt the same thing so i just decided to stay and just ignore every retard around me. I personally wont quit except when i wanna quit ... not when other people stress me out and bias my decisions :o But doing the course is a great thing ... i think you should do it
  7. jigsaw

    How to wipe a hard drive

    + 1
  8. jigsaw

    Overclocking with a 790i mobo

    thats what i thought
  9. should i install smooth wall on a CF card or a hard drive
  10. jigsaw

    Recommend me a CPU

    arent you that kiddo on youtube that trying to make a name for himself :D
  11. jigsaw

    Recommend me a CPU

    got a e2180 ... will see how it goes
  12. now the temp is 45 - 50 in idle ... seems to have fixed itself
  13. did that, installed an update, nil success Would it be my hdmi cable or do would their be a connector on my GFX that has to be connected to the mobo
  14. jigsaw

    And What Are You Listening To?

    im listening to the sound of my freind playing his war game on the xbox 360 I WANNA SLEEEEEEEP DAMN IT
  15. jigsaw

    Hello green room

    call and say "hello, my name is chuck norris and im calling to save the day"